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  1. Hey there I'm post sleeve as of May 8, 2015 and I'm taking in a max of 500 calories, how are you guys eating? I just started working out 2 weeks ago where I usually burn a minimum of 400 calories. Oh, one more thing I've lost a total of 42lbs since May.
  2. I did start measuring myself about 3 weeks ago and have dropped 3 inches
  3. I've done some research and time and time again I've read and been told to increase my calories to at least 700. So, to those of you who have stalled this should be the key for your break through! Thanks for all the responses I appreciate each of you greatly
  4. I'm still a newbie, surgery day was 5/8/15 the one on the right is post op 5/7/15 in a 3x scrub set. On the right is me on 6/8/15 in an xl scrub set!!!! the one in the dress is me a few days ago in a juniors xL down 42.6lbs
  5. Any suggestions on post sleeve constipation???? By the way I usually try for a natural way like prune or apple juice, neither work post surgery for me. Stool 100mg of colace twice daily doesn't do much either. My only help is exlax which I'm not too thrilled with using, I don't want my body to rely on such a heavy med.
  6. Thanks everyone for the advice! I found a great natural laxative alternative and that's Castro oil. I take 1 tbs every other day mixed with juice and it works so well! No painful tummy cramps or anything. I started mixing it with apple juice (couldn't taste it) but it blends better with warm green tea. Hope this helps
  7. Thanks@@Skylia I'll look into that!
  8. I had a bm the second day. I was pretty regular the first week then I don't know what happened but now It's a struggle. And I haven't taken any pain meds since the day of the surgery...I'm almost positive the protein has taken it's toll on me. I would start taking or doing something to get those bowels to move. I've noticed when mine move and I weigh myself the next day I drop a few lbs
  9. Thanks so much for the suggestions
  10. amacox

    Last day and obsessing...

    I had papadeaux the day before my 2 week liquid diet. Funny story, I couldn't even finish 1/4 of my food. I just couldn't handle the fried stuff after limited amounts for 3+ months. My husband finished my food and I felt pretty good when I left there
  11. Thanks so much you two!
  12. @@cassiebee you'll do fine I try to document everything because I've got a friend that wants every detail everyone is different, but we are dealing with the same things
  13. I had my surgery on May 7th. When I awoke here's what happened. 1. I was soooooo sleepy. 2. My throat hurt 3. I wasn't hungry 4. I didn't walk 5. I had no problem getting up and down to the 6. Took pain meds 3 times 7. Lots of baby sips of Water which kind of hurt if the sips were too big. My orders were 15cc/ 15 minutes. I would drink half wait a minute then drink the other half Day 2 1. I had slight pain in my left shoulder, when I spoke with the nurse she reminded me that while I was in surgery they filled me up with gas! The only way to get rid of it was to walk (duh) so off I went! And I honestly felt sooooo good! 2. I was not hungry again 3. I walked a mile in incriminates. I would walk come and rest then repeat until I reached a mile 4. No more shoulder pain! 5. I passed gas (early morning-sounds funny but you will understand why it's exciting when you do the sleeve 6. I ate lime jello! Not much again in baby bites 7. I had a bm!!! 8. I was released!!!! As soon I left I filled my pain meds just in case and bought chewable bariatric Multivitamins 9. I ate pudding an entire cup. It didn't hurt thanks to the baby bites 10. I rested Day 3 I just keep feeling better and better! Still, I take it easy 1. I chewed my Vitamins 2. Started on 16 oz of water 3. I ate pudding, homemade chicken broth, pudding with Protein powder. Never felt so full! 4. Went to the local grocery store and did my mile still giving myself breaks. Remember to take it easy 5. Went to a family get together for Mother's Day 6. Came home and rested Day 4 I can drink water with bigger sips!! Started out my day same as always. Also one thing I've realized, I haven't been nauseous since I had the surgery. Not once. I think it's because I take it easy. I know many people say that weight loss surgery is an easy out but that is completely false. This takes hard work and dedication! Remember that. Also, I have lost 5.3 lbs since my surgery 4 days ago. I don't feel weak or fatigued, because I acknowledge my super surgery. Good luck to you all and I will keep you updated:). I will be on the full liquid diet for 3 more weeks so my diet will be similar from now on.
  14. Hey there! I just had my sleeve on May 7th and as of today May 10th I feel FABULOUS!!! And already lost an additional 5lbs. I lost 15 on the pre-op diet . Best of luck to you!
  15. @@virgogirl67 I like the idea of the greek yogurt and Crystal Light mix! I don't buy Crystal light, so I will substitute with my vanilla Protein powder. I started my liquid diet Monday April 27th and have already lost 10lbs!!! here are a few things I am currently eating. Mind you this is a full liquid pre-op diet my surgeon suggested I start one week before surgery. (My surgery date is May 7th) Well a typical day goes like this: 2 packs of instant grits (quaker) 2 eggwhites (NO salt-little pepper) EAS Advantagedge carb control no sugar (doesn't have much flavor but it's awesome-bought at Sam's) 4 oz prune juice-sugar free sugar free snack pack pudding (butterscotch or chocolate) Motts blueberry applesauce (sugar free) 2 packs of instant grits EAS ADVANTAGEDE WOW that seems like a lot but I haven't ever gone over 1,000 calories I also use MyFittness pal so I know my intake on carbs and sugars. Tuesday May 5th I will start the clear liquid diet and have already bought the knorr broth thanks for that suggestion wannaBthinsoon
  16. Hello! I'd like to get some liquid diet suggestions. My surgery date is May 7th and I will start the diet 2 weeks b4
  17. Hello All, I started my weight loss journey first with my pcp then my possible gastric surgeon. I have followed the steps given per Cigna which include meeting with a nutricianist monthly for 3 months (I've gained 6 lbs) . My question is has anyone been approved after gaining less than 10 lbs in southeast Texas? (close to Houston) I am sooo scared I messed up after all the money and hard work I put in! Help!
  18. I love muscle milk! It's pretty pricey though
  19. Has anyone tried EAS whey protein?
  20. That frape sounds so good
  21. I'm interested in the plain protein with water and flavoring...can't wait to try has anyone found a broth?

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