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    Labor Day Challenge!

    Starting 227....goal 207
  2. vanessak8

    A little upset.

    I was in a full liquid diet for 2 weeks before and after surgery. I was allowed to have yogurt, Protein shakes and strained cream Soups. I also took a chewable Multivitamin. I bought my Vitamin from vitacost. It was twin lab bariatric chewable vitamin. I'm 9 months out and I just switched to a regular multi. I did do clears for the first 3 days after surgery.
  3. vanessak8

    Super Nurses With Sleeves (Support Group)

    Congrats on your job in the NICU.... However, please don't think it's not hard work. I went from being an adult ICU nurse to the NICU and yes our patients are smaller but some of the hardest and most demanding days I have ever worked as an RN have been in the NICU. I have been a nurse for 20 years and the last 12 have been in the NICU. When I first started as a NICU nurse the demands on me weren't the same as they are today. I currently do charge, transport and place PICCs in our tiny patients which often makes getting lunch at a reasonable time unpredictable and infrequent. (I work in a level 3, 94 single room NICU... That can hold 124 patients. We have multiple rooms). My point is there is not many places in hospital nursing no matter what size your patients are that does not require some planning when you have barbaric surgery. I would drink Water on my way to work and a Protein drink. I also packed string cheese and deli slices in a lunch bag that had freezer packs so they would be convenient to access in my work area as our lounge and my locker were not close. I also carried a Protein Bar in my pocket or kept in work bag. As for water I just always kept it with me. I also did not go back to work for almost 9 weeks after I had my surgery. I took full advantage of my surgeon requiring the full six weeks off and I already had some vacation planned at the end so by the time I went back I was back to eating a regular diet.
  4. vanessak8

    VSG and a Hernia Repair

    I forgot to say my dr had me take Zantac liquid by prescription for 30 days post op. It is her standard of care.
  5. vanessak8

    VSG and a Hernia Repair

    I had a hiatal hernia repaired with my VSG. Prior to surgery my reflux wasn't horrible, but I had it for sure. I mostly ate tums when I had it. I read prior to my surgery that a hiatal hernia repair can complicate the surgery so I told my surgeon that my heart burn was not bad enough and that I did not want her to repair the hernia. She said that if it was small like it looked like on the upper GI than she would leave it alone, but if she felt it needed repaired she would do it... Needless to say she fixed it. Also, prior to surgery I'd frequently vomit bile when I'd wake up early for work...530 am (I am nurse). Immediately post op I had lots of pain under my diaphragm and was dry heaving once I got up to my room and got up to pee. They gave me lots of meds and I was out... Woke up 4-5 hours later and was whole new person. I stayed in the hospital 2 days, but I felt great and really could have went home. I haven't thrown up since surgery, I have not had any heartburn. I have however in the last month or so had this nagging feeling that I'm hungry even though I just ate a few hours ago. Not a normal hungry feeling just like I need to eat. It has led to some not so good food choices. I remembered reading some where that feeling hungry can some times be an increase in acid. I found an article and its dyspepsia. Increase in acid in your stomach and you feel better when you eat because eating stimulates gastric emptying... I bought some nexium and I took it and the hunger like pangs have stopped.
  6. vanessak8

    How about some NSVs!?!?

    I drank a ton of diet Mt Dew prior to surgery. It was my only form of liquid. When I quit drinking it... It took 4 weeks before I really quit wanting one. It was torture. Now I don't even think about it.
  7. vanessak8

    Body jerk

    Started in error
  8. vanessak8

    Easter's Challenge

    I'm 214.5.... I've not met my goal the last two challenges, but here it is 3 weeks in to this one and I've met it. I picked this weight because it's exactly 100lbs lost since my surgery date (it is 8 months today). I have lost a total of 145 lbs since I started this journey Feb 6, 2014. Today I wouldn't even qualify for surgery (BMI 34.6). My BMI when I started was 58. Lots of emotions... I'm also only 4 lbs away from the weight I was when I went to my first OB appoint with my son who will be 17 this month. (I went on to gain more than 80 lbs during that pregnancy, which obviously I never lost). What am I doing different this challenge. I am doing a whole30 with a friend. That is it. Since I haven't been eating a whole lot of sugar and carbs prior to this not a huge change, but I am eating cleaner and I have been enjoying fruit and green smoothies. I can taste wonderland... My goal for My surgery is 165 (my surgeons gaol 260... She is super conservative and that would have been 100lbs lost total and 50% of my excess weight lost. Needless to say she is beyond thrilled with my progress)... I hope to get there by July 8...my 39th birthday and 6 days shy of my 1 year surgiversary.
  9. vanessak8

    When did loss get noticed

    I was pretty honest with people in my life that I was having surgery. I am a nurse and work in a very large NICU so I have a large work family. I have always been active at work I wear a lots of hats so most of my coworkers obviously could see I was fat but I didn't work like a fat person. I was in charge, placed PICC lines and did transport for our unit. Anyway they have all been so supportive. Even before the surgery I lost 35lbs. I always lose in my face and boobs first. They all noticed and now that I'm down a total of 135lbs I am constantly hearing how much have you lost, you are so skinny (I appreciate that but I have 75lb to lose still). Every pound I lose these days is noticed which I think it's easier to notice when you are smaller. I drop pant sizes with every 10-15 pounds lost when it took me 50lbs it seems before I went down my from my beginning size of 26. My family notices for other reasons.., I'm happier and more active. My three boys have never had their mother participate in all their activities. I get asked a lot about what my husband thinks about it. I was thin when he met me and never made me feel bad about being overweight. He does not say much one way or the other, but I told him that people have been asking how he felt about my weight loss and he said "I love you know matter what, but if you want to know the truth I think I missed some things that I didn't know I missed. He wrapped his arms around me and said like this. I didn't know I missed it but now that I can do it again I realized that I did." Oh and I let them take my picture this year at christmas!!!
  10. My starting BMI was 58...5'6" at 360 lbs. I had the sleeve 7/14. I have lost as of today 134 lbs. My current BMI is .... 36.3. If you want the sleeve it can work for you. As the previous poster wrote you have to be willing to put the work in. I stay on plan and I exercise. The surgery will only help you so much and then it all you. That is true of every weight loss surgery type. Do not do any of it if you are not committed to a life style change because in the end that is what will make you the most successful. Good luck on your journey!! I would not qualify for the sleeve today because I wouldn't meet the criteria. That is a wonderful feeling.
  11. I went Ice skating with my boys... A major calorie burn and it doesn't make my foot or my hip hurt. It's a win win!! I have not worked with a personal trainer but I watch them a lot at the gym I go to. There is not a lot of assistance from them when their clients are doing CV work. When I got piriformis syndrome when I was pregnant the PT said it was from squatting. It started after I was cleaning, painting and preparing a nursery. That muscle is a short pear shaped muscle that sits deep in your hip joint. It's the swelling and spasming that irritates your sciatic nerve and if your one of the unlucky few that the sciatic nerve runs through the muscle instead of under the muscle...ouch. This time it started after the planter fasciitis, which I'm sure did nothing to help my form when I was running. I have started a generalized stretching routine because I am not flexible at all... Been doing that for a few weeks and can already tell such a big difference.
  12. vanessak8

    Valentine's Challenge

    Weight today is 322????
  13. vanessak8

    Just got approved-Bad anxiety and questions

    Totally forgot about EMLA, which is ironic since we use it all the time in the NICU on babies. Anyway, I would still talk to both your surgeon and anesthesia prior to surgery.
  14. vanessak8

    Valentine's Challenge

    Goal will be 20 lbs ... Here is to meeting this goal.
  15. @finediva-- I can definitely eat a whole cup which is 8 ounces. I do feel the restriction, but I defiantly believe you have to eat to lose. I eat pretty regular when I'm off usually every 3-4 hours. When i am at work I eat three meals. The last one when I get home or in the car( I pack something) usually at 8-830 pm. I am a nurse in a NICU so I'm pretty busy and I work 12 hours 7-7. I also work out 4-6/ week. I do 45 mins of cardio. I use an app that does interval training. I also do at least one class a week that is strength/cardio combined. I also do some upper body weights at home. I don't always make the best choices, but I don't want to live a life where I'm always denying myself either. I have teenagers in my house hence the pizza rolls and I make killer homemade biscuits and gravy so I had a little. The old me would have are half the pizza roll bag and 3 biscuits loaded with gravy. I have not had much sweets. I did share a piece of pumpkin pie with my husband and a luncheon we attended together.
  16. I have lost a total of 105 lbs -- 61 since surgery. I eat between 1000-1200 cal/ day. When I Was eating fewer I lost slower. My carb intake is 75-125/ day. I eat Vegatables, fruit, and some low carb bread options. Did you not have to see a dietician? My surgeon never gave me a cal range just a portion size 1-1 1/2 cup at a time. Food and calorie came from my dietician, which I saw 3x prior to surgery and once since. The dietician would like me to eat between 1000-1200. It is working for me...earlier in my journey I was eating 600-900 cal and I stalled or only lost. .5-1 pound in a week, but now I'm losing 3-5 lbs/week.
  17. I started in feb. 2014. I had surgery July 14-- I lost 45.5 pounds HW-360 liquid diet wt- 335 SW- 314.5. I had to the liquid diet for 2 weeks. I'm now just 2 day shy of 16 weeks post op and I weight 254.
  18. vanessak8

    Halloween challenge

    It's on page 12 of the thread. Click on three dots and it's pulls up all the pages and you can click on p 12.

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