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  1. Angie413

    Infertility Resolved?

    Had my sleeve 10/2014 with pcos tried to get pregnant for 12 yrs prior. Got pregnant in July 2015 had my miracle baby 4/2016 mo issues. Best decision I ever had was getting surgery
  2. Angie413

    Sleeve or Bypass?

    I was a type 2 diabetic on insulin, had the sleeve on October 14 been off my insulin since that day my sugars are great. Good luck with whichever you choose
  3. I was 6lbs down the first week. I will be 2 weeks this coming Tuesday that will be my next weigh in. I'm very happy with anything. I know this is a slow process and I am in it for the long haul. Be patient by this time next year we will be skinny... Woohoo imagine that ????
  4. Let me know I hate them and I have a whole tub 270
  5. Just wondering how long before everything feels normal? I am one week post op today and although every day gets better I'm just curious as to when you will be able to twist and turn and bend without pain? I am also getting this strange pain in my lower belly right side, no where near my incisions, I know this sounds weird but it's not a deep pain, it feels like it's just under the skin wit hung the fat pockets.. I know strange. Anyone else experience this? Meeting with surgeon tomorrow going to ask.. But I also feel like I may be being overly cautious with my bending and twisting due to fear of pain, I am probably creating more muscle aches than there would be .....
  6. Wow. Good for you. So you don't feel any restriction or muscle pain. Around your incisions. I wish.
  7. Angie413

    I can't eat anything

    I was never told to focus on calories or protein grams, just alteast 24 oz clear liquid (water, broth, jello, decaf tea, crystal light) and at least 24 oz full liquids (protein shakes, sugar free pudding, Greek yogurt, tomatoe soup with skim milk). I seem to be doing this well. Maybe don't focus so much on the calories and you will find it easier...
  8. Angie413

    I can't eat anything

    No that is strange. You said you were handling food well what type of food ? Have you contacted your surgeon. What are you feeling
  9. Angie413

    My Life-Changing Story

    See this is what this forum is all about so great to see that Eli's journey has giving you the final answers you needed to changing your young life. Good for you and best wishes.
  10. Angie413

    My Life-Changing Story

    Thank you for sharing and I admire you taking charge of your life at such a young age you have you whole life ahead of you and you will live it to the fullest.. Oh and you were and still are very handsome. Those ladies will be looking now ????. Best wishes on continued success.
  11. Angie413

    A new NSV

    And I just realized I also have a NSV ~ had this one since leaving the hospital. No more insulin. I went into surgery taking insulin and left not. This has been a life changing experience already and tomorrow makes a week ????
  12. Angie413

    A new NSV

    A non scale victory = NSV
  13. Angie413

    Tomorrow's the big day!

    Good luck to you. Sending lots of prayers your way. ????
  14. How is everyone. Tonight we are 3 full days out of surgery hoping everyone is doing well. Are you getting in all your fluids? Are you still taking pain meds? How is your pain. For me I am doing my best at getting in liquids. I gave not taken any pain meds since midnight last night. I'm pretty sore now I haven't napped at all today walked a few times mostly just around the house back and forth. And this afternoon back and forth in my yard. So I might take one to help me sleep better tonight. The pain overall is getting better but definitely still there. It's almost hard to believe that it will go away and I will have strength back. I hate to depend on people for things and I am dependent on my family to help with everything right now. That's tough. Anyway im sure I could go on and on but wanted to see how you all are doing and what you are felling at this moment. God bless you all
  15. Meme - glad you are doing well.. That's amazing you feel as though you could eat real food...???? Brian - sorry you have had a rough start I am sure it will get better.... ???? I have improved some since I created this post, today is post op day 5 ???? I am still sore like you said blinding, sitting up, and down etc. Still needing my hubby to just be there for me to pull on. Lol. I feel like I am doing well with my fluids I am writing every thing down that is the only way for me.... I am supposed to be 24 oz clear and 24 oz full liquids per day. Been just about there each day. Taking short walks today just around the house as its way to chilly out.. Haven't left my house since I got home from surgery.. I have to see my surgeon on Wednesday to check on things, haven't checked my weight except the day I got home to see I went up 9 lbs of Water weight from all the fluids, that's ok... May try to drive tomorrow need to hit up Walgreens for some colace... Fun stuff Anyway glad everyone is progressing along let's all keep up the good work. ????
  16. Angie413

    A new NSV

    That's great. Good for you what a feeling. ????
  17. Revere, MA ~ Sleeved on 10/14
  18. Angie413

    Scared and confused

    I just had vsg surgery on Tuesday 10/14 I also went thru all of the same emotions as you did prior to surgery. Again as stated if you didn't I would say you weren't ready. I like you was also scared of the surgery itself, and the unknowns, well I can tell you from my experience only i went in to OR the anesthesiologist gave me my calm down meds and put a mask on me I dont remember anything else after that until waking up in recovery feeling groggy and sore and extremely dry mouth. I will not sugar coat the pain I was in a lot, no nausea just felt a lot of muscular pain trying to lift myself out of the bed and lie back down. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days. They were ready to release me the next day I was not ready I just wanted that extra day.. Once I came home I was also very sore, took my pain meds and rested a lot the first day. Today is my 3rd day at home and I am still sore it does get better every day, I have gone for short walks, focusing on getting fluids in and cannot wait for this to be a distant memory.. Hope that answers some of your questions please feel free to ask anything else. Best wishes to you
  19. I have been doing the bariatric advantage chewable is chocolate. They are disgusting today is my first day and every time I eat one I'm disgusted. These are not the chewy ones I winder if those would be different. Sadly I bought a big container. Yukkkk
  20. Angie413

    Oct 14th sleeves

    I'm here with you all. Trying to get all my Water in today. I did have some fluids in hospital before I went home I also got 3 shots of lovinox in hospital. I always have a post nasal drip and also feel there is some phlegm in the back of my throat. Uncomfortable. When did you all come home. I was told to not start stage 2 shakes, Soup, yogurt etc until tomorrow my first full day at home. Good luck everyone.
  21. Angie413

    October 14th is the date

    I haven't begun that stage yet I start tomorrow. Hopefully others can share. I too am still trying to get the water and crystal light in. Good luck keep me posted
  22. Angie413

    October 14th is the date

    Got home today from the hospital. I am In a lot of pain.. But everything went well with the surgery so just hoping this all passes soon.. How is everyone else doing
  23. Okay so have to be at the hospital at 5:45am tomorrow morning a little anxiety is setting in. Not at all if I am doing the right thing because I know that I am. I am afraid of the unknown 1 will I wake up 2 how bad will the pain be 3 will it hurt to swallow 4 will I feel different - well will I notice a smaller stomach etc Someone ease my mind. Lol Thank you. ????
  24. Anyone else?!? I have been going thru this 2 week pre-op diet with out a hitch cooking meals for my family and it not bothering me in the least I have felt so strong and amazed at my will power and change in mind set.. Until today ... Only clear liquids today as I am having surgery tomorrow morning, I just made dinner for the fam and I am starving I want something. I need my protein shakes back. Never thought i would say that. I don't know how anyone did clear liquids for any longer than 1 day. Kudos to you. I just can't wait to go to bed for this day to be over...

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