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  1. Hi DSers! I originally considered GB or maybe even GS as my tool but on advice from a doctor at my bariatric center I am now considering the DS surgery. But guys I gotta know...are their any veteran DSers who have NOT had issues with foul bowel movements and flatulance? From what I have been reading this seems to be much more of an issue with this particular surgery than the others. Thank you to anyone who responds to such a question. I know it is of a personal nature.
  2. ridgerunner


    I was thinking maybe magnesium, but never thought about dehydration. Sigh. So much drinking, and none of it exciting! Yuppers, I'm here on the loser's bench. It only took 3 tries, but as they say, three's a charm!!Leebick, it's lack of magnesium. I had the exact issue. If you can tolerate it pop a 250mg magnesium every day. Felt relief after first day and problem gone by day three.
  3. ridgerunner

    Laffy taffy - skittles -starburst

    OutsideMatchInside you are a master. Mad respect.
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    Peggy D, I also noticed that you don't take an iron pill. I thought that this was one of the main deficiency issues for DSers. Am I mistaken about that?
  5. ridgerunner

    DS veterans lend me your history

    Thank you for your help bariatricbutterfly! Nice to meet another DSer!! They are so few and far between. Your experience is super helpful to me. As it turned out I have to wait until August or September before I can have my surgery so I have ample time to weigh pros and cons of both Sleeve and DS.
  6. Are you talking about the DS?!! My understanding is that it is the very best there is for maintaining and keeping the weight off.
  7. @@WitchySar If you are still reading comments have you looked into the duodenal switch? It is super malabsorptive for fats and eating carbs will give most people severe diarrhea and flatulance. Very good reasons to cut them out in my opinion.
  8. ridgerunner

    Liquid diet

    @@Valentina I'm going to have to check into this nutritional yeast thing.
  9. ridgerunner

    Low carb products

    I began to slowly introduce them a month post-op. There's several great brands of sprouted bread that I've tried, but Ezekiel's was the one my dietician recommended by name. It's more widely available at grocery stores and Target. I like Dave's Killer Bread as well. You can get it in a thinly sliced loaf that is lower in carbs. http://www.daveskillerbread.com/#first-slide These breads are often in a refrigerated section rather than on the shelves, and they are a bit pricier but are better quality. If there's a Sprouts grocery store near you, you can find a good selection there. Trader Joe's carries Ezekiel and some other sprouted breads as well, but I've found that their loaves get mold much faster because they don't keep them refrigerated.Thanks! I do have a sprouts nearby. In fact, I can ride my bike there, so I'll definitely check out the Ezekiel bread. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App I will also when the time is right. In fact I work in a store that carries Ezekiel bread. I thought is was used for religious purposes. Lol!
  10. ridgerunner

    Low carb products

    LOL goplay94123! Dualy noted
  11. ridgerunner

    Low carb products

    @@Dub More good advice and I will take it to heart. I have already somewhat simplified my eating to gjve myself the best cgance to succeed at this..high protein, low carbs, almost no sugar (real or fake), no caffeine or alcohol, no white or corn flour, almost no processed foods (I have an occasional adkins or high protein lean cuisine when I just don't have the time to cook). I have lost 40 lbs so far so I am on my way I think. I have bought several of those flavored tunas but have only tried two so far... lemon pepper (loved it) and buffalo wing (not awful but a little strange) I have been afraid to eat to many in a short period of time because of mercury. Is that silly? Do you know how much an adult can safely eat?
  12. ridgerunner

    Low carb products

    Thanks @@Inner Surfer Girl. That makes sense. I am used to having vegetables thru out the day and feel sluggish when I miss them. How long was it before YOU started incorporating vegetables into your diet again?
  13. So happy for you Cocojh!
  14. ridgerunner

    Why do some folks try to ruin this forum?

    @@LipstickLady Thank you for your mature response to my (only partially ????) negative statement...Just so you know, I have seen the other side where you were called out for no reason and treated unfairly by others.
  15. ridgerunner

    Why do some folks try to ruin this forum?

    @ I really appreciate what you are saying and you are right...there are people here that will get offended by anything...but sometimes it is not open to interpretation. Sometimes it is right there smack in your face. Most of us like a good joke and a laugh, even the whiners. But a joke at someone elses expense, especially where people are scared, worried and going out of their head trying to wrap their brains around it all is never ok.
  16. ridgerunner

    Post Your Silly Rant

    Yes, it's shocking! But don't call anyone here "mean." It's against the rules. My interpetation of the rules is not that we should not call others "mean" but that we be more thoughtful in our responses and strive to not BE mean Yes, it's shocking! But don't call anyone here "mean." It's against the rules. My interpetation of the rules is not that we should refrain from calling others "mean" but that we be more thoughtful in our responses and strive to not BE mean.
  17. I have gleened invaluable information from this forum. I would be quite lost without it. I thank you and everyone who unselfishly comments with positive helpful advice and personal history that help me find my way.
  18. This is probably better advice. I'd go with this ????
  19. ridgerunner

    Why do some folks try to ruin this forum?

    Thank you Alex
  20. ridgerunner

    10 weeks post op pics

    Aaagh, the water thing! That is a tough one. Thanks for responding to my curiosity.
  21. ridgerunner

    10 weeks post op pics

    You are beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration Lisa! What would you say has been the toughest part for you?
  22. ridgerunner

    DS veterans lend me your history

    Thanks AllthingsApple, 105 is awesome! How long ago did you have the DS? How do you deal with gas at work around employees? Is it a daily issue?
  23. ridgerunner

    DS veterans lend me your history

    Thanks PinkStarburst73. I sure will. And you are right... my health, getting the weight off and KEEPING it off are top priority! (still wanna know though ????)
  24. ridgerunner

    Protein powder

    I use Genpro and am very happy with it. You can mix it in just about anything and it is pretty undetectable. As far as the 30 grams part goes, a lot of people are doubters but I have read quite a few posts that say their surgeons give it the thumbs up and their blood work is coming back good while using it. There is a video on youtube that explains how it takes half the amount to get the same amount of protien as conventional protien powders. Until science proves otherwise, I'm a believer.
  25. ridgerunner

    May 18 sleeve

    Hope you are well. Congrats!

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