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  1. Every thing adds up! (Good and bad, lol.) Just keep at it. Yes, living post WLS has been work, but, so was being obese. It has been totally worth it. I am now able to do things I never would have been able to do six years ago. You are worth it. Stick with it. Good luck!
  2. Elizabeth21

    Vets - How often do you weigh yourself?

    I never weigh myself anymore. Only my doctor weigh-ins and I ask them not to tell me the number. The "number" makes me crazy. I focus on maintaining good eating habits, exercise and if my clothes start to feel too tight I know that I've had too many carbs and cut back. For me it has freed me from the obsession with food and hating myself over a number. Whatever that number is today -- it is no where near where it was 6 years ago. I just remember that.
  3. Elizabeth21

    Any WLS peeps from 2014 still around?

    I decided to take a peek here today. Dec. 2014 for me. Last Spring I also treated myself to plastic surgery to remove excess stomach. I finally feel "normal" when I'm in a room. I've been exercising regularly for two years now to maintain strength and metabolism. Yup it is work, but so was being obese. I'm glad I made this choice.
  4. Elizabeth21

    Post-Op Mental Health Issues

    You do not mention your gender or age. You have outlined classic symptoms of Depression as well as menopause. I agree with the others that you should contact a doctor and/or mental health professional. Good luck!
  5. Elizabeth21

    Carb Amount?

    The only thing I count is protein. Although, when I look at a label I will look to see if there are a lot of carbs because I definitely found correlation between carbs and weight gain. Don't forget to pay attention to the carb calories that you drink. Good luck!
  6. Welcome to the journey. It will be work, but it is worth it. I think the key to maintaining is portion size and minimal carbs. Exercise is also key and strength training to keep the metabolism up. Finally, I never pay any attention to my actual weight. I base it off how my clothes are fitting. For example, during the lockdown some things became a little more snug. So I upped my exercise and really watched the carbs. Things have improved. Good luck with your journey!
  7. Elizabeth21

    One Month Report out on my six week transformation

    Yeah, "easy way out" is total BS. Sheer ignorance.
  8. Elizabeth21

    One Month Report out on my six week transformation

    Weight is just a number. If your size is good, as in comfortable for you, forget the other numbers. Who cares?? Be kind to yourself!! It sounds like you are doing great!!
  9. Elizabeth21

    Sleeve Veterans: What makes you successful long term?

    Everyone is different. I'm on the flip side of the approach. I do not weigh or log my food because for me it brings more focus on food, and focus on restriction. I do not weigh myself because it is just a number and my head goes a little crazy over the numbers. That being said, I do focus on trying to get 60 g of protein a day and to avoid snacking. I avoid calorie beverages. I do exercise. I'm basically wearing the same size clothes. Oh sometimes things are little looser or a bit tighter, but my "normal" weight friends go through the same thing. The difference is I am not the biggest person in the room. If I'm getting stared at it's because I am looking good not huge. I fit wherever I need to go. In short, I'm focusing on LIFE not weight. I find joy in many things and not just food. I'm four years out. It works.
  10. Hi there. First of all, I think the regain stories are much more about the lap band than the sleeve. The lap band does nothing to change your hunger signals or metabolism regulation like the sleeve does. So all it does is restrict amounts. I'm sleeved and about 4 years out. I've kept most of it off. The amount restriction is still there. As for weight, I've had some fluctuations, but, so do my "normal" weight friends. I find it best if I do not weigh myself and get caught up in a number. I just stick to my same basic plan that I had post op and enjoy occasional deviations. And get some exercise. My weight does fine. I think one of the keys here is the experience of sustained good eating habits practice during the first year especially. That and the improved quality of life leads to finding additional enjoyment in life besides food. So, bottom line, I believe your premise is flawed. I doubt seriously most regain all weight. Maybe some of it but not all. I think (barring some unusual medical situation) it would be difficult to regain it all without making a purposeful decision to do so by consciously completely blowing your plan. I have absolutely no regrets with my choice. It has completely changed my life for the better. Best wishes! Liz
  11. Elizabeth21

    Checking In- Sleeved in Dec 2014

    Nature girl, First of all: BREATHE!!! Keep your perspective. The more you panic the worse it will be. First of all you are not starting over. Okay, you have a few more pounds than you want, but you are still better off. Second, review the differences in your life before and after surgery. Note how much life is better post surgery! Then, make choices to keep it that way. It does not have to be extreme. Just be honest with yourself. What are you really eating/drinking? You only need to get 50-60 grams of protein. Go back to basics and create a routine like you did just after surgery. Avoid the sugar, avoid calorie drinks. Start walking five minutes a day, and increase it by five minutes at a time over a week or two until its about 30 minutes a day. Sign up for a strength training class to add some muscle to burn more calories while resting. It will not take much. Do not make it a big deal because that can lead to spiralling. Also, accept that you may not have perfection. SO WHAT?? 25 lbs. vs. 125 lbs.?? Big difference in quality of life. You're okay. Breathe!!! *hugs* Liz
  12. Elizabeth21

    Checking In- Sleeved in Dec 2014

    Hi All, I understand. I've got an extra 15 I'd like to be rid of. But please... BIG picture!! I've got 15, not 115!! Do NOT beat yourselves up!! I think that only leads to depression and more weight gain. Take some small steps. And, maybe recognize that if it doesn't change, you are STILL so much better off!! :D
  13. Elizabeth21

    Band or Sleeve?

    The Sleeve is better because the procedure involves the removal of stomach tissue that regulates hormones that signal hunger. It does not just reduce your stomach. Your appetite is reduced. You are not HUNGRY. The sleeve has a better long term success rate. You won't want to reverse it. Good luck.
  14. Elizabeth21

    Post-op Protein bars?

    Another great protein source that is easy to take with you and/or store in a drawer at the office are the Starkist foil pack tunas. There are various flavors. Good protein for low calories. Also, Lite & Fit Greek yogurt is a good low cal protein source.
  15. Hi All. I'm on Cymbalta and my depression issues are escalating. I'm almost two years out. Anyone have to adjust meds due to absorption issues? I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks.
  16. Elizabeth21

    Trouble with Depression Meds absorption 2 years out?

    Update: My doctor and I decided to try having me take my meds twice a day. In the same way we are advised to take "one a day" Multivitamins twice a day due to absorption issues, we are thinking I need to do the same with my meds. Hoping this will help, since, in July I had a nervous breakdown and became very suicidal. But life events have also contributed greatly to my situation, so, can't blame it only on med situation. Good luck all.
  17. I also can pretty much eat or drink whatever I want. But each item requires a choice because some things will settle better than other and/or will make me feel better than others. I think my success relies on pretty much a routine week of 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese for breakfast (80 cal 12 g protein); Quest Bar for lunch (180 cal 20 g protein); and then limited amounts of whatever else eating Protein first. I have learned it just feels too lousy to overeat and is not worth it. I also know if I do not get enough protein I feel bad too. I have struggled with taking in too much alcohol on occasion and that is something I am working on moderating. I think that has been more a symptom of self-medicating so I am learning to address that need in other ways. On the whole, I am amazed at how well this choice has worked out for me in a way I believe I can maintain.
  18. Elizabeth21

    Its official - in Onederland

    It's official: straight from the doctor's scale -- 195. It's been at least 20 years since I weighed less than 200. While I hoped I'd make it to to "Onederland" I did not expect it. I've been satisfied with just being able to shop at normal stores and "fit" in the world again and have really specifically not focused on the weight number since doing so in the past was more discouraging than helpful. I am actually only 10 pounds away from reaching my goal -- which again I set at the time as just a dream. I based it on my estimate of what my clothing size would be not any "charts." If I get there it'll will be a huge wow moment. But so was today. Not just meeting but exceeding expectations and doing so in a lifestyle way that I believe I can maintain. What a miracle. Best wishes to everyone to reach and enjoy your miracles too.
  19. Elizabeth21

    Sleeved on 12-11-15

    Congratulations on your journey! My "surgiversary" is December 11. What a difference a year makes. The struggle is real but it is totally worth it. Just take advantage of all the information and advice on this site and keep the faith. I had my first post surgery appointment with my primary doctor today and ALL of my "numbers" are fabulous. I look better, but more importantly I FEEL better!! Best wishes!!
  20. Hi All, Truly curious. There is so little I can ingest compared to pre-op and sweets are semi-nauseating so in addition to volume limitation I just can't seem to tolerate a lot. Biggest fear for me is that I cannot maintain the majority of my weight loss. I chose the sleeve due to the statistics that seem to indicate most maintain majority of weight loss. So... now my "demons" are whispering that this won't last. I'm wondering, REALLY, what is the evidence for/against maintenance? It seems like looking at the math, it is hard to imagine I could get back to pre-op weight unless my stomach can somehow regain its former volume and tolerance. Am I kidding myself? Is there really a "happily ever after?"
  21. Just happened to come across this today from NY Times on eating less and exercise: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/06/16/upshot/to-lose-weight-eating-less-is-far-more-important-than-exercising-more.html
  22. Elizabeth21

    What is your cocktail?

    My only suggestion is to consider that you might need to experiment to find supplements that do not make you nauseous. I would not "stock up" on a lot until after surgery and you find what works for you. Good luck!
  23. @@AussieSam -- It sounds like you need a break and that your two week plan is a sort of vacation idea. You've been at this a long while. Perhaps you should consider adding more FUN to your day to day life. I find having something to look forward to makes the "grind" of everything else whether it is the food plan, work or whatever in life easier to deal with. You deserve more than just a vacation. To sustain your success I recommend that you find more FUN! Good luck!
  24. Thanks for this tip! I tried these and I am managing to tolerate them. Finally getting some vitamins!
  25. Elizabeth21

    Haven't told anyone...

    I haven't and won't be telling my mother either. I have only told a very few people. My kids know I had abdominal surgery but I just claimed hernia repair with some complications. It's been much easier than having to justify or explain it to anyone. When people ask about how I've lost weight, I answer "high Protein, low carb." The only exception was to a good friend who asked who might benefit from WLS. You owe nobody any explanations. Good luck.

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