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  1. I was VERY bad at following this rule for a while, but when I began to follow it better, my weight loss kicked up a notch. The rules might be tedious, but 99% of the time, there's a really good reason as to why we should be following them.
  2. recreatingcate

    Anyone who has pcos?

    I have PCOS and have struggled with it for 12+ years. I'm about 6 months post op, and got an IUD at 4 months post op. This has helped regulate my periods and the symptoms. I have not been without birth control since surgery, but this is encouraging to me!
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    You guys can find me on insta as recreatingcate!
  4. recreatingcate

    Constipation and anal fissures

    I agree with Berry, communication with you bariatric team will make all the difference here. After surgery, I had diarrhea for three days, and then I didn't have a bowel movement for two weeks. Wound up in the ER where they pumped me full of fluids and sent me home. I was finally able to go and have been pretty regular since!
  5. recreatingcate

    3 Month Post Op... Hair Loss

    I'm three months post op also and the hair loss is in full swing! I recently decided to up my Biotin, so hopefully that helps!! My NUT said that this should last anywhere from 6-8 months. Bleh.
  6. recreatingcate

    How often so you weigh in?

    I weigh myself every day, but for tracking purposes, I only count the weight I see on Wednesdays.
  7. recreatingcate

    Newbie questions

    Do not be afraid to ask questions! You are you greatest advocate here! Hopefully some of my answers help you. I'll give you my stats: 24, female, 5'4, sleeved on 2/22/17 (currently three months post op). Starting weight: 287 (October of 2016 when I went for my initial consult), surgery day weight: 248, current weight: 201.8. I wish I had taken measurements, because the photos say a lot more than the scale does!! To answer your questions: 1. Vitamins are for the rest of your life. Try not to view that as a negative, or a "side effect" from surgery. My 55 year old dad takes vitamins every day, so does my 85 year old Nana. A multivitamin is for everyone, not just bariatric patients. I use a daily patch, another friend who had the sleeve uses a chewable. I'm only three months out, but maybe someone who is further out can speak to whether or not you are allowed to go back to swallowing vitamins, if that's something you prefer. 2. I'm a veggie person, but still love food too! In the beginning, your focus is going to be more on getting your protein in, and less on your veggie intake. Best bet is to talk to your nutritionist about your concerns and see where you can tweak things for you, specifically. 3. I work a desk job with almost daily fieldwork (going into the community, into homes, court - lots of walking and getting into and out of the car). I had surgery on a Wednesday and was back to work the following Tuesday, so less than a week. I was super tired, and pretty much did nothing but work and sleep for my first two weeks back at work, but I was SO happy to be out of the house and having a sense normalcy. Working also helped me with my water intake - when I was home resting, I would sleep on and off and not hit my water goals. Sitting at my desk, at work, helped keep me awake and sipping. That being said, if you work a high intensity job, the recommendation is anywhere from 4-8 weeks out of work. You know your body best, and your job best. Be honest with your surgeon, though, as doing anything too stressful on your body too soon could be very damaging. 4. After about a month, I was in the gym doing VERY light cardio (northeast winters keep us inside!) like the treadmill. At 2.5 months, I got the all clear. I have taken up HIIT classes and I can do them with no problem! 5. I have a friend who had surgety in December of 2011. She has had incredible results. She currently focuses on muscle building and stays away from the scale. She's been maintaining for almost three years with no regression! I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out if you have anymore questions!
  8. recreatingcate

    Vitamins 🤢

    I'm 2.5 months post op, and I use the patch! Have had no problems, and my levels are excellent!
  9. So. I'm a month post op on 3/22. This weekend (Friday night), I ended up in the ER for dehydration and constipation. They did an abdomen X-ray and a CAT scan with contrast. They said no leaks and that with the MOM and Miralax my doctor had me taking, and the fluids they gave me, I should go to the bathroom. Sure enough, I've been able to go so that's great. This morning, I woke up with sharp pains on my left side, kinda under my rib cage. They radiate up, so almost like they're moving under my boob. And sometimes, along my lower belly. They've been persistent since 6am - it's almost noon now. Haven't eaten yet today. Any insights? I really, really do not want to go back to the ER. [emoji85]
  10. recreatingcate

    Left side pain!

    Wouldn't they have found something wrong with my gallbladder when I was in the ER and they ran all kinds of tests?
  11. My surgeon said every 2-3 days is normal. If you're feeling uncomfortable, ask your doc if you can mix in miralax everyday, or if it gets serious, prescribe something for chronic constipation. PSA: do NOT let your constipation go on longer then 5 days. I went two weeks without a BM and wound up in the hospital after an enema, which then dehydrated me. It was not fun.
  12. recreatingcate

    Getting Sleeved

    Yay! Good luck to you!! I had an easy recovery and am feeling great, despite struggling with protein and fluid intake. I hope you have an easy time too! Deep breaths, everything will be fine!!
  13. recreatingcate

    100 Gone

    Congrats! 100 pounds in 6 months is amazing!! Keep up the great work!
  14. recreatingcate

    Out to dinner tonight..

    The soup of the day wound up being chicken noodle so I had the broth from that and all was well! Thank you both!
  15. It's my boyfriend's birthday and we're going out to dinner tonight. His family does not know that I had surgery. Now, I'm 2.5 weeks post op, and will be going in for my "phase change" appointment on Tuesday - meaning my surgeon will change me from liquids to puréed food. Would it be appropriate to get something of that nature at dinner? I wish I thought of this yesterday and would have called the surgeon, but here we are. What were you eating at 2.5 weeks out? Suggestions appreciated!
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    I tend to get them if I drink too fast.
  17. Has anyone ever had the stomach bug after surgery? I'm almost three weeks out and I'm almost positive that's what going to happen. Three of my coworkers had it this week.. [emoji40] SOS!!
  18. recreatingcate

    Taste buds acting funny

    Yes! Ugh, the struggle is so real. Before surgery, I had a protein shake and a protein water picked out, and a backup for each, just in case. Now, I hate all of them. It's so difficult to get my protein in, to the point were there are days that I go without protein altogether (not good, I know). But yes, I have the same problem. It's really something I have to work to get over!
  19. Have you told your doc about the diarrhea? That;s a big red flag, especially if it's happening all day, every day. I'm still on liquids, so I cannot tell you if this is normal during the progression, but it's not normal overall and you have to talk to your doc.
  20. Do you have a thyroid condition? My doctor thinks my rash is related to my thyroid have a freak out because part of my stomach is gone. Make sure you contact your doctor about the rash of you haven't already!
  21. Ugh! So, when I got home from the hospital I had dry mouth and thought I was dehydrated. And when I looked at my tongue, I thought the white film I had also came from being dehydrated. Called my surgeon, and they said to get some dry mouth spray. When my throats started to hurt and it became hard to swallow, I went to my PCP, and they said I had full blown thrush! Did anyone else experience this? Is thrush common after surgery?
  22. recreatingcate

    Hospital must-haves?

    I brought my own blanket, because I hate hospital blankets and I didn't want to be cold, but my hospital room was SO warm, it was almost unbearable. Otherwise, I definitely would have used it. I brought my favorite pair of sweatpants, and put them on under my hospital gown. It made me feel so much more comfortable while walking through the hallways! I also brought a pair of clean underwear to wear home. I brought a toiletry bag with the following: chapstick, toothbrush, tooth paste, and hair brush. I used all of these items. My mouth was so dry post-op and the chapstick helped. I was happy to be able to brush my teeth and hair before going home. Of course, don't forget your phone charger! See if you can track down of of those 10 or 15 foot cords in case the outlet is super far away from your bed. Good luck! Everything is going to be fine!
  23. recreatingcate

    Protein water

    I agree with Andrea.. I tried the Isopure ones and couldn't tolerate a single one. I can tolerate the Atkins Life Berry, as long as it's ice cold. Helps get the protein I need, since I'm really slacking in that department.
  24. Happened to me too! I was so surprised. I'm on the pill, never skip, and it came out of nowhere. Doc said it's normal. Wish someone had warned me about it beforehand though, so I would have been a little more prepared haha.
  25. Sleeved 2/22. Feeling great. Hopefully starting with puréed foods on Tuesday! Still struggling to get fluids/protein some days.. Also came down with post-op thrush. Oh! And I got this weird hive like rash that didn't itch, but hurt, like I was getting pricked by needles. It's spreading from my shoulders down my chest and back. My doctor thinks it's my thyroid reacting to the surgery and ordered some blood work. The rest won't respond to benedryl. Weird. Other then all of that haha everything is good. Down 20 pounds since day of surgery!