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    Need help from sleeve vets

    LITERALLY the store of my life: had surgery October 2017. Started at 5'8" 278...lost about 75 pounds the first year. Then for the last 6 months I have been gaining and losing the same 5 or so pounds.
  2. Sleevedincali


    Actually about 3 months ago I gained about 4 pounds back...someone at work said my pants looked tight and I cut carbs completely for 8 weeks (KETO) and lost those plus a few more...I really think weight gain that is significant has to be from spiraling out of control with grazing and poor food choices...I mean that's how I gained those 4 pounds and it scared the crap out of me! Are you gaining?
  3. Sleevedincali

    ❤18 mo/1.5 yr Post Op❤

    Im guessing its Maintenance because I have been this weight several times in my life...I think my body is comfy here...I do really want/need to lose another 25030 pounds and I think youre right...exercise is likely the key
  4. Sleevedincali

    Broke out in sweat

    I am 18 moths post op and last week I ate a handful of "Dots" the candy...within 15 minutes I was barfing, sweating and wanted to literally die!
  5. Sleevedincali

    ❤18 mo/1.5 yr Post Op❤

    Hi all! Im 18 months post op...been up and down the same 3 pounds for literally the last 6 months.....Obviously Im not perfect with diet but rarely fall off the wagon completely lol. I am happy, healthy and confident...but damn those last 25 pounds are not wanting to leave!!!!! I tried KETO...literally perfect for 8 weeks and only lost 6 pounds...stopped doing that! I guess I need to really buckle down for the last 25!
  6. Sleevedincali

    Aflac Coverage

    Yep! I used the short term disability and stay home for 6 weeks after surgery...though I believe it was approved for longer due to my job duties being very physical...
  7. Sleevedincali


    Hi October Sleevers! Just passed my 11 month mark...been going between 199 and 202 for about two months. Started botcamp 4 times per week about 3 weeks ago and no loss but definetely inches...I need another 25 to go!
  8. Lol....she asked. You’re two weeks out...leave the experience to those who have had it wink wink. Toodles!
  9. Hi there! I am 10 months post op and dont usually respond to these types of posts but I have to say that I did not even LET myself eat a french fry until like 6-8 months post op......and Ive been able to keep my consumption of fried/crappy foods to a BARE minimum and I know that I will have to forever. I am concerned that you are already dreaming of re-entering those foods into your diet once you are able to. The real answer is: you never really can! and If you are not able to restrict yourself to "a few fries" then you will not be able to have long term success period...just some food for thought
  10. Sleevedincali


    Im also addicted to Skinny Pop...that cant be helping lol
  11. Sleevedincali


    Oops I meant to quote you on my last reply LOL. I too am ecstatic that I have lost so much and am able to maintain it but Im thinking damn I still eat so little and soooooo much better than before, shouldnt I be losing something!? But I agree its probably my body getting used to this weight...
  12. Sleevedincali


    I just hit the 10 month mark and have been between 201 and 203 for LITERALLY 2 months. I too am eating more like the maintenance phase but DAMN! Ive lost 78 pounds since surgery but those last 25 will be a struggle..........
  13. Sleevedincali

    Dining out post op

    Couldn't disagree more! I make great choices and eat out atleast twice per week.
  14. Sleevedincali

    How long has your longest stall lasted?

    I stalled around 6 months for nearly 4 weeks. It happens...the inches still fall off but the weight doesn't always.
  15. Sleevedincali

    Very discouraged

    Girl I FEEL YOU! I had surgery 10/20/17. Date of surgery 275 today 219. the scale has been 219, 220, 219, 221, etc. for 5 weeks! I feel smaller but damn that scale!
  16. Sleevedincali


    Guys and gals...what vitamins are you taking? At my 3 month post-op my numbers were all great and Im only taking multi and b12....my Doc said thats fine?
  17. Sleevedincali


    Incredible change! Way to go!!!!
  18. Sleevedincali


    OK I KNOW about stalls but Im SOOOOOOO over it! Have literally been bouncing between 226 and 229 for two damn weeks! I am quickly reminded why people throw in the towel while "dieting" cause the scale can get in your head! But I have to mention my clothes are falling off but damn it that scale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. If you are looking for us to encourage the rogue behavior, I think this is the wrong forum...best wishes to you
  20. Something else to think about...even though my cravings are soooooooooo much lower than before, once in a while I slip up and have a handful of goldfish, a few potato chips, etc. The difference is, I used to eat the entire bag in one sitting!!!!!!!! You will not be perfect and really, perfect is not realistic.....
  21. HI there! I am 3 1/2 moths post op and here is a look at my daily intake on average: breakfast: cup of coffee with protein shake added for flavor (coffee keeps me regular) and then a boiled egg/egg cup/etc. snack: one serving of nuts or beef jerky lunch: about 2-4 oz. chicken/pot roast/left overs protein, small salad or veggie...about 4-5 oz total...some days more, some days less snack: half "power crunch bar"or another boiled egg or string cheese Dinner: same as lunch sometimes another snack: 1 serving of skinny pop or something listed above... I prefer to eat my calories instead of drinking them but if I am below 60-70 grams of protein, I sneak in a shake. The stalls happen...very often for me! The other day I was 229 then this morning, 231...I did NOTHING different other than I am getting sick so that might be the issue. You will find your way...I promise!
  22. Got soup and salad at Chilis the other night...ate 1/2 the soup (Chicken Enchilada...ate mostly the chicken) and 1/4 of the salad...I felt like hell for an hour...NEVER AGAIN!