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    Considering DS

    Sweetie, this is exactly what I was trying to say...you're not sure!! Until you really get all of the information, weigh the type of commitment you are going to make the REST of your life, support system in place to keep you well in case you become unwell in your mind, etc., just go into it knowing this is a commitment for the REST of your life. I'm not saying don't do it, just become well informed about all of the possible risks, possible complications, even the small risk of death. If you feel this is the ONLY way you can control your weight, and put yourself in the worst possible outcome, even death from the surgery, and you still say YES, then do it. But, I would do the RNY Bypass if it were me. Although I am having stricture problems now, I've done pretty well the last 7 years with only one dumping syndrome. Some people dump regularly and it's not fun. Not sure if you do it with the sleeve. I'm not sure how many long term post op DS patients there are out there, but if you can find a forum for them, talk to them, not the newbies. Many complications don't develop until later down the road. I just went thru a situation with bad labs, had to get iron infusions, doing VitB 12 injections, Vit D. Some even have an issue with affording all of the protein supplements and supplements in general. For me, I'm not saying for anyone else, I wish I had done intensive therapy before doing the surgery. I had been thin most of my life, but didn't become morbidly obese until I was under severe stress with a drug addicted only child. I eventually lost him to suicide in 2015. Take all of the reasons why you are overeating and see if you can address them first, and if you can't, then you'll ultimately have to make the decision. No one can make that for you.
  2. Violet P

    Considering DS

    You can look up BPD/DS..Right now, I have a gastric stricture. Not one dr has concluded this yet, but extensive research I have done for last week has led me to this conclusion. Newbies in the honeymoon stage hate me. Think I'm being negative...no, being realistic. Do you think my bariatric surgeon told me all of the possible complications - of course not, this is what he does for a living. Luckily, he is a good surgeon so I hope he didn't make my opening too small. Praying for last hour, as it took me, not the three doctors I've seen, to diagnose myself. Even an experienced nurse in a Bariatric Surgeon's office said I was anorexic and needed a good dietician. I am not anorexic! How did I get so fat? And struggle to keep the weight off for 7 years, and suddenly develop anorexia...total nonsense. I am literally getting unable to eat, it nauseates me and I can hardly swallow. My bowels are shutting down.. But I know hospitals can screw up. God, this is overwhelming. So, I'm praying and claiming, I'm right, I'm getting to the right Bariatric Surgeon or right ER doctor, etc. Praying I have no complications from the correction, dilation of the stricture. I may have to have multiple dilations. I may develop a bleed during dilation. Hope you get the drift how complicated this is. Please don't take this the wrong way, but if I asked, May I ask what a DS is, you are not a good candidate for DS. You can fight serious health complications, requiring many hospitalizations, or even death. May not happen, but may. And you cannot be revised from DS, If surgery is available, any responsible surgeon wouldn't do it If you can't lose the weight at this point, get intensive therapy before making such a lifetime commitment. From your pic you don't look that old. This is for the rest of your life!!! Bariatric practices are going to tell you about all of the successes, not the failures. I would be considered a huge success, maintained my weight for 7 years, and now losing....how exciting....wrong...I may be dying. Praying for Divine Intervention. I'm not ready to check out yet.
  3. Violet P

    Considering DS

    II am a Gastric Bypass 7 yrs out. I personally give serious consideration to long term commitment to suppliementing, at least twice yearly labs, possible vitamin deficiencies before doing DS. I would never do DS at your weight. With my bypass, I absorb about 60% of what I eat. With the DS, it will be even more drastic. As far as I know, it is irreversible. However, if you want I would do rny bypass, which I have. At 7 yrs out, I have developed issues flip side - absolutely no appetite, terrible labs, losing too much weight, getting a little scary. On Vit b12 injections, having iron infusions, Vit D Supplementation, seeing a hematologist. Make sure you know what you are getting into! Can also have higher risks of complications from DS. I know you're desperate to lose the weight. You might want to consider the gastric balloon. Not permanent, but definitely better than the lapband. The balloon is guided into your stomach. Gives you a sense of fullness. Can be replaced after 6 months. Just know if you do the DS, you will have to do high supplementation for the rest of your life, which can be quite expensive. Also, you have to have a very balanced diet. Can have issues with serious dumping syndrome, all kinds of things. Hope this is helpful...do your research before doing any permanent surgery. No way would I do the DS.
  4. Bad labs, no appetite, hard to get protein shakes in...does Ensure, Boost Help? Lost too much weight and still losing. No energy, insomnia, horrible memory!! Live by myself, don't cook, too tired to shop much less cook. Would be bedridden if hadn't done so much hard water exercise last summer and most of my life, even when obese. Was only obese for 15 years. Always had compulsive behaviours, now I'm fighting anorexia. Just tried to eat a frozen Atkins meal, got 4 bites down before I thought I would gag and threw it in the trash. Can get protein shakes down. Using Premium Protein. Just realized, I'm not getting any fat In my diet. Added 2 tbsp. Safflower oil to protein shake. Trying to do 4 of them a day - very expensive!! Alternating between them and protein powder...almost too tired to make them Thought maybe I should make them with whole milk instead of 30 calorie Almond Milk. I literally need fattened up. Gone from 22 to a 2. Smalls are getting kind of big. I try to eat a couple of tbsp. whole fat cottage cheese a day. So trained to buy everything low fat, low calorie, etc. Never experience dumping, so I can tolerate sugar in protein shakes. Just don't do sweets - donuts, stuff like that. Don't even want. I really need help. Need to move from big house, big yard, pool. Can't even get focused enough to call Estate Planner Don't need advice on how to do these type things...know how, just need to know basic diet to recover from wasting. Once I can recover from this, I know how to do all these things.
  5. Violet P


    I'm a horrible example to use right now, but once I get my labs balanced, I'm taking Bariatric Fusion co. mplete multivitamin and mineral supplemen chewables for gastric bypass and sleeve patients. Read many, many reviews and these have excellent reviews. Many who had been getting bad labs, after being on these six months, were back in balance and stayed there. I think they taste good, have to chew 4 day. I have the mixed berry flavor. Just got iron infusion, taking Vit B12 injections and Vit D. My hematologist said these are excellent vitamins, made expressly for us. Most patients said they don't take anything else. I'm going to add some Biotin, as I am having hair issues. Also, committed to getting my labs done every six months and not letting it get out of hand again
  6. Oh, I get prayers answered all of the time!! Would love to have info on RD and university ctr practice!!! So many signs pointing to me moving downtown. Please email me info at vp5109@aol.com. Thank you so much!!!! I hope to move by Sept or Oct latest.
  7. Allie, thank you for your comments. I forced myself to get to the store, and get some peanut butter, bananas, and whole milk. I think without realizing what I was doing, I have literally been starving myself. If you do that long enough, you don't have an appetite. I was thinking of myself pre-bypass and counting calories that way not to regain. Dumb!!! I was probably absorbing about 600-700 calories a day. Since I live alone, have no one to cook for, and don't have anyone helping me stay on track. Also, have been very upset over a failed romantic relationship. Recipe for disaster!! Depression can lead to appetite loss and lack of motivation. As the hematologist and I discussed, I think I'm in the perfect storm. Horrible labs, depression, feelings of isolation. I have no family or friends that are close to me, only social acquaintances. Lost both husband and only son, who committed suicide. Being a very strong willed person, was able to hold it together until the end of a very important relationship. That's when I just lost it, quit going out, quit eating. I'm trying to get back on track, move downtown, where I can be close to my church, Lakewood, Joel Osteen's ministry. My church family is much more supportive than my family, which is basically 0. I need to be closer to the church, as I live nearly an hour away. The people that go that are the type that will take care of me. I really need that, both emotionally and physically. I also plan to move into a downtown loft, which are mainly young people. I am energized by them and act like a fool with them. I am responsible for so much of this. I got lazy and quit doing my labs regularly. I may have to take b12 injections for quite a while. The hematologist said I will probably need iron infusions once a year or so. So, it's going to be a slow process My labs are not bad enough right now to be admitted to the hospital. There's no way I could self pay. I tried to get admitted through ER, but they said my labs weren't bad enough. Going to look for a good bariatric RD Monday. I saw there's one not far from me. Going to make sure I tell them I'm 7 yrs postop - very different from a newbie still needing to lose weight. I agree, I need more than 60 grams of protein -- going to try to get at least 100 in. I really, really appreciate everyone's support. I was feeling pretty down and isolated. Been praying all day and feel a bit better - prayed I could get to the store and I did. Drinking shake I made right now.
  8. Oh, peanut butter, I love it! Will get it and some bananas when I can get to the store later, hopefully, prayerfully today!! I had already started added bananas to shakes. I have been focusing too much on counting calories...too many years of being overweight. Just the other night, it hit me how few calories I'm really absorbing...nuts!! When I felt better and was going out to eat often, was getting more calories and felt so much better. Was 17 lbs heavier and running around everywhere. Had energy to spare. I also think I'm going to make shakes with whole milk until I can see a nutritionist.
  9. LOL...if I weren't so crazy, I would have made a great counselor. I find myself counseling people in Walmart, church, everywhere...when I felt good enough to go all of those places. Everyone hugs me telling me I'm just bathed in love and light, they feel so much better after talking to me. I get strangers in stores approaching me,they are drawn to me like magnets. I went to a bar back in Dec, felt like a fool I'm so old, oldest person in there was probably 30 and most were gays. When the lights came on at closing time, I had been star of the bar, acting like a total fool. Even did Dancing Queen by ABBA with two darling cute gay guys...joked we were the three dancing queens...they loved it! This is what I want to get back to! I feel better being out with people, they lift my spirits and I laugh and laugh. Since I feel physically so bad, Im spending too much time by myself, so feeling depressed. But, thanks again, all of you sweet strangers. You've made my day a little brighter by showing you care. God bless all of you. That's what I try to do when Im out - give out what I call smile lights. I always compliment people for anything, their hair etc. and make them smile. Makes them feel better even if for a minute. Will give away groceries I bought to a homeless man and his dog. Hugs to all of you for helping me take the first step
  10. thanks everyone for your input, I think I'm getting info to help. Will look for experienced bariatric RD that treats long term post op patients. I know I need therapy, but that's the second and long term solution. I can't even get to the therapy right now. I'm so unfocused and anxious, wouldn't even be able to listen. Scientific research and physicians shows Transendental Medititation works (even my hematologist does it herself) for Type A hypercreative personalities, like me, and is great for anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc. I plan to take the 2 day TM course, as soon as I get to feeling better and can get to the school downtown and stay focused enough to do it twice daily 20 mins a day. As my hematologist told me I am intelligent, analytical, logical, but hypercreative. My underlying health issues are magnifying all of these great qualities, turning them into negative right now. She's the best free therapist I've ever seen, and yes I have been to therapy many times. She said especially when I m in a hypercreative state, mimics many other mental illnesses, which she definitely says I am not. Even my psychiatrist told me I was the sanest person he had ever treated, and he loved talking to me for at least 30 mins...about himself. He spent about 5 mins with his other patients because he hated treating crazy people. I got to the root cause, his Indian father made him go into that specialty, thought he could make the most money...sad.
  11. I tried that....said labs weren't bad enough to get admitted. I think I need a Registered Bariatric DIetician, who is familiar with long term bypass patients with my specific issues. My surgeon's office only has RD that does postop patients one year out trying to lose weight!! Has no clue about one like me losing too much and my age. She handles those who are regaining. They consider me a great success story!! Well, I am at losing the weight and keeping it off. I'd like to be a success story at regaining my health in the most realistic way I can right now. What food's should I try to eat...will liquids work until I can get an appetite back? I had this happen one time before, but was going out to eat a lot, so was getting many more calories, even though small amounts. Since I don't cook have been buying frozen foods but yuck! And they contain so few calories. They are great for someone trying to lose weight.
  12. Oh, just remembered. was told by experienced bariatric surgeon that did my revision to keep my protein uptake at 60 grams daily, low sugar to prevent dumping. I tolerate sugar fine, only one episode years ago, ate way too much at Christmas. I'm drinking Premier Protein Shakes, can get them down and they taste okay to me. Wonder if I should add a glass of full fat milk daily, I might could get it down, if I split it up. I try to eat a few bites of full fat cottage cheese. I can't even get down a small frozen meal, such as Atkins, etc. Tried this morning, ate about 4 bites and spit it out. I know I need therapy, my husband died in 2014 from cancer, then my only son who was heroin addict in 2015, committed suicide 2015. I am overwhelmed with unresolved grief...but that can take years to solve I need help with getting the best nutrition to be focused enough and well enough to even drive to therapy. Get my drift? I need a registered dietician in bypass patients who are experiencing my specific condition, and take my health issues/age, and the fact I live alone, and find it even hard to get to store, etc. I'm overwhelmed to say the least. Just wanting first step. Getting medical care, but she really doesn't know best core diet to recover from this.
  13. My pcp doesn't have a clue! Also, hematologist treats bypass patients, but still not familiar with this situation. I'm literally too tired to go chasing around to doctors. It's hard to even make the phone calls. I live alone, have a huge house, huge yard, pool, 3 dogs - I know I need to get rid of all, but can't even get focused enough to do it. I need a specialist in long term revision/revision for best recommendations. I had a hard time finding surgeon to do revision from VBG to Bypass. I know I wouldn't be a good candidate for any surgery at this point. Last surgery, had to get bood transfusion before surgery. I've gotten worse since then. I think this is going to possibly literally kill me eventually. It scared the hell out of me when I saw a 73 yr old had the bypass. What are these surgeons thinking? As an older adult, you usually start eating less naturally. IF, and I say if, she lives to 90, who's going to be responsible for making sure she's getting proper diet for bypass patient? Assisted living certainly doesn't know. My pcp who is experienced internist doesn't know a damned thing about a bypass patient. I called surgeon's office, they only do followup for one year. Never done revision from vbg/bypass/revision. I think I'm up a creek. At this point, trying to find someone my age, revision/revision with bad labs, etc. on best diet to correct situation, especially since I have no desire to eat. I don't have time for intensive therapy...that's what I should have done before any of these surgeries!
  14. Violet P

    Having the reversal

    Please update if you are still following. I would desperately love a reversal, would even pay for it out of pocket!! I'm 67, wasting and continuing to lose. I want reversal before this gets out of hand. But,, I;m unique. I had VBG because of acid reflux revised to Bypass...told my only option. So, now would it be possible for revision?? Not sure. I may be sunk.
  15. Thanks so much for your reply. I've been thinking in old "maintain weight" rules. I'm down to a size 2 and losing . No appetite whatsoever. Nothing tastes good...almost anorexic. Wish I could do reversal, but don't know if it's possible. I revised from VBG because of severe acid reflux. Told could only do Bypass. Now, I feel as I may literally die eariy if I don't get rid of this. I don't cook, so that's out. Frozen meals if Im lucky can do 8 to 10 bites. And that's a 340 calorie total meal. Im probably absorbing about 600 to 700 calories a day if I'm lucky. I think I'm getting anorexic. I have a total revulsion to food. Nothing tastes good! Don't have the energy to even drive to buy milkshakes every day. Can barely get to hematologist. On Vit B12 injections for past 4 weeks, had first Iron infusion last week, getting another next Tuesday. Also taking double dose of strong 8 wk Vit D therapy. Labs are getting much better, but still feel like hell. Super anxiety, memory loss, I am totally overwhelmed. Crying as I'm writing this. God, I wish I had done intensive therapy before I started all of this. It IS the answer for so many, but not for me now at 67. My health is more important. Even though I was obese for 15 years, I had no chronic health conditions. But fearing I would, I chose weight loss surgery. Now, I'm fearing Im going to die early from this. IF a reversal is possible, not even sure I would be a good candidate for surgery until I can get stronger.
  16. Violet P

    Having the reversal

    HELP...I didn't know you could do reversal....that's what I want!! I revised from VBG to Bypass 2012. 67 yrs old. Now losing too much weight, feel horrible. bad labs, live by myself. No appetite, no one to keep me on track, horrible memory from deficiencies. I'm not concerned about regain. I've learned how to control my eating habits. Was not morbidly obese until severe trauma and grief, resolved those. I know how to maintain my weight now. But, I'm not willing to commit to maintaining all that is does as older bypass patient. Do you know how I would find out if you can revise from Vbg/Bypass/Reversal. Is this possible? When VBG was revised, said only option was to revise to Bypass. Any advice you could give would be most helpful.