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  1. Jesusgirl0909 I truly feel your pain. My first WLS was in 2000. I never reached my goal but maintained for about 2 years then started to regain. I remember when I had regained about 40 or so pounds I decided to go to GlamourShots to do photos before I regained all of it! So instead of stopping total regain, I just watched it happen. I am glad you have not given up. I suggest you literally go back to the post op diet. Liquids only for several weeks. Then soft foods, then solids. This will give you a good jump start and get you back in the mindset and habit of making better choices. Call your surgeon and ask for help. Go to Weight Watchers. Do something. Find your motivation. Why did you have surgery? I ended up regaining the 120 pounds I had lost. By 2013 I weighed 350 and was diabetic, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I wore size 4x and 5x. I was revised to the sleeve in 2013. Now I have lost 155 pounds and weigh 195. I have not been this size since 1985! I wear size 14 depending where I shop.....and if it has a little spandex! Lol. I am off all meds except thyroid. Well, not entirely true. I am working on losing another 30 pounds. I had a long stall so I reached out to my doctor so he gave me diet meds to help. I hated to get back on diet pills.... I mean, why did I have surgery? These are temporary. I will probably be off of them in a couple of months. They helped me get below 200 and it resolved some hunger issues I was having. We know that surgery is just a tool. I am using every tool in the toolbox. I exercise 4 -5 days a week and I see a psychologist. My motto is "Whatever it takes". Please don't give up. Remember the little engine that could? I think I can, I think I can!!! Just keep trying.
  2. cindi gant

    Before and After Pics

    Congratulations! You look amazing!
  3. Have u called your doctor. He needs to see why you are not losing.m He may scope your esophagus or send you for an Upper GI etc... Please keep us poste
  4. cindi gant

    Before and After Pics

    I don't exactly meet your specs but I am replying anyway! I hope you don't mind. I am 5'7. SW 350 CW 200. Revised to sleeve December 2013. Still losing but very slowly now. I lost 100 pounds in 6 months.
  5. I was revised from gastroplasty to sleeve December 2013. Lost 150. Sw 350 cw 200. Losing very slowly now, but still losing. I am using every tool in the toolbox. Counseling, trainer, gym, walking, water aerobics, monthly support groups, online support, and my personal support team of friends and family. I also call my surgeon's office when I have concerns. I have had many stalls. Some last a few days, weeks or a couple of months. Do not compare yourself to others. We all have different experiences. We did not gain over night, so do not expect to lose so quickly. Take your measurements. That is a better guide than the scale. Stalls are a good thing. Your body has to catch up with itself. Get your bloodwork checked. How is your thyroid? Are you taking your vitamins? Are you getting plenty of protein? Hang in there. Be patient. This is not a race.
  6. cindi gant

    I was all geared up...

    You can appeal this. Talk to your doctor about resubmitting the request. Also call your insurance and ask to be assigned a "health care advocate". The advocate is there to help you. Also, if your insurance is thru your employer find out if they have someone that can help. Do not give up. It is your life and your body. Fight for your health!! Get the book "Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies". It has tips on dealing with insurance. Barnes and Noble or Amazon for about $20.00.
  7. cindi gant

    Sudden Dizziness and Weakness with no Warning

    That happened to me. It took me about 3 months to get over it. Be sure you are taking your vitamins and getting enough protein. A WLS surgeon explained it as our "center of gravity" changes and it takes a while for our body to figure out what that new center is. It will get better. In the mean time, walk close to the wall when possible. Practice balancing on one foot. At first I could only do that for 2 or 3 seconds. Eventually I got up to a minute for each leg.
  8. cindi gant

    Getting to be impossible to lose!

    Go back to basics for a week or two. If that does not work, call your doctor. He is there to help you.
  9. cindi gant

    Finally! Onederland!

    Awesome. Congratulations!! I am at 203 and cannot wait to hit Onederland!!
  10. cindi gant

    Fried Foods

    I think it is too early to try things like that. Your stomach is still in healing mode and may not tolerate the bad stuff. I understand the desire and temptation. My surgery was in 2013, 9 days before Christmas and my birthday and was another 10 days later. So I get it. Be patient. Take advantage of this honeymoon stage to lose as much as you can and to develop good habits. You had surgery for a reason, right? A year from now you will be able to make many choices. Today it is best to stick as close to the rules as possible. If good choices are not a habit now, they may not be a year from now either.
  11. cindi gant

    Guilt or taking responsiblity?

    I see a psychologist for help with this. In my first appointment he said counseling would not be about blaming others. It would be about figuring out things about me. Taking responsibility is one thing. Beating yourself up and feeling guilty is something else. If someone apologizes to you and you accept it and move on, that's great. If you cannot forgive yourself this turns to guilt and we beat ourself up for our shortcomings, flaws and food issues etc... Counseling will help you figure out why you do what you do. It has helped me.
  12. My doctor approved walking, bicycle and elliptical early on. Nothing strenuous, no hiking or floor exercises etc.... For 6 weeks.
  13. CVS and Muscle Max sell bariatric vitamins. You can also order them online from Celebrate Vitamins. Follow the directions on the label.
  14. I had a thiamin deficiency last year. We caught it before it got critically low. It is normal this year. Our bodies store certain vitamins and deficiencies may not cause issues until years later, then it may be irreversible. If you have a chance to attend a class on vitamins, please do so.
  15. cindi gant

    Weight Gain 3 years out!

    I see a psychologist to discuss my relationship with food. It is very helpful.
  16. cindi gant

    Miss my diet pepsi :(

    Are you on food after only 2 weeks? Please follow your doctors rules. Your stomach is not fully healed yet. This is also the time you are learning new eating habits.
  17. cindi gant

    Gallbladder question

    Did your doctor recommend the laxatives? It is usually recommended we avoid those and instead take Milk of Magnesia or Miralax. They effect the body different thsn the laxatives. I have been taking one or the other for almost 2 years.
  18. Please do not skip the vitamins unless your doctor says so. I do not know of anyone that has been told they do not need them. Some vitamins are stored in our body for a long period of time and deficiencies may not appear until years later. A deficiency today can create a problem years later. I did not know this until until I attended a class on vitamins. Last year my thiamin was very low. This year it is perfect!
  19. cindi gant

    Hiatal hernia

  20. I was exhausted for over a month. Be sure to follow all the rules as closely as possible. Vitamins, protein etc... All are very important!
  21. Have u tried Prilosec for the reflux? I have heard it works well.

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