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  1. I've seen a few references to self pay options in Las Vegas. Does anyone have any details on this? I have a family member that is interested but is feeling intimidated by going to Mexico.
  2. I understand the regret and wondering if you've done the right thing. I'm out over a year now and all those feelings have passed. I've adjusted to my new body, diet, lifestyle and I'm loving it. There most definitely is a physical, mental, and emotional adjustment period you go through though. So, I'd say feeling some regret and wondering if you did the right thing is normal. It also passes.
  3. smoothazz

    The struggle is real.

    My advice? Relax! I know it's scary to see a "stall" when you may have had weight loss failures in the past. I'm at 1 year 3 months out from surgery and saw several stalls. They'd usually be followed by a pretty rapid drop in weight. My weight didn't go down in a straight line, it was more like a staircase. Keep moving, drinking, and staying positive. The weight will come off, don't stress out about it! I've lost 110 lbs, btw.
  4. smoothazz

    No if, ans or butt?

    My ass is just gone. I'm not even sure what to call what I have back there now.
  5. smoothazz

    Hair loss noticeable/problematic?

    I'm 1 year 3 months out from VSG and had a very full, thick head of hair when I started. I noticed about 6 months in that it was thinning a little. I refocused on getting protein and taking a biotin supplement and the thinning stopped. I'm not where I was prior to surgery, but I'm happy with where I ended up.
  6. smoothazz

    Low BMI - any out there!

    I was just over 40. I'm a tall man and carried my weight pretty good (learned that over decades of being overweight). I'm so glad I did it. I'll toot my own horn and say I look damn good! I could never have done this without it - I tried for years. I will say that I got comments from other much larger patients at the hospital. They kept saying "you don't look like you need this!" I kept thanking, "do I need to wait until I've got one foot in the grave like you before I do something?" Like most people I felt a lot of shame about my weight and this criticism wasn't easy to hear, but in hindsight IDGAF. I feel great, I look great, and I can enjoy the rest of my life without obesity ruining everything I want to do!
  7. smoothazz


    I think that must refer to the Marriott you stay at when you're not at the hospital. It is very nice. The hospital is fine, just not on par with what you'd expect at a surgery center in the states. It's just kind of old and small.
  8. smoothazz


    I went through ALM in January 2015. I didn't have any problems at all. Seeing the hotel was a bit of a shock. It seemed so unimpressive and old and was a moment of "oh my god what am I doing?!?!" But it was clean and the doctors and nurses were great. In hindsight, it seems like nothing. I had almost no pain to speak of, recovered quickly, and lost 110 lbs! I was very nervous at the time, but now it feels like a dream I had ages ago. Best thing I ever did for my health though.
  9. smoothazz

    I feel like I look weird

    Good to know. Maybe I'll give hot yoga a shot.
  10. smoothazz

    I feel like I look weird

    Glad I found this thread as this is what I'm going thorough now. I'm a little less than a year out and down about 110 lbs and feeling good. I look great clothed, but saggy and strangely proportioned naked. I have this saggy spare tire. It's a deflated tire. Just the deflated inner tube, I guess. Also a saggy wrinkly ass. My legs are a little saggy too. I have some excess skin on my chest hiding what I think are decent pecs. I have been working out (HIIT) and doing more outdoors. I know my muscle structure is improved. I guess I hoped I'd see more firmness... more taut. Has anyone seen improvements over a longer time in this area? I'm wondering if I need to be more patient for the results or if I need to adjust my expectations.
  11. I've hit a tipping point where even the densest person in my life can't help but notice my weight loss. I've had a bunch of people coming up to me to say "You've lost weight! What are you doing?!!" I told a couple of people what I did early on and then spent 30 minutes defending why VSG was good for me and why doing it in Mexico wasn't a death wish. That cured me of giving a damn about giving anyone the backstory. So, now when I get the "What are you doing?!!" question, I (truthfully) say "Well, I dramatically changed my diet and became much more active." When they asked what I did with my diet I say, "I cut out soda, most carbs, sugar, etc. and emphasize Protein. I also reduced my portion sizes." I try to leave it at that. How do you respond when asked about your weight loss? Do you openly talk about having surgery?
  12. smoothazz

    "What are you doing?!"

    Maybe I've just had bad luck or maybe it's just the sort of people I hang around with!
  13. Along my journey, I've had to learn to speak my truth. I've turned the page on this new chapter and the universe has given me a real gift. I've had to open my heart to receive love and learn to do hard things. Just remember to believe in yourself and just be you.
  14. smoothazz

    Meat tolerance

    I'm having a hell of a time eating meat. I have only had a couple of issues with vomiting after my sleeve. We had a ham for Easter and I tried a little and threw it up. Same thing happened when I tried to eat chicken. When I tried hamburger I got sick and had to lay down. Same thing when I tried a slow cooked chuck roast. I'm about 2.5 months post-op. Has anyone else had this sort of issue? What works and what doesn't? I've always been a big meat eater - love to grill, etc. - wondering if those days are over.
  15. I was pushing the limits of XXL size shirts when I started this. Now those shirts are huge on me. The crazy thing is that most XL size shirts are like skin tight on me, showing off what gut and moobs I have left. Is it just me or is the difference between XXL and XL just crazy?
  16. smoothazz

    BigDaddy look to be NotSoBigDaddy

    With your June surgery you could be kayaking by the end of the summer! It's different for everybody, but for most of us "big guys" the weight starts dropping pretty fast. You can look forward to that moment when you WILL be saying, "holy crap I'm doing this!" as you easily paddle along with your wife. I've had a few of those moments - they're awesome!
  17. smoothazz

    BigDaddy look to be NotSoBigDaddy

    I know exactly how you're feeling. I mourned the loss of my old self and all the comfort I had always taken in food. It's unsettling to think about what life is going to be like without that soothing outlet of the huge meal or being able to reward yourself with food. For me that's how I'd always lived and largely how I dealt with emotions. I'm around 3.5 months post op (sleeve) and still adjusting. I'm getting used to: being interested in other things, my new relationship to food, my new body, my new relationship with other people, etc. As of today I'm down 79 pounds and people are noticing what is happening big time. Everyone is commenting on my weight loss. I look totally different - at least 10 years younger. It has changed the dynamic with others and with myself - I feel a lot more confident. I won't lie. I do miss eating big-guy style every now and then, but I think it's letting up some. If I really stop to notice when it's happening, it's usually emotion driven - I'm bored, stressed, depressed, or maybe I feel like I've earned something and want to treat myself. What it is NOT is that I'm hungry! So, I'm really trying hard to find things I can DO (not eat) to replace the food part. I have a bunch of yard projects to keep me busy after work. I'm playing more with my kids (hiking, sports practice, walking/talking, etc.). I find that if I sit and watch tv or play video games, it triggers my eating for pleasure feeling because that's what I've always done and they're associated now... Hope that will break over time. I'm working out at a gym dedicated to circuit training. I'm training for a big hike to havasu falls this summer. It's amazing to me that I'm doing all of this! Leaving the old me behind and committing to changing much of my behavior and approach to life hasn't been without its challenges. But the new life, the new me, I'm stepping into is looking pretty damn good. It's worth it. Yes, you will have to change, but it's worth it.
  18. smoothazz

    Protein....I need help

    I just got and tried the Musclegen stuff... not bad! Not truly "tasteless", but pretty good. It mixed in nice with a glass of crystal light... just a little milky.
  19. smoothazz

    OMG! Bought to go 5K'n!

    What a great thing to do... maybe I should get into running this summer! Although I have always hated running... maybe biking.
  20. smoothazz

    Good bye, my love

    I've always loved McDonalds sausage egg McMuffin. For years I would often stop and grab breakfast at ye Golden Arches and savor the lovely McMuffin during my commute. Ah, it may have been true love. So, having just passed my 3 month post surgery anniversary and having lost 73 lbs, I decided to return to my love for a special treat. I'd reward myself with a warm, soft, Sausage Egg McMuffin. As I held her in anticipation, breathing in her delicious aroma, I was taken back to so many lovely early morning encounters. I didn't waste any time and began to savor the deliciousness. It started well. So good. Mmmmm. Then things started to not go so well. I started feeling something stirring below... and it wasn't pleasant. Before I could get halfway through the anticipated act, I was feeling nauseated. I had to pull over and then it happened. I threw up. Like 4 times. My old love lay discarded in a random parking lot. I knew then that it was truly over between us.
  21. smoothazz


    I think moderation is the key here. I don't smoke cigars, but if I did, and I loved it, I'd find a way to do it occasionally.
  22. smoothazz

    The huge chasm between XXL and XL...

    I think another element is many shirts right now have an "atheletic" or "slim" cut that makes them tighter through the torso. I've found some XL shirts that work, but they're rare. I hope a couple more months will solve the issue for me.
  23. smoothazz

    Good bye, my love

    It's a tragedy! But for the best in the long run.
  24. smoothazz

    Good bye, my love

    Haha... yeah. My little McMuffin was just no good for me. I was once "Lovin' it"... now not so much. I think I'll date around the food world a little more. Maybe my soulmate is a smooth chocolate protein shake (although so far they all just taste fake!).

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