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  1. Just wondering why no iceberg lettuce, I'm 5 weeks post op gastric bypass and can eat salad and was just wondering why no iceberg lettuce, anyone know?
  2. I had gastric bypass Jan 24, 2017 Beginning weight 301 Surgery weight 289 Current weight 196 Goal weight 175 Feeling extra good
  3. So I’m not sure how dumping feels, I had gastric bypass a year ago and sometimes just feels really sick for a while gets hot and can’t really explain the feeling, not sure if it’s dumping because it happens and it would be without eating are drinking so just curious I just know it wasn’t happening before I had the surgery, by the way I love my decision, 117 pounds down
  4. Lovelyladybee

    Dumping what does it feel like?

    Thnaks everyone that explains it
  5. I’m feel so good with all that weight goin, I’m so happy I made this decision, still 15 more pounds to my goal weight. Bw- 301 SW- 289 Current- 190 goal weight-175 Total lost 110 Had gastric bypass Jan 24, 2017 110 pounds lost in 10 months
  6. Lovelyladybee

    More picture of my weight loss!!!

    Thank you, at Bostonmama I don’t eat many carbs or sweets at all, my skin is actually doing much better than I expected I don’t have much hanging at all, I do work out a lot and do weights so maybe that helps
  7. Thanks everyone, and no i don’t have a lot of skin at all
  8. Lovelyladybee

    94 pounds goin 6 months

    Thanks everyone
  9. So I had gastric bypass Jan 24, 2017 and so far I'm down 76 pounds I am beyond happy and so glad I made the choice to have this surgery, I have 50 pound more to lose to get to my goal weight. Surgery weight 301 Current weight 225 Lost 76 pounds Goal weight 175
  10. I feel really great, like a whole new person !
  11. At Joann454 not really Zumba with weight mostly weight training and a lot of squats, it's a hard work out but all so refreshing
  12. Lovelyladybee

    Any suggestions?

    Give it time, it's really takes time, it was about 3 months post op when I started feeling myself again, cause I didn't have enough energy to raise my arm without getting tired,
  13. I have been walking on the treadmill, just starting doing Zumba and body pump at the gym
  14. Just wanted to note my 3 month progress, today I am 3 months pre op, gastric by pass, I'm down 60 pounds as of today and pretty proud about that, 66 more pounds to my goal weight! Surgery weight 301 Todays weight 241 Goal weight 175
  15. Yeh only way is to make your self throw up, only thingthat worked for me when I had the band
  16. Hi so I had gastric bypass Jan 24th 2017, so almost 4 months post op, and have had no problems but here lately I've been feeling sick, nauseated and feeling like I have to throw up but my food and water stays down fine, it feels like acid reflux but I thought this surgery was suppose to eliminate acid reflux, anyone else experiencing this?
  17. Lovelyladybee

    Feeling sick every time I eat or drink

    Thanks y'all, my gallbladder is goin, will mentioned it to my doctors
  18. Lovelyladybee

    Hot Flashes

    I'm in the same bout was menopausal before I had the surgery and it got worst after, well I had to get medicines from my OB cause I just couldn't take it anymore, finally feeling a difference since I've been taking them about 3 weeks now, good luck on what ever you choose, those hot flashes are terrible
  19. Lovelyladybee

    3 months update

    Thanks yes it will come, happy losing!