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  1. Hello, I had my gastric bypass surgery 3 months ago and I feel great I have lost 25kg so far and I need to lose 10 more to reach my goal, the problem is I have hit a plateau and lately I have been incredibly hungry and I'm afraid I might be stretching my pouch. I've started doing p90x3 two weeks ago and i definitely fell hungrier. I want to know how many calories are you guys getting a day, how are those calories divided macros wise. For the most part I've been sticking to 1000-1300 calories a day and I have been eating quite clean but I've "cheated" a couple of times and I've felt that "desperate binge eating feeling" I have been able to resist it for the most part. How do you guys curve your cravings and again what is your calorie intake while excercising
  2. Biddy zz, Thank you so much. My surgeon was like that, very vague, nothing specific, "try to eat as much lean protein as you can" was his only advise so it feels like I'm the dark. Thank you TexasMommy80, I guess I'm not that off the mark, I just need to adjust what I'm eating and fight off the cravings.
  3. SpartanWolf

    Adding Fruits into Your Shakes?

    Try to keep it to just one piece of fruit per shake and you should be fine. Also you can add all the veggies you want, I personally love adding a cup or two of spinach (lots of iron and fiber) and it doesnt change the flavor profile that much, some people swear by kale.

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