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  1. I have never had heartburn/acid reflux in my life, and only developed it and GERD after I was sleeved. It is so uncomfortable and led to many sinus issues as well. I've been on twice daily Protonix and it just takes the 'edge off' the acid reflux.
  2. I'm in the early stages of going in for a revision to a gastric bypass.... I had the sleeve in 2017, and developed acid reflux from that surgery. The acid reflux/heartburn only developed and worsened, despite being on twice daily Protonix. Eventually, this year, I got an upper GI where they found I had severe acid reflux (which I could knew. lol), then also had a EGD scope and found a hiatal hernia. I'm working with my original surgeon of the sleeve, and he is telling me there are 2 options; to insert the LINX, or convert to a bypass, since that should remove the acid in the stomach. My insurance does not cover LINX as they deem it experimental, but would cover the bypass if medically necessary. Wondering for the people that had to convert to bypass due to GERD, what, if any, were your insurance requirements? Is it similar to the first surgery; office visits, nutritionist, etc? Just curious how long of a road this might be until I can have the bypass, or what I need to prepare for. Thanks for listening.
  3. Gas pain can be no joke! I'm glad you finally got relief from it. And, some sleep! 😴 That can definitely help make you feel better. That is so wonderful about the acid reflux! I *dream* about not having it one day. lol
  4. Curious, how much weight did you lose from the revision? I'm going to have one, pending insurance approval. Thanks!
  5. Hello I'm going to have a revision from sleeve to bypass. Wondering what are the typical weight loss results.
  6. Thank you for the info! When did you have your revision, and how much have you lost so far? I wasn't able to find that user DesperateEC, or could be I'm not searching correctly.
  7. beaker27


    I had to switch to chewable Flintstones because regular multi vitamins make me very nauseous.
  8. Just stumbled upon this topic/thread. Wondering how you're doing now? Did you have your revision surgery? I'm currently waiting to have revision sleeve to bypass surgery due to severe acid reflux too!
  9. beaker27

    Exercise for loose skin

    I can't believe they told you that! Especially your son! Anyways, be proud of yourself! As far as exercises for loose skin.... it's more of a genetics game, and how far your skin has been stretched, age, etc. Sometimes, nothing will help except skin removal surgery. I wish you the best of luck!
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    i feel like i need more information... what were all the 6 procedures she had done after the initial bypass surgery? Were they all from having bypass, or some other complications?
  11. If i could do it over again, I would have chosen bypass. I know that's easy to say now, though. Best of luck to you!
  12. Yes, that would be wonderful! I'm hoping so too!
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    From what my insurance says for revision due to weight gain, it must be over 2 years since first surgery, and less than 50% excess body weight loss, and following the nutrition guidelines for weight loss since the operation. Good luck!!
  14. beaker27

    Beginning BMI 35 or under

    Try not to worry what other people tell you; if you and doctor agreed that WLS is the way to go, then that's what you should do. I think some people tend to think in order to have WLS you need to be 400+ pounds. WLS helps a lot of people with their weight, but also healing joints, getting rid of diseases that can be caused by excess weight, etc. I had the sleeve and am currently getting a revision to bypass, and am at 35 BMI. Some would say i don't need the surgery, while me and my surgeon have decided that's what's best. Do what you feel is best.
  15. beaker27

    Dinner date dear

    Don't sweat it at all! I would be surprised if anyone noticed what you're eating. IF they do, just say you're not too hungry, following the latest Pinterest soup diet, etc. Who is going to question you that you're not eating enough?? you know? But, yes, like others said; brothey-soups, or avoid the 'bits' that are in the soup, I would avoid tomato and anything that can trigger heartburn. Nothing spicy, and don't eat the noodles yet. You'll be fine.
  16. Congratulations on your new beginning! I have the same background as you with having the sleeve, now the hiatal hernia with GERD, and in the process of having a bypass revision. With the revision, did your surgeon say how much weight to be expected to lose? I didnt lost much with the sleeve either.
  17. Oh no! I have a hiatal too! I didnt realize that would be so painful. Such a long road for us, having revisions. You'd think the acid reflux would go away by now.
  18. What do you mean the 'bypassing of calories'? i'm not sure what you mean. Also, sorry to hear you still have GERD! That is not what you wanted after all this, I'm sure!
  19. Yeah, I don't like the idea of the object inside either. The doctor mentioned side effects are developing scar tissue around the LINK and then possibly having surgery to correct that! Definitely not what I want is another surgery! Good luck on your surgery! I bet you canr wait until Monday!
  20. Thanks for the reply! This revision stuff can be scary and makes me nervous. I guess just the not knowing part. Would you mind elaborating on the differences? What was your experience like?
  21. Thank you for that information! Hopefully, mine will be scheduled quickly then, too! Sorry, to hear you are still having acid reflux! It's funny, I didn't have it at all before the sleeve, now possibly revising to a bypass. Wondering if I had the bypass originally, would I have this problem at all.
  22. I would love to know too! I had the sleeve in 2017, developed GERD, and hiatal hernia. Surgeon recommends revision to bypass now to help with acid reflux and promote additional weight loss. *Question for you; what insurance requirements did you have to do for a revision to bypass?
  23. beaker27

    Revision sleeve to bypass

    Anxious to hear how Old Profile's surgery went. I am meeting with my surgeon next week to discuss bypass revision surgery for fixing GERD, hiatal hernia, and had weight gain after sleeve. Best of luck to you!!
  24. Looking for an update from Jskittles. I'm currently having the exact same situation. Had the sleeve in 2017, lots of heartburn issues, developed GERD, through upper GI and EDG, found hiatal hernia. Surgeon is now recommending conversion to bypass. Wondering what insurance requirements were for you, did you end up having the bypass? How are you doing now?