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    Vitamin Question

    If you're worried about taking them throughout the day, set an alarm on your phone, and buy the pre-packed stuff from Vitalady.com. It's expensive, but better than Vitamin deficiency. Another alternative is to buy vitalady's (or through amazon) monthly pill organizer. It has a container for each day with four sections. That way you're only planning once a month.
  2. I just got my surgery date- April 1- and I'm wondering what you guys did to take medicines post-op. How long did you all need to crush pills? I'm not looking forward to taking some of my medicines crushed.
  3. I start my pre-op diet tomorrow- 4 160 calorie protein shakes a day plus clear liquids. I am very nervous about this as I tend to get anxious when I get hungry. Anyone else have a strict pre-op diet? Mine is to shrink my liver, which is enlarged due to fatty liver. I understand that a smaller liver will make the surgery easier, but man, I am not looking forward to this!
  4. Jillify

    Pre-Op Diet Questions

    That's great to hear. I've been so worried as this is my one shot at the DS- my insurance changes in May and the new insurance won't cover my surgery.
  5. Jillify

    What Insurance Do You Have?

    I got approved by Cigna for the DS.
  6. Jillify

    Medication Post-Surgery

    Thanks all for your responses. I'm seeing my psychiatrist later this week to change over my prescriptions. He wants me to do liquids or crushed immediate release for a month at least. This is actually the thing that I'm looking forward to least as liquid medicines and bitter tastes tend to make me gag. Of course, if this is my biggest challenge, I'll count myself lucky.
  7. My surgeon schedules 2-3 weeks out from insurance approval date. However, insurance approval is a bit of a hurdle. I would call your insurance company and see what your requirements are. I had to have 6 months of physician supervised diet, among other things. Here's what my doctor says is step one: Hope that helps!