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  1. Hello everyone! So just to give details, I had surgery 5/29/18 and lost 95lbs originally post surgery. However since, I gained back 35lbs and have been depressed about it. I’ve lost the 35lbs then gained it back (and the cycle repeats). I’ve tried Keto, Vegetarian, Whole30, the works! And it seemed as if my stomach stretched out and I was back to eating almost all the way normal. This time around though, I figured I would go back to what I learned pre-op and make the lifestyle changes I made 2 years ago to lose the weight. I restarted about two weeks ago, eating my food slowly, listening to when I was actually hungry, taking my supplements, drinking my water, eating protein first, getting active each day and eating 3 meals without snacks. Two weeks later, I’m already down 6 pounds and now it seems like I’m eating the portions I was eating 2-3 months post-op! Even the dumping sensations I felt when I eat too much came back (something I TRULY didn’t miss lol) I realized that I was seriously overeating and not utilizing the tool I’ve been given. All of this to say, if you are someone like me, going through regain loss and have been a ways out from surgery, don’t overcomplicate it. Go back to basics and use your tool. It hasn’t stopped working. It hasn’t stretched out. It’s just not being utilized. And you can pick it back up again. We got this! Don’t give up.
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    Am i gonna puke all the time??

    Nope. I only threw up once. It was water, which sucked, but if you eat slow and take it easy on super strong flavors, you will be fine.
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    Rice is so hit or miss for me and I am almost 3 years out! I can maybe have a little bit of rice before I feel like I could dump.
  4. Wow, this thread is so inspirational! A little about me: My HW: 406 SW (5/29/18): 374 Current: 363 I can’t wait to see how my progress unfolds in the next year 😁😁
  5. Hello Everyone! I am not a 5/30 sleever but I was sleeved on 5/29 so we are Surgery neighbors. I am happy to be in the other side and it helps hearing that we have a lot of the same struggles. Fluids are hard but the gas is finally subsiding
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    May 2018 losers bench

    I am 3 days post-op (VSG was on 5/29) and woke up in PAIN lol but now being 3 days post-op, I can now get fluids in okay. The gas absolutely sucks though. I am just happy to be on the other side of the surgery and to be starting purees in a couple of days :)