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  1. The last couple days I am experiencing crazy back pain in my upper back. If I lay flat it seems to be ok, but up and seated UGH! I have read some that maybe its just my bones and such shifting around? I am down 30 lbs since my surgery on September 3rd. I lost an additional 15lbs during my Options class with Kaiser. Just wondering if this will go away soon.
  2. I am four weeks Post Op - almost immediately I just could not stomach the Protein Shakes. I hate artificial sweeteners now. I have moved on to the Genepro Protein powder. You can get a two serving sample from Amazon to try. I know Amazon and GNC sell it. Its tasteless and dissolves so you have no idea it in whatever you choose to add it to. I add it to Crystal Light Lemonade. I know there are some that add it to soups and potatoes, and all sorts of things.