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    Any Dr. Machado patients?

    WOW wow wow. Why would you not see Dr. Machado for a year after? That surprises me and is weird. Them cancelling on you isn't weird because Ive been going through that all year long. It got so bad at one point that I was just ready to throw in the towel and not go anymore because the finish line was getting further and further away. I needed 6 consecutive appointments since I have insurance through Anthem Blue Cross and I was literally going to have to start over because I couldn't even get in there for 3 months without a cancellation. I was PISSED. It ended up working out and after over 8 months, I got approved this week...but it does make me nervous that you are having issues still after surgery I also visit from an hour + away & I have to get the time off work in advance just to get there. Its beyond frustrating and unprofessional. I wonder if they do this to everyone???
  2. AmyCWalt

    Any Dr. Machado patients?

    Hey, I know I had replied before on one of your posts, but you are more than welcome to add me on Social Media if you have it or email me. I just got my approval for surgery on Monday with Dr. Machado.
  3. AmyCWalt

    Feeling so depressed

    First off, Im so sorry youre having such a hard time!! Im waiting for approval for my surgery currently and everything you have written about are all things that scare me! I cannot say I understand how you are feeling because I don't yet, but I know you can do it! You've gotten so far already. Also, it totally caught my eye that you had surgery by Dr. Machado....that's who I am having surgery with as well. Its been a long road for me, I have been seeing her since April.