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  1. I had surgery in 07 at 243 pounds, lost 45 and since then it's been up and down/love hate bander. I'm at 255 now and can't lose even with WW. (Also have a spinal cord injury and limited on physical activity) Last year I ended up with an ulcer from ibuprofen. Did a round of Nexium and been better since if I eat right. A few weeks ago it started acting up so i started another round of the Nexium. It's helping during the day. But-In the evening I am having terrible pain in my stomach, and it hurts a little to walk. Also if i lay down it helps some, and by morning I'm in no pain again. (This happened the first time the ulcer was bad last year but after a couple of weeks of Nexium it went away). My question is, has anyone experienced this? I'm away from home for almost a month, so I can't just skip over to my family Dr or my lapband surgeon.
  2. Iwantthis

    Ulcer or erosion?

    Thank you, I can take it! I felt like I was safe to wait, but decided I'd ask for reassurance!! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. Iwantthis

    Ulcer or erosion?

    I was banded in 07'. Lost fifty pounds but have gained it back and more over the 10 years. I was taking prescription strength ibuprofen for nerve pain from a spinal cord injury. I stopped taking it about a month ago, assuming that's what was making my stomach burn and hurt. I have since removed caffeine, fried food, I'm on a bland diet. Just drinking water now other than one cup of coffee in the am. The pain is across the top section of my stomach/along my ribs. It's pressure and sharp pain. Some burning like an ulcer would feel. It hurts to stands up straight when I have the pressure. It was only in the evening and worse when I drank whole milk or certain foods. I've eliminate everything I can think of for food. If I didn't get hungry, way small meals it was pretty good. Over there last few days, it seems the pain happens almost constantly. Nothing makes it better, it hurts if I eat, or if I don't. I'm taking probiotics, and one week in with Nexeum. I have an appointment with my gastric doctor April 11th. My question is, do you think it's okay to wait for the appointment? I'm out of state until then, and will have to pay out of pocket to go to Dr here. If I'm not in danger, I'd like to wait. But, I don't want to cause damage I can't fix? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using BariatricPal mobile app
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    If it is to meet requirements, that's not okay.... We call that insurance fraud. SMH Sent from my SM-G900R4 using the BariatricPal App
  5. Iwantthis

    Messed up

    So, this was several weeks ago. How are you doing now? Sent from my SM-G900R4 using the BariatricPal App
  6. Iwantthis

    The Orange Pants

    Please explain? LOL. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using the BariatricPal App
  7. Iwantthis

    Gaining weight

    I have been banned since 07. Up and down, now almost back to 240... I can't get my head in the game. How can I want to lose this so badly and hate to look at myself, or be so discouraged buying bigger clothes again, but not be able to get mentally back into it? Sighhhhh Sent from my SM-G900R4 using the BariatricPal App
  8. Iwantthis

    I have failed my band - SUPPORT GROUP

    I also have these issues....no metabolism, ugh! Banded in 07 245pds, current 215pds. I have a spinal cord injury and can't exercise with meaning!! If i eat 800/900 cals a day, I store and do not lose. If I up to 1200+/- I lose at a rate of about 1 pound every couple months. I stall for 6-8 month intervals. How is the revision? Sent from my SM-G900R4 using the BariatricPal App
  9. I would like to know how the revisions are going? We have the Protein items in Maine that you are using Banded... I love each I have tried, except the broc cheddar Soup I thought was nasty.... I need to try the lemon!
  10. Iwantthis

    I've hit a bit of a wall...

    How ya doing miss Meg? Are you exercising? :-) I have been in a stall for Everrrrrr! Hit One Lander and can't get away from 199 I am trying to walk some and do a little upper body resistance strengthening, but frankly, I have been finding other things to do. So, it's my own fault I guess. My food intake is right, I just need the activity, and movement.
  11. Iwantthis

    Incidental Exercise?

    That is a great idea. I don't either, but I do sit with the family in the evening for a couple of hours. Plenty of time to do something.
  12. Iwantthis

    Incidental Exercise?

    I need to do some resistance strengthening. But I have a spinal cord injury and cannot do much to any real exercising. I was banned in 07 have lost only 42 pounds, but was over filled for about 9 months and misusing my band. I recently had it emptied, and starting over, eating right, slowly doing fills again, and just learned they have discovered the band isn't very successful unless you can exercise with it....sigh!! I am going to try water therapy, see if that works.
  13. Iwantthis

    Mentally struggleing

    Do not drink soda, it's dangerous and can hurt you. It will move your band and can erode your stomach, learn from me!! Do not drink carbonation!
  14. Iwantthis

    starting over

    Kkaren, how are you doing now? Are you still only eating soft foods?
  15. Iwantthis

    Upper GI Today

    I go tomorrow to see if Mr band has moved or started to erode.... I am so disappointed for not taking better care of myself right now. :'(
  16. Iwantthis

    Weight management class

    I agree, and I felt its more for you to personally to look at yourself and decide if this tool is going to work for you. WLS is a tool, and it will not be the magic answer. Its difficult, sometimes a little scary, and a big step. You should learn a lot, I know I did. I do suggest going to the support meetings and actually getting involved, don't just go because the insurance wants you to. Ask questions and understand everything before you make this step. I am happy with me band, and I would do it again, but I wish I had been more informed. They do not explain getting stuck, pb, slimming, why we can't use straws, drink fast, etc. Are you getting the sleeve or band? I understand some of these things are not an issue with the sleeve.
  17. Iwantthis


    I want to switch to the sleeve and still have questions. Why does everyone have so much trouble drinking the first few weeks after surgery? And, you do not get sick/dehydrated only taking in a glass or two of liquids a day?
  18. Iwantthis

    Band to Sleeve in 2015

    I agree with the life you want with the sleeve and appetite. I was banned in 07 and never reached the"sweet spot"or whatever they call it. LoL. I do get stuck often, but with odd foods, like yogurt and if I drink milk or Water too quickly, are two big ones for me. I am looking forward to the sleeve, and eating with the family without them worrying. I get stuck when we eat out because I have to eat so slowly, and we are out, I think I get nervous and its almost s given I will get stuck. :'(
  19. Iwantthis

    Band to Sleeve in 2015

    Good luck glammadeb! :-)
  20. Iwantthis

    Band to Sleeve in 2015

    So happy you are doing well. Yay! I am looking forward to this new journey also.
  21. Iwantthis

    Weight loss

    I am not maintaining good health right now, which is actually a shock to me. My vitamins and minerals are out of wack! I have to remove soy, add sodium. Add red meat, and wheat back into my diet and additional vitamins! We are not sure this is entirely due to the band yet though.
  22. Iwantthis

    Starting over...

    Thank you!
  23. Iwantthis

    Weight loss

    With the band we are high protein and low carb also, are we not?
  24. Iwantthis

    Starting over...

    Hi s_suther, I will try to find it. I am not very great finding my way around the forum. I usually can't even get back to posts I want to go respond to later. LoL. I found your post, but not on the APP. I didn't realize I was so out of touch. Ha ha
  25. Iwantthis

    hair waxing

    You can order a spray or cream online (unless you are brave and have a porn shop close by) that is basically lidocaine. It's the stuff for men to last longer...:-P. But makes waxing the privates much less painful. I am sure it works on legs too. Never waxed my armpits, assumed it would hurt way too bad. Funny, I thought it would hurt worse than a Brazilian. LoL I think waxing myself is much more painful than going to a salon too!

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