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  1. While I appreciate everyones comments, just to add my own experience in ... I had my first surgery with Dr Almanza in 2015 and everything was fine. My incisions did not get infected nor did I have any other complications. I just had surgery again 1/17/19 and, so far, everything is good. My incisions even look better than before. I have no signs of infection nor any other complications. I do feel for the people who had bad experiences but mine were great.
  2. dabbadoo00

    January 17, 2019 Sleeve in Tijuana

    Whos your surgeon? Im having surgery this week as well.
  3. dabbadoo00

    January surgeries?!

    Thanks - good luck to you too!!!
  4. dabbadoo00

    Mario Almanza- Mexico

    Awesome! Thank u
  5. dabbadoo00

    Mario Almanza- Mexico

    Did you have any issues post-op (like infection)? Did you have this done at Grand View?
  6. dabbadoo00

    January surgeries?!

    Jan 17th woohoo!!
  7. Thanks for the information but its a little too late for me. I used weightlossagents but as a nurse and having bariatric surgery before, I didn't ask any questions. I had revision surgery (lapband to sleeve) April 7, 2015 and had a great experience. ☺️
  8. everyone has different experiences and i had a great experience with dr. almanza.... sorry that you had a bad experience ????
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    My Texas Sleevers

    Alice, TX ????
  10. dabbadoo00


    I had surgery on april 7, 2015 with dr almanza. everything was fine and everyone was nice. it was nothing fancy but not bad in any way. and im doing great, no complications ????
  11. thats true about the infection... i was under the impression w almanza that we would be in the hosp 2 days but it didnt happen
  12. i understand completely. i thought it was weird only 1 night but thankfully im okay ????
  13. i understand if a company doesnt want to work w him but i had no problems and i understood everything he told us in English.... and im a nurse ????
  14. was anyone over 400 lbs and went to mexico and had the surgery done? i was approved by the surgeon but am nervous.
  15. dabbadoo00

    over 400 lbs starting weight?

    thanks guys. ive already asked weightlossagents and they said i should be good to go! i started my preop diet 3 days early. i have no comorbidities im just obese ???? im just getting more nervous as the day approaches.