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  1. @Apple1 You are my inspiration !!!! I'm 1-week post -op and I,m down 10 pounds and 17 lbs from pre-op for a total of 27 lbs.OMG . I will continue to visit your page for encouragement and positive example of perseverance. YOU ROCK  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:780_sparkling_heart: 

    1. Apple1


      You are so sweet @Ydiva1 thank you so much for your kind words!

      you are rocking your sleeve!! Just keep believing in yourself and you can do anything. When you hit a rough patch just keep doing what you know you need to do and you will conquer all obstacles.

      I truly believe we have the power to change our destinies. Blessings to you!

  2. Ydiva1

    1 week post op

    Congrats, I hope when I go to my 1st post-op Appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday he tells me that I have some weight loss. My scale decided to die on day 2 of post-op. So I haven't got a clue how much I weigh
  3. @Slightly86, Hello Ms. Lady I'm on my 4-day Post-op I will love any type of help you are offering and I greatly appreciate it if you pick me. My info - Yonnis Dixon 931 McKinley Ave Toledo.Ohio 43605
  4. Today is Post-op day # 4 and it is going o.k. I'm not in much pain only when I don't take my dose on time.During the day I take half a dose and take a full dose in the evening around bedtime. Sipping the clear liquids is fairly easy to do with my phone alarm reminder because I don't have hunger pains so far. The only thing that is a little irritating is my abdomen full of gas from the C02 they inject into you before surgery. Just got some Gas-x chewable and they seem to be helping as long as I continue to walk every hour. A little fatigued at:68_sleeping: the moment.

    I'm very happy with my decision to have the surgery  :780_sparkling_heart: :P    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thank You  Dr.Johnston, ST.Vincent Bariatric surgical team  and the entire Staff at Mercy Weight Managment Center   YOU ALL ROCK :778_heartbeat::65_mask:

  5. Surgery was yesterday and I was scheduled a gastric bypass , but because of the scar tissue from my C-section 24 years ago . After my Dr.removed as much scar tissue as possible he was unable to perform the bypass. The sleeve was done and I feel 😊 hopefully I hold the water down so I can get to go home😜😂

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    2. Ydiva1


      This morning I had a swallow study @ 8:00 a.m. to make sure there is no leaking inside my new stomach.

      The radiologist cleared me to go home so after Dr, Johnston checked the x-ray he came to my room and explain the 1st week consist of clear liquids for 7 days.I got back for my post-op visit on September 7th so he can explain the 2nd-week menu.🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿💝😍😜😻😻😻

    3. Ydiva1


      @chemica Melissa Campbell Thank you, Thank you Thank you !!!! Baby Girl you are on your way. i wanted the gastric bypass as well, but do to the amount of scar tissue from my previous C-section didn't allow it.My husband o.ked it while I was under anesthesia so when I came to he told me first thing. Don't worry you will lose the weight you want.At the time I made that decision I was 275 and the day of surgery I was 255lbs. That 20 lbs made a big difference and if I do everything I'm told to do I will have no problem getting to my goal of 135lbs.

    4. chemica melissa campbell

      chemica melissa campbell

      wow so that means if every

      thing goes true for me to do my surgery date is sep 20 which am down to 223 already


  7. CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Ydiva1

    A little worried

    Congrats Baby Girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My surgery is August 29 2017 . Just started my Pre-op diet today and I'm starving
  9. @VixianRyia- My Insurance has a 6 mos process requirement. 1st visit in January and once a month .after the last visit in July info was submitted to the insurance company and my approval letter arrived in about two weeks. Appointment with the nutritionist, Nurse practitioner, and Surgeon.The next day my surgery was set for August 29,2017
  10. The first day of the pre-op diet. OMG, I'm starving !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱😩😳

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    2. Ydiva1


      @MOcatmom Thank You for the words of encouragement. when I feel hungry my go to is small grape tomatoes, baby carrots, and the short cucumbers .They are so much more crispy than the large long regular cucumbers .also mixing strawberry protein powder in organic oatmeal with silk 0 fat unsweetened coconut and almond milk. It's a struggle but today I feel a lot better on day #3

    3. Ydiva1


      @Mimi of 7 The girls are absolutely correct. Today I feel 100% better by just figuring out what works for you on a limited diet.The GNC hot representative gave:P me Pro Performance AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Strawberry powder and love it .I mix a few ahead of time and freeze them so when I take with me they are slushy. He recommended I use it post op as well to help tighten up any loose skin If I have any. He also said that is is delicious in the blender with fruit and kale, spinach

    4. Berry78


      Don't load up on a ton of protein powders, because postop your tastes may change. Glad you are doing better!

  11. My surgery date is August 29, 2017. 😜😜😜😜😂😱.    So happy I could cry 😭 

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    2. ProudGrammy


      here are some kleenex tissues

      go ahead, have a good cry.

      having WLS is terrific - good luck


    3. Ydiva1


      Thank you, Hazeleyes1969 This has been a long journey.

      @Intrinc_1 I'm a newbie as well we are going to put it all in GODs hands and I will be praying for you on the 28th. That is the day after my birthday the 27th:P

      Thank you, Ms prodgrammy I cried tears of joy last night after this long 6 mos battle that I thought I lost

    4. Intrinsic_1


      I'll be crying tears of joy too.ill be praying you as your date and my date gets closer.we can do this.

  12. Ydiva1

    Newbie Here

    Good luck Baby girl😏😘❤️ I have one more therapy visit and hopefully she will sign off on it and I can have them submit my paper work to my insurance and with prayer I'm approved. After that is pre-op. Everything is going to be fine 🦋💝
  13. 😉 Good Luck With surgery next month!! Pre-op will go fine I will pray for you😜🙏🏽 You Got This 🐣🦋
  14. Ydiva1

    Surgery is TOMORROW!

    Hey Kaycee7, Thank you for the words of encouragement .If you only new how much I needed that. Also I'm getting a second opinion Wednesday and a 3rd Thursday just in case . Cross your fingers and say a prayer for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Ydiva1

    Surgery is TOMORROW!

    Unfortunately my therapist told me that she doesn't think I'm ready due to me having one emotional eating day. She recommended I return for two visits in July and two in August. I'm so upset that I cried in my car for over an hour also I'm totally depressed after seeing her. I have waited for six months with one visit per month at the weight loss clinic. I Had all my testing done,quit smoking,quit drinking alcohol totally,gave up soda. Everything I was told to do and now I feel like giving up . The six visits over six months and 2 therapy visits is part of insurance requirements before approval. I planned everything for a reason because I'm almost finished with my internship and I'm about to start a new job so if I wait two additional months it will totally screw up my schedule. I don't want to start a new job and have to take time off for surgery before my 90 days is up.I wish I wouldn't have shared anything with the therapist because she has no clue on how much I changed my eating habits from a year ago and I don't overeat to the point of stomach pain any more. I know that surgery is one of the tools that I need to continue my journey. Right now I'm just miserable in my body ,depressed and I feel like giving up on this whole thing because next it will be another excuse why I can't get surgery😒☹️ Signed , Over it
  16. Ydiva1

    Surgery is TOMORROW!

    Awesome !! I have my 5 th visit tomorrow and one more next month. Then they will send my paper work to my insurance for approval next month. I hope that will be a fast process so I can possibly have surgery late June. Good luck Everything will be ok. You're going to look amazing ❤️🌺💐😌😌