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  1. I am trailing right behind you all at 5 weeks post op. I too could probably eat 1/2 cup but I measure everything. I got the little plastic to go cups with lids from Amazon and use those daily. I have the hunger feeling when I wake up in the morning. So I think I am going to start doing a protien snack before bed, to try to tie me over. I will either do a pudding with Protein mixed in or cottage cheese. I read that somewhere. I am trying to eat small portions 5x a day to keep it spread out. Now that doesn't happen everyday and sometimes I only wait 20 minutes after drinking to eat. It is a full time job to keep it all flowing to be able to reach my protein and liquid goal for the day. I have lost 34 as of today, so I can related that I wish it was more but as long as I see it going down I am happy. I will say the days I get my goal in the more I lose.
  2. I toasted my turkey pepperoni to make it crispy like chips. Oh my it was so good.
  3. I am so confused and am so worried I am going to do something wrong I am freaking myself out. I am having surgery Thursday. I am pretty sure I am supposed to go on Clear liquids two days before which would be tomorrow. Yet I just looked on my doctor's website and it doesn't say anything about it on the week 2 liver reduction diet. Everyone is different so I am going to stop reading anything going forward about this. My question is that can I drink Isopure on the clear liquid pre op? I was just thinking what am I supposed to drink on clear liquid, it is going to be chicken broth, Water, Jello, popcicles, crystal light. Is that all I can have? Just wondering how I will feel with no protien. THanks,
  4. 10nsStar

    Return To Work

    I was sleeved on July 23. Back to work August 3rd. I was fine but I will say another week would of been nice.
  5. I didn't try the Isopure I did do the Protein powder and it was cloudy. NOt sure you can fix that. It wasn't bad just looks funny.
  6. Just a suggestion. I ordered 2ounce sizes of the Souffle Cups from Amazon with Lids. They have been a life saver. I make my Jello and pudding in them. I add Protein to the recipe of jello and pudding then pour them into the cups evenly. Ounce I figure out how many I got(it has varying each time.) I divide how much protein is in each cup and write it on top of the cup. It has been great to take to work. I know the premade ready to eat Jello was to sweet for me. Might of been the flavor. Plus I wasted it because I couldn't eat all of it. These are perfect and keep awhile I would say.
  7. 10nsStar

    Jello Shot Souffle Cups

    I can't wait to fill mine with chicken salad, Pimento cheese, Peanut Butter, Salsa and many other goodies. Taziki Sauce, Hummus, What other ideas do you have?
  8. 10nsStar

    Jello Shot Souffle Cups

    I am going to order taster spoons today to help with the bite size. I have some washable baby spoons at home I am using. But I figure if I can take the throw away ones with me it would be nice.
  9. I am right there with you. I am two weeks out and it seems like it is smooth sailing. I keep thinking it was a dream and a short vacation from work. I have even snuck in cottage cheese because I was wondering if it would make me feel like I actually had the surgery. Still nothing. I feel blessed but wonder what is to come. Good Luck and hopefully we will both continue to have a pleasant ride.
  10. Congrats! Sorry you had such a rough tiem with the anethesia. Sips is key. I am two weeks out and it seems like a dream and not reality at this point. I too never thought I would do this, the second or third day I was like WTH did you do. You idiot. I have to keep remembering why I did it. It is a tool. It has been to easy for me, It is like if someone would of brainwashed me years ago I wouldn't have had to go threw this. I quit smoking cold turkey as soon as I said I was going to do it. And haven't really struggled with wanting more food. No Taste and Texture YES!!! Good Luck!
  11. 10nsStar

    Working out

    I'm eleven days. Did a light Pilates workout. Hit some Tennis Balls. Walking 5 miles a day. Still a little sore to run. But not that far away. I say your body will let you know. My Dr. Told me I could start when he released me from hospital. Now I know he wasn't all that serious. As I had signed up to play in a Tennis Tournament. I withdrew realizing that wasn't going to happen! But do plan on playing in one in two weeks. Hoping my endurance is there.
  12. Don't over buy. What taste good one day you might gag at the next. I purchased a bunch of soups that I never even opened because they never sounded good. Broth, protein Shakes, jello( I made mine one pre-made I bought made me not eat jello for several days.). Popcicles. Everything else try a little bit at a time. InjuryChicken is one of my favorites.
  13. 10nsStar

    9 days out, 8 oz of soup?

    Oh I am so glad I found this post. I am able to get in all my liquids and protein with ease. I am 9 days post op and last night I went to watch a tennis match. I took a Vitamin Water to sip on and realized I not only drank the whole thing I had another one in my purse that was half full and I drank that one as well. Around 24 ounces in 3 hours. It's like I didn't even have surgery. I sipped. And had no pain. I am getting worried this is going all wrong for me.
  14. 10nsStar

    July sleevers?

    Post Op 3 days. I feel great my stomach where my big incision is is still very sore. I have slept most of the time since being home getting up to go to the bathroom and walk. I was hoping I would feel like doing more as I have some fun projects I wanted to work on but not really in the mood. Even TV is not entertaining for me. I am so worried about getting in my liquid. I feel good though and would love ideas on different protein etc. I had egg drop and wonton soup with protein added which was really good. I purchased Thai homestyle soup that I think I am going to add lite coconut milk too to try to get the flavor of Tom Kha Soup. Thanks everyone and good luck to those who have it coming up.
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    Good luck
  16. 10nsStar

    July sleevers?

    Wow! Things just got real. I have been scheduled to report to the hospital tomorrow at 11 am. I just received the phone call to confirm and now it's 6 a.m! I had planned such a leisurely morning to get ready and be there by 11. I am happy it is earlier, less being grumpy with no liquids after midnight. Getting excited!
  17. 10nsStar

    July sleevers?

    Good luck girl! Let us know how it went! Good Luck! Keep us posted.
  18. 10nsStar

    July sleevers?

    Me too! Good Luck! Are you on Clear Liquids? Yes. Today is my first day on clear liquids. My bag I brought to work must weigh 20 pounds. I didn't know what to bring and I will have it for tomorrow as well. What are you having? I will say that the Gatorade G2 is tasteless. I have the fruit punch.
  19. 10nsStar

    July sleevers?

    I can't even imagine what an egg taste like! I can have one July 30th I guess. Exciting!
  20. 10nsStar

    July sleevers?

    Jackie when did you have yours?
  21. 10nsStar

    July sleevers?

    Me too! Good Luck! Are you on Clear Liquids?
  22. Well I am three days out, and am pretty excited about the new life ahead. I finally decided to go the surgeon when I was getting no where with my Primary Care Physician, I knew what I needed was for my blood work to be done on a constant basis for me to be able to control my diet. I felt like things would be in line and then get out of whack I could tell because how I felt. It all was centered around my period as well, so I could never get to a good place on eating. I was constantly feeling bloated and PMS(craving all the bad things). She finally agreed to do blood work one month two following, She was amazed at how drastically some of my numbers fluctuated, I have always had low Iron, but one month we took it and it was in the middle of the normal category for Iron and then right back down. I finally realized it might take the rest of my life to figure it out and instead of fighting it(plus taking the time off work for doctor's appointments I work 30 minutes away from my nearest doctor.) I would just use the tool available to help me get to where I need to be and enjoy life. I never considered it as I would be a failure in not being able to lose the weight on my own. Something finally flipped and once I went to surgeon I have never felt that way. The process on getting everything approved was fairly simple. Until my Thyroid test came back as Hypo??(I think) REALLY????? I had wanted this to be a problem years ago to give me hope and a reason I couldn't control my weight. SERIOUSLY......All this and now a Thyroid issue. Which was checked everytime my PC did my blood work. I went on medicine and once again it was back to normal in a month so I could go forward with a surgery date. So now here I am about to have the surgery and a new beginning.
  23. 10nsStar

    Pre Op Liquid Diet

    I could have one small meal with a protein and veggies up until a week before surgery. So I am on day 2 of shakes only. I am not even sure I am supposed to have chicken broth or jello at this point. I sent my doctor's office a message asking. I know I Have to stop shakes 48 hours before and do the clear liquid thing. So I am guessing I would still be able to do jello and broth. I just want to clarify. I got so much thrown at me, now that I have to apply it is the hard part and remembering what they said. I can say I think the daily guide they gave me could be better.
  24. 10nsStar

    Pre Op Liquid Diet

    I am on the liquid diet now as well. I can say it is hard to get the shakes in. I would rather not eat anything. I am a Salty person it is killing me. I even called to see if I could sip Pickle juice to get the sweet taste out of my mouth. Any help would be awesome. I keep telling myself it I can sleep all weekend, then I only have 3 days to survive at work until surgery. I can do this.