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  1. Hello all! So I had my real first OMG moment. I went dress shopping for a wedding I'm in, left picture is 2 weeks after surgery, jan 19th and right picture was today! April 12th. Same dress but 5 sizes smaller. 84 pounds down from December 27th 2015. I was blown away by the side by sides. I can't stop looking and smiling at this picture!! This is, by far, the best thing I have ever done for myself. Today...I'm very proud! ????????
  2. I'm IN!! Heard from the Lindstroms today and Aetna approved me!! Kelly and Walter Lindstrom were absolutely incredible. My second level appeal was nothing that I would have ever come up with! So waiting for the surgeon to call me back, to get a date!! Thank you to all who have helped and encouraged me the past few months after my denials. I think I would have lost hope if it wasn't for many of you. I had a really tough year, and this is my light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot wait!!! Katie
  3. KSTUZ

    approved after 2 denials!

    You really can handle it. I was a compulsive over eater. I never felt full. Now I do. Best feeling even tho sometimes the food is so good I want to keep eating. Eating slower and enjoying the food I can fit is so much more important now. Funny how things change
  4. KSTUZ

    approved after 2 denials!

    Don't be scared. Be more afraid of dying young because of all the health risks with obesity. Just do what your surgeon says. For dinner, I just had a half of pork chop and 3 pieces of broccoli. Done.
  5. KSTUZ

    approved after 2 denials!

    I'm the healthiest I've ever been. No more high blood pressure No more cholesterol/bp meds And I feel like a new person. You're going to be so happy you did this. Trust me!!
  6. KSTUZ

    approved after 2 denials!

    I was terrified. But excited!! I had mine done Jan 5th. It was the soonest I could get it done.
  7. KSTUZ

    approved after 2 denials!

    Terrified, but it has been the best thing I've ever done. Just remember this, first few months while your on liquid , purée and soft foods...u will be able to eat ANYTHING you want in a few months. Do not eat what your not supposed too and risk hurting yourself. I kept telling myself this is only temporary. And it was. I'm over a year and a half out.
  8. KSTUZ

    approved after 2 denials!

    Congrats!! That's the best news! They are amazing and wish you the best of luck!
  9. Wow!! You look incredible! Keep up the great work! Doesn't it feel great to SHOP!?! Haha Enjoy every second!
  10. Oh my... Is it getting hot in here or is it just @@KSTUZ?! Sent from my phone, please forgive brevity and misspelling Wow! You look AMAZING!! Have you had to have any plastic surgery? I am 51 and know I will need abdominoplasty, breast lift, arms and legs done by the end of this journey! I have NOT. Not yet. Haha I am 35, I was prayyyyying that I wouldn't But guess my skin isn't bouncing back the best it should. BUT-I am healthy. I feel amazing. And I'm not really that concerned about it I'm learning to love myself, including my flaws. My stretch marks and hanging skin, for now, are a constant reminder of WHERE I came from. I'm ok with it. I have insecurities without a doubt, but nothing a tight tank can't hold in, haha. But I would need my upper thighs lifted and stomach. And breast augmentation would be wonderful, I just need to find a way to pay for it all hahahha! But for now, I'm just loving being able to shop, not be sweating 24/7 and to actually MOVE! Do whatever makes you happy with yourself! Everyone's pictures are truly inspiring!!????
  11. Oh my... Is it getting hot in here or is it just @@KSTUZ?! Sent from my phone, please forgive brevity and misspelling Hahah Thank you!! Woop! ????????????????
  12. I had a 3 month supervised...which turned into a 6 month supervised. Then fought Aetna for my surgery. I had alotta happen tho And ended up gaining over my original start weight. Which then made me denied by insurance. Hired lindstrom advocacy and they helped me fight to have my surgery done. As you can see-I will and cannot let my fight go! I will fight everyday to have and keep my weight under control and in check. I still have 15 more to lose. But right now I am still just keeping my head up and fighting thru everyday. ???????? Do what they say and you will have your life back! Good luck and keep in touch!
  13. I haven't been on here in FOREVER. But figured I would update! Sleeved on Jan 5th 2015 Picture on left is from my sisters wedding march 2014 Right is TODAY! down 130lbs. Best thing I've ever done!!
  14. Left was March 2014 Right is today! Just eat slow, taste the food. I never did before. I inhaled. I over ate yesterday and threw up. U learn quickly how much u can take in. Never more than a fist full now. You will do great. I'm going to pm you and send you my email. Add me as a friend on Fitbit. I'm a crazy woman with it! I'll keep you motivated!!! Katie
  15. Southampton, PAalso had mine done at Abington on 3/7/16 Dr. Bonanni Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App Hello!I am over one year out and down 130lbs! I am doing fantastic! How are you feeling!? I am about 6 weeks out and down 60lbs. I feel amazing!! I am less than what I was when I graduated high school! How has your journey been so far? still losing?? congratulations on your loss so far! it's amazing! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App I told him I wanted to lose 30 more and he told me NO. He is happy where I'm at but he will give me, "let" me (haha) lose 15/20 more. But it's definitely harder now, I can eat anything I want, so just be choosey and you will be fine. Protein first. Always. Walking even RUNNING almost everyday. Fitbit is my new best friend. Well has been my best friend for the past year. Get one if you don't have one already. I recently moved to collegeville. Loving the area up here. Let me take a pic now and give you my pic update!!
  16. Southampton, PAalso had mine done at Abington on 3/7/16 Dr. Bonanni Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App Hello! I am over one year out and down 130lbs! I am doing fantastic! How are you feeling!?
  17. I'm down 62 pounds as of last week. Surgery day 1/5/15 I haven't weighed this week yet Best thing I've ever done for myself! Before pic -December 27th After- Feb 27 ????????????????????????
  18. KSTUZ

    Any Philadelphia Sleevers

    Just Started the process with Dr Bonanni.. That whole team is awesome!! How are things going??Hey!! I'm doing amazing! I feel great, no issues at all, and they are awesome. I LOVE Bonanni. He did mine too! Keep me updated!!
  19. KSTUZ

    Approval Problems

  20. KSTUZ

    Approval Problems

    Call Kelley They have different prices... But it was worth every penny. I am 8 months post sleeve
  21. New updated pics! Left March 2014 Right August 2015! I think you could have stuck a pin in me and popped me in my old picture. So puffy. I can't believe that was me. Crazy. Still absolutely crazy to me... 109 down, 8 months out. ???????????????? Sleeved jan 5 2015.
  22. Thanks so much! You will-just follow what ur doc says and WORK OUT everyday. I do not take a day "off" unless I'm not feeling well or I'm exhausted and need sleep. Even if it's 30 mins of walking the neighborhood. did u have surgery yet?
  23. Damn woman!! YOU ARE KILLING IT! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? You look amazing!! Don't let stalls get ya down cause they will come!! Just keep doing what your doing! Don't you feel incredible!?!? It's the freakin best feeling... To move and start to feel FIT!! So happy for you!! ????????????????????????
  24. And this was yesterday!! I'm down 109...hitting a lot of stalls, but still trying to push through!
  25. THANKS LEIGH!! I'm doing really well!! Here's the wedding pics...hot pink dress! Left jan 19th Right june 19th ????????????????

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