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  1. auntiem0502

    Fresno california

    Dr. Boone is my surgeon. He’s pretty great. They have changed the requirements since my surgery. From consult to surgery was about 4 months. David is awesome for the psych visits. I have continued to see him over the years. Fresno Heart is the Ritz Carlton of hospitals with the best nurses. I have zero regrets having the sleeve. You adjust to your tiny tummy and I did follow ALL instructions and restrictions. The protein, water intake, and supplements are a must for life.
  2. auntiem0502

    Fresno california

    Yes! Best hospital and staff in town. Had my sleeve there 4 years ago🤗
  3. auntiem0502

    Unflavored protein

    Genepro. Works great. But doesn't mix in cold like it says. I use it in yogurt, yams, tea and oatmeal.
  4. I'm on 500mg calcium 3x per day. I take it about 9am, 2, and 7. I take my multi am first thing w/ B12, and pm 2 hours from the calcium. I buy the Bariatric Advantage chewies. Chocolate, Caramel and Raspberry are the best.
  5. auntiem0502

    Nutrition facts

    My plan says 13-15 grams of sugar per meal. You won't feel well if you have too much. Avoid most of the "fake" or disguised sugars. More than 5g of fat should be okay since we're allowed nuts, cheese, etc. I stick to Fairlife FF milk for coffee and Genepro protein unflavored for my yogurt, oatmeal, tea, yams and coffee.
  6. auntiem0502

    Breakfast ideas.

    Plain oatmeal (add sweetener) and some FF Fairlife milk, turkey bacon, Greek yogurt, Apple w/ peanut butter (natural or Jif Whips), Yams, cheese. Oh yeah, and plain FF Fage yogurt with PB2 powder, tastes pretty good, tons of protein. All of this depends on the phase you're in..
  7. There are many..[emoji4] Just overall feeling great.. Not worrying if my clothes fit (after a lot of new sizes,clothes) Bending over comfortably.. Blushing from compliments! Not feeling deprived of food, which came later. Losing a little more than goal weight. Having your Dr. being thrilled & proud of the results.. Not getting so winded at the slightest exertion.. My confidence!!
  8. auntiem0502

    Opinions in Genepro protein powder?

    Love Genepro! It is medical grade protein. Although it has special instructions so it will dissolve, the serving of 30grams of protein in a tablespoon can't be beat. You can half it to make it last longer. I mix with yogurt, tea, coffee, oatmeal, diet hot chocolate, yams.. I have not tried to mix with cold liquids since with warm you have to make sure to pour over the powder or it just floats to the top and doesn't dissolve. Best price on Amazon $32-$37. I also have Premier shakes from Costco for a quicker option.
  9. Yes!! With certain people who repeatedly ask "what are you eating", wanting to follow what I do to lose naturally. I'm missing 85% of my stomach, of course I eat a lot less. It's exhausting to discuss meal plans when I'm usually switching it up for my own stability. I do have a friend having a sleeve in August so I'll definitely help and suggest things to her. I'm a little over a year out. I have no regrets of doing the surgery, it is work, but I'm healthy, and would like to talk about a lot of other topics. [emoji5]
  10. auntiem0502

    Period problems

    I had "extra" ones or didn't have one until my 4th month. One thing not in my Pre-Op paperwork was how screwed up our hormones get due to the rapid weight loss/estrogen.
  11. auntiem0502

    Sugarfree Gum?

    I'm allowed to have sugar-free mints. They definitely don't last like gum but work for after a meal. Breath Savers 3 hour is pretty good. Hope this helps. And I was told no gum ever due to air/air bubbles.
  12. auntiem0502

    grazing, overeating and weight gain :(

    Thank you for posting this. I was sleeved March 6, and I am starting to feel hunger more frequently. It doesn't feel like brain hunger but I'm going to fight it and exercise more. My nutritionist gave me some guidelines recently that may help. 3 meals and 1 snack, 2 if I get to the gym 4-5 days a week. Best wishes to all of you sleevers. Keep up the hard work.
  13. auntiem0502

    Protein Bars?

    Oh yeah I forgot I tried the Combat Crunch too, Peanut Butter Cup one was good and highly recommended. More of a treat taste than the Quest bars. ????
  14. auntiem0502

    Protein Bars?

    Quest Bars are great, and high in protein, low sugar & carbs, the chips were gross!
  15. Genepro is the best for what we need, has 30g in a Tbsp. it's pricey but worth it. Regardless of what they say it is not flavorless! I taste something & it changes food texture. Melts best in hot tea. ????
  16. My Dr. said no alcohol ever. As unreasonable as it sounds, it's to avoid drinking your calories and my Nutrition Class talked about cross-addiction with alcohol. The strict no-no's were no alcohol, gum and soda. Not fun but it's for a reason. They want us having Protein first, then veggies, fruit and if there's room for carbs they are last.
  17. Fage 0% plain has the best protein. It's a little sour, I never added anything to it. I could only eat half the serving per my 3 oz portion limit, but that had 9 g still. I also love Trader Joe's Greek Pomegranate, there's no fruit pieces, it's fat free and tasty ????
  18. auntiem0502

    Spacey and forgetful

    I experienced some random forgetfulness and I'm usually on top of every detail. I'm 8 weeks out. Still very tired and wondering when that will go away. I'm doing everything as instructed. My work isn't suffering but it's been non-stop, plus stress since going back.
  19. auntiem0502

    Dumb question

    My instructions for no bread, rice, tortillas, crackers, pancakes etc for 6 months is because they can cause a "gummy ball" in your stomach. Basically an obstruction. I code for my Bariatric group and don't want additional surgery or hospital visits since I see it all the time. Of course it's not always the patients fault . Potatoes aren't on the list. But they want us having Protein first,veggies, fruit, then carbs. I'm still in 3 oz servings 3x a day. It's so crazy how different surgeons instructions are across the world. And since my group does speaking engagements in technique, etc. across the globe, I use all of my guidelines. I've also asked a lot of questions. They don't want us drinking protein shakes/powders either. And it's not a dumb question. ????
  20. auntiem0502

    Coffee post VSG

    I've been sticking to decaf per my guidelines. My surgeon did say caffeine is an appetite stimulant and that's why he doesn't want patients to drink it. However when I go back to work I'll try a small amount, because I'll need it, but not being able to have creamer may make it easier to give up. Iced Tea sounds good too.
  21. I was required to attend a Nutrition Class, and got a handout describing what is allowed in each "phase". Although I still have a few questions before surgery. My date is 3-6. Lap Sleeve. Week 1: Clear liquids (broth, Water, Crystal Light, SF Popsicles) Week 2: Liquids, also includes SF pudding, Greek Yogurt, Cream of Wheat, Tomato, Butternut Squash Soups. Unsweetened applesauce Week 3&4: Puréed (Baby food, whipped Low fat Peanut Butter, almond butter,) Week 5: Ground meats, string cheese etc. You should still get more instructions from your Dr., I'm not sure why, but everyone on here has different guidelines per their surgeon. My surgeon group/dietician doesn't like Protein shakes etc. But I'll be asking about the Unflavored no carb whey/isolate powder to add to Soup.

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