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  1. Andrea K

    6 months and 100lbs

    congrats you look awesome!
  2. Andrea K

    From Fat to Bariathlete!

    Most inspiring video! I am 4 months post RNY. Next month I will do my first 5k. I was motivated by your video to make many goals. And just start ticking them off the list.
  3. I had RNY on July 31st 2014. I almost backed out at the last minute. So glad I didn't. I am down 78lbs. and feel great. Don't let fear of complications talk you out of WLS. Choose your surgeon wisely and stick to the program. You are going to love the new you.
  4. Andrea K

    Motivation Clothes

    I like this idea. I am going shopping tomorrow!
  5. Andrea K

    4 months out today!

    that is an awesome loss!
  6. Andrea K

    JULY 2014 Post Op Rny / Bypass Support Group

    Congrats Karen. Bet you feel good. How is your husband doing?
  7. Andrea K

    July RNY Page

    Sounds like you are doing awesome! Glad you are doing so well.
  8. Andrea K

    July RNY Page

    @akt1908 I eat 60-80 grams a day. I like Fage geek yogurt. 3/4 C., 1/2 scoop unjury Protein and sugar free cherry syrup (by the coffee creamers at Walmart) . That starts my day at 27 grams. I also like a milk at Kroger's "Carbmaster nonfat reduced sugar added protein" 1 C. has 11 g. protein and no lactose. Mix that with 1 C yogurt add some splenda and a few berries and another great tasting Breakfast with 34 g. protein. I started looking at food logs of successful people on "MyFitnessPal" to help me learn how to eat after RNY. my food log is viewed by "friends only" so send me a friend request I LOVE meat and seafood. Read your food labels. 3/4 C crab select 2 creamy swiss laughing cow wedges, spices, onion...makes a lunch with 16g. protein. Good luck on your journey to better health.
  9. Andrea K


    Hope you receive a good report on your treatment options. Praying for you and your doctors.
  10. Andrea K

    July RNY Page

    Surgery for me was July 31st. Also down 16 lbs. I feel good. Walking each night after dinner. When I first got home from the hospital I could do 1/4 mile in 30 min. Woohoo tonight 3 miles in 45 min. I am so happy I had surgery! I know the 3 week stall should be coming up. I am grateful for others who have gone before me and posted of things to come so discouragement does not set in.
  11. Sounds like you need a new partner. Glad your kids have stepped up to the plate. That is a testament to the good job you did raising them to be caring and unselfish young adults. I hope as your friendships and health increase you are blessed with a man who will CHERISH you and your children.
  12. Andrea K

    JULY 2014 Post Op Rny / Bypass Support Group

    had my one week dr. appt. I am down 12 lbs. feel good. Started the soft food stage too. I am up to eating 50 g protein and 64 oz. water. While in the city yesterday had lunch at Red Robin. Its my birthday month so I gave my free hamburger to my husband and I had the clams out of a bowl of clam chowder. I have been walking and I can go down 8 houses and back. my 1st goal is once around my block (about 2 miles) Hope you all are having good results and feeling stronger each day.
  13. Andrea K

    New Food For Post Ops...

    DLCoggin please send me the email list too. Thank you. flattsfelines@hotmail.com
  14. Andrea K

    Feeling down

    Congrats on your awesome loss! hope you feel better with the protein.
  15. Andrea K

    Hit Onederland Today!

  16. Andrea K

    feel crapy

    I had RNY 7/31 and I feel fabulous. I too was in the car today before I remembered I was not to be driving. It is hard not to do things when you are pain free. See my Dr. tomorrow and I am so excited.
  17. Andrea K

    JULY 2014 Post Op Rny / Bypass Support Group

    So happy for you both.
  18. Andrea K

    JULY 2014 Post Op Rny / Bypass Support Group

    Karen glad to hear you say you don't feel hungry or full. Thought it was just me. My head says you need to eat this is not good. My stomach says I don't care if you ever eat again. Strange to go from shoveling anything down to not caring if I eat. Oh the head games begin.
  19. Andrea K

    JULY 2014 Post Op Rny / Bypass Support Group

    Yesterday was my first day home. I feel pretty good. I looked at my food log for yesterday and the totals were Protein 23.8 grams and Fluids 32 oz. It was hard to get that down hoping to do better today. If not walking I am sleeping. not a lot of time to get fluids down. I learned to take pain meds. on a schedule. Thought I could do with out and awoke at 3:00am in a lot of pain.
  20. Andrea K

    JULY 2014 Post Op Rny / Bypass Support Group

    It's 2:00 am time to get up and leave for the hospital. I am surprisingly calm. It's been a long 10 months preparation. Glad the day has finally arrived. See you all on the other side!
  21. @@CrazyJaney - sure needed this as surgery is 4 days away. I am so close to having the fears overtake me an back out of surgery. i needed to hear of another success story.
  22. Andrea K

    JULY 2014 Post Op Rny / Bypass Support Group

    Wow sounds like you are doing very well. That's the result I want to have. Nice uneventful recovery. I have clinics on Monday.
  23. Andrea K

    JULY 2014 Post Op Rny / Bypass Support Group

    Congratulations on your approval. So you have 10 days to get your rings off

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