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  1. 6 months - project: looking like a hot Spanish lady is coming along y'all. 75 lbs down
  2. You guys, I couldn't even believe it.. It just made me emotional! https://vvvgastricsleeveafterlife.blogspot.com/b/post-preview?token=x9oL6kkBAAA.ZIYraod8RjdPZSoAGKHPLA.6m60CIT9o4dDYSsE60nLEA&postId=3974497035237936303&type=POST
  3. Hello beautiful people, I wanted to dedicate this message today, to those of you who are scheduled for surgery or working towards that.. I want to help with putting the "Surgery Day" more into perspective for you, based on my experience of course. I remember wanting to find a post of some sort, as detailed as mine is, to help me understand what would happen that day, more or less. You can find this post in my blog, under the following link: http://vvvgastricsleeveafterlife.blogspot.com/ it's called "Had the surgery!" I do hope that it helps you guys either calm any nerves, or understand what the day is like, etc. Love y'all XOXO VVV
  4. V.V.V.

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    From the album: V.V.V.

  5. Complain on... let it out... We are all here for each other.. In my case, I was told that my liquid diet is set to be three weeks, as I am having two hernia repairs, and room is needed in there for all of this.. Not cool...
  6. I gotta say.... I am not doing so good. Feeling very regretful of this, and needing some words of encouragement, I hope it all gets better... VVV
  7. V.V.V.

    NYU Weight Loss

    Dr. Schwack is just great. He was very attentive to me and my needs. He performed my sleeve successfully on 08/28/2014. He is such a sweetie, he would wave bye at me when he saw me waiting to be brought into the OR. So sweet! I recommend him 100 percent!
  8. V.V.V.

    Sleeved 08/26

    Sleeved 08/28 sorry I am out of it
  9. My headaches start at around 6pm btw. Right after work, poor hubby, lucky coworkers!
  10. I am doing terrible you guys, I am on to day 5 and I just cannot handle these headaches and this hunger. I feel so freaking awful... I am trying my best to just keep my eyes on the prize, but it's tough. I just wanna kill everyone!
  11. Day one for me tomorrow... well today (it's past 12 in NY) I cannot stop crying with this anxiety, had a mini anxiety attack that triggered my asthma. I have my day planned out on my fitness pal... Now it's a matter of sticking to it.. Lord have mercy.....
  12. Some fun while we wait for our turn? Why not!? Complete the sentence! What are you excited to finally be able to do or redo? :) XO VVV
  13. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so exciting!!!
  14. V.V.V.

    Hit my first goal this morning

    In my opinion, absolutely not. I myself will forever live to enhance the misery of my haters. Show 'em what you got gf
  15. V.V.V.

    Its happening

    Four words: GO GET 'EM HONEY! You are gonna rock that surgery!!! Congrats

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