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  1. Does your preop diet allow you to add any sugar free syrups? Mine did, so I added sugar free raspberry Torani syrups to the shakes to change things up. It helped a lot!
  2. Honestly? No, I definitely didn't resolve it before surgery. I don't think I really went through the actions of trying to identify what kind of hunger it was until well after surgery. Thankfully that hasn't been a huge issue. The restriction from my sleeve helps out a ton, especially when I eat my protein first (it just doesn't leave room for much). I won't pretend I've been perfect or that I haven't struggled, but you'll learn to identify triggers and you can make adjustments from there. Don't delay your surgery, the whole thing is a learning process
  3. Yes!!! The pain was especially bad on my right side. I slept in my bed with a pillow supporting my stomach (I layed down on my side). The pain was pretty bad for about two weeks and then it lessened. Hang in there! It's worth it!
  4. My nut said it was ok to put sugar free Torani syrups in my shakes. It saved my life. I bought raspberry and hazelnut flavors (I found them at Smart and Final).
  5. I'm ok. Tired from lack of calories lol. I walked down a pier today and that was enough activity for me (granted it was also a 1.5 hour drive from where I live). Just laying low and waiting it out. Lots of chores this weekend to get everything **** and span so I don't have to worry about that for a while!
  6. How are you doing on with the liquid diet? What is confusing about if for you?
  7. Excited to see so many set for the 8th (I am, too!). @rayb70 @jmbeese45 How are you doing with the liquid diet? I wish I could say I'm used to it, but I'm not! Lol. My stomach is getting rumbly, but I'm so ready for this change!
  8. I had to lose 5lbs before I saw him after all the preop testing, but that was the only required weight loss. I have a 2 week liquid diet (day 5 now) and I'm already down 13lbs....
  9. Hi everyone! I'm trying to decide on an unflavored protein powder. I was going to go with Genepro since a friend recommended it, but if it's not really 30g of protein per scoop, is it really worth it? I've looked a little bit into Unjury and peeked at Isopure...I like the price point on Isopure better than the other two, but has anyone tried all 3? Are there any others that you would recommend?
  10. My surgery is the 8th, as well!! I was so proud of myself yesterday; I went to pick up cat food and some more sf jello for myself and I didn't break down and buy any junk food to sneak into my diet. Welcome to day 4!!
  11. @jmbeese45 Yes, we do!! T - two weeks and counting!
  12. Day 1 of preop diet for me! Glad I'm not commuting to work today lol
  13. Can I just say I'm glad you put this out there? I love alone I'll be having surgery Nov 8th. My parents will be bringing me home and I'm pretty I'll have to duke it out with my mom about being left home alone, but I figure if I'm alone, I can rest (and heal) better! I'm packing up inedibles tonight to take to my parents and buying my Genepro on Friday. Your post let me know I'm on the right track
  14. Starsmore

    What did you take to the hospital?

    My uterus and I are definitely not friends. I'm scared I'll end up in the same boat lol. As it stands now, the app I use to track it has it down for about a week later, but I've seen several stories from women that had their's start in the hospital....
  15. One day before me!! Do you have to do a two week preop diet? Mine starts Wednesday!!
  16. Starsmore

    What did you take to the hospital?

    This is what I was looking for. I'm making my list and I wasn't sure if I should pj bottoms on it, but if I'm up and walking, I want my bum covered!!
  17. How are you all doing with your preop diet? Mine starts on Wednesday; I went to the store last night and got a carton of the bone broth and some sugar free jello. I was super excited to find that I can mix my shake mix with milk!!
  18. Starsmore

    Sleeve Day 10/20/17

    Sending good thoughts to everybody!! I hope you are all doing well!
  19. Is that what you've found to be true for yourself? Thats a bummer for sure, but on this side of surgery, I'm going to hope for the best.
  20. That sounds rough!! I hope all checks out and you can go ahead as scheduled--we can be surgery buddies!
  21. I have a baked eggs Florentine recipe that I'm hoping will work well after surgery; maybe something like that would work for you? I plan on eggs being a good source of protein.
  22. I do eat the lower fat options and I have to say that I don't mind a whole lot, but I am particular about the brands I choose. For cottage cheese, I stick with Knudsen for the most part, but Kroger has a storebrand that is also quite yummy. My favorite way to eat it is with avocado and tomato--way better than the pairing of cottage cheese and fruit. I like "light" mayo, it tastes the same as full fat to me (but again, brand preference is best foods, although Great Value can be substituted when necessary). I found that Wishbone low fat ranch is acceptable to me. That's where I struggle right now. I'm a die hard Hidden Valley Ranch girl. I guess surgery will resolve this problem for me for a while since salads will be out for a good bit! lol
  23. Starsmore

    Plastic Surgery?

    I had varicose vein ablation/removal about a year ago. Instead of the compression stockings, they wrapped my leg in three ace bandages. I had to keep it wrapped for a week, which proved difficult as they bandages drifted lower when I walked and I found I was allergic to the adhesive in many medical tapes. It is at least an alternative if they begin to bother you (I was having pain in that leg, so I had it done). Remember, though, than these can recur. Mine are much improved, but the bad knot I had on my leg is coming back a bit (I'm hoping it'll calm down after my vsg).
  24. I'm glad you've had success! I hope you're able to drop those 10 in no time It sounds weird, but thanks for putting your sizes in your signature. I'm a 48D and I like that size (well, cup anyway); I'm terrified of losing my boobs! haha You've given me hope.
  25. Starsmore

    So I visited a bariatric surgeon

    What a journey!!! Props to you for moving forward despite all of the obstacles! I've been fortunate to have doctors that have all suggested/supported this, but I am fearful of getting the "why can't you do it on your own" criticism from friends and coworkers... Good luck--update me as it comes nearer! i'd love to cheer you on to success!

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