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    Or majority has more damage depending on surgical need.
  2. Hjoel


    Minimal scars you will have more damage from excess skin.
  3. I think the support is limited. Start with cardio and then tone!
  4. Hjoel

    Any May dates? I just got mine!

    Hey, I'm also in Arizona! What surgeon did you use? How did it go?
  5. This is the saddest thing I've read. I can definitely sympathize with your struggle but it really does get better. Sending positive energy your way!
  6. I'm officially 8 months out from my surgery. I'm feeling great and can't wait to see what 2016 brings.
  7. Hjoel

    Progress pictures

    Thank you all for the sweet words of encouragement. We are all on a heck of a journey!
  8. Hjoel

    Progress pictures

    Black beans with mango salsa. My best advice is to stay hydrated and keep trying new foods. The same stuff gets boring quickly.
  9. Hjoel

    Progress pictures

    Thank you, taking control of my health has been the most liberating feeling ever.
  10. Hjoel

    Consult on Tuesday

    I would pay the extra money and go through the Bridges program.
  11. Hjoel

    Neuropathy Numbness

    If any of you are experiencing tingling, burning, numbness that worsens at night or in the morning. I would recommend blood work immediately. Ask your doctor to check B1, B12, and Coper levels.
  12. Hjoel

    Neuropathy Numbness

    Well I had surgery April 22, I couldn't eat or keep vitamins down. So I would say 12 weeks before I was diagnosed. I saw 6 providers, before being treated.
  13. Hjoel

    Neuropathy Numbness

    I had the same problem numbness from the breast down with tingling and burning. I saw a neurologist who diagnosed it as a b12, thiamine, neuropathy . The symptoms went undiagnosed for so long, I'm now walking with a walker with permanent nerve damage. The pain was primarily in my feet and I first noticed it most when sitting to use the restroom. I am now doing rehabilitation 5 days a week. Do not ignore these symptoms.
  14. Hjoel

    Anyone from the AZ?

    Go Nancy! Any complications? What's your worst peeve?
  15. Hjoel

    Anyone from the AZ?

    My surgery was ruff I had complications. My suggestion to you is to walk as much as possible even if it hurts. Always remember why you're doing this even when down. There will be times when you're wondering wth have I done! Do not get discouraged! The dangers of long term obesity is much worse than any gastric complications. Take a good look at your old body because your life is about to change 100%. Congratulations on a huge step towards health!
  16. 10 weeks out myself and I'm struggling. I feel exhausted, I'm nauseous all the time. Avocado seems to be one of few things I'm able to eat. Can you guys post some things that are working for you?
  17. Hjoel

    Anyone from the AZ?

    I had Dr. Sprunger for gastric bypass on 4/22/15 I would recommend looking else where for a surgeon.
  18. I am so thankful for this thread glad to hear I'm not the only one feeling like a turd!
  19. Hjoel

    AZ Sleevers

    I used Dr. Sprunger for a gastric bypass surgery out of St. Lukes. If I could do it over I would recommend the Bridges program direct with St. Lukes. I was not impressed with Dr. Sprungers bed side manner or his assistant Melissa.
  20. I'm on my 5th week after getting gastric bypass. It's a struggle to stay hydrated, and to get in the necessary protein. So far my experience has been ruff but it will get better. Stay optimistic!!!!
  21. Hjoel

    6 days Post-Op

    YouTube videos please! It's great being able to follow people's progress, super motivating!
  22. Don't give up, keep an optimistic attitude!