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    Natural hair and vsg

    Hi About 3 years. I really keep heat out of it and don't touch it very much. I get a blow out about once a month and wrap it at night. I'm A big fan of just leaving hair alone...
  2. ualaw08

    Natural hair and vsg

    I have a natural hair and am 18 months post op. I did experience a bit of hair loss at around 9 months out but now my hair is back thick as ever and past bra strap length. I do have a bunch of little baby hairs flying everywhere though from the new growth.
  3. Hello Everyone I had gastric sleeve surgery in December 2013 but now I have to have a laproscopic hysterectomy next month. Have any of you ladies had a laproscopic hysterectomy? If so how was the pain compared to gastric sleeve surgery?
  4. ualaw08

    Another Surgery

    Thanks everyone for sharing. I'm feeling a little better.
  5. ualaw08

    Another Surgery

    That is very helpful. Thanks so much!
  6. I don't post very much, but I have to comment on this. Your parents relationship with food is not your relationship with food. As everyone has said, we have to take responsibility for our own behavior. No one is forcing you to do something you don't want to do. Additionally, although your mother may be saying things that are hurtful to you, you do seem a little jealous of her success. Finally, as someone else said, your use of the word "gross" to being a siZe 16 is inappropriate. We are people of all sizes on this board. Using the word gross for ANY size can be insulting. I wish you the best of luck working through everything.
  7. I have a cheat weekend where I may eat something like pizza or fajitas or M&M's. Sometimes I'll see a drop on the scale after that increase in carbs/ calories.
  8. I can't stop laughing!!!! But thanks everyone!!
  9. Yes that's right! Anything I want! 6 months ago I was absolutely miserable. While eating anything I wanted, I was gaining weight like crazy. My body would hurt and I could not fit any shoes with the exception of loafers. I would plan my my whole day around eating. I would plot how would wake up early just to stop by Dunkin Donuts. There I would by about 6 donut holes and 2 chocolate covered donuts and wash them down with a 20 oz soda. When I arrived at work 2 hours later ( I know, hell of a commute) I would be hungry again and would most likely eat another whole Breakfast or snack. I would down coke before lunch and couldn't wait for 11:00 to come to indulge in whatever the hospital cafeteria was serving. I would cancel meetings some days because it was too far of a walk across the hospital and my feet would hurt terribly or I would be too embarrassed to walk in out of breath. By 3:00, I was ready for a sweet indulgence and when I left, on my way home I would eat McDonald's. If my husband cooked. I would eat again once arriving home. That was my life. 6 months later. I wake up early to make a smoothie made of spinach, blueberries, strawberries and Water. For lunch, I eat a lean and green never eating more than 4-5 mouthfuls (I throw away so much money). For dinner I juice all sorts of fruits and veggies. If I'm hungry in between? Nuts. Do I have something carby from time to time? Yes! Do I have something sweet from time to time? On my way to get frozen yogurt now! Do I eat anything I want? Yes! So how have I lost 80 lbs in 6 months? Because this surgery has made it so that I mostly only want clean, healthy foods. I hate eating out of a bag or box or can. I love colorful foods and fresh foods. I crave them! This surgery has changed my life! I still have about 50 more pounds to go, but I am looking forward it! New day! New life! New me!
  10. ualaw08

    Did you spouse diet with you?

    My husband had the sleeve with me! We are in this together! So fun to have someone to share plates with!
  11. Same thing happened to me. I am wearing the same size I wore at a much lesser weight.
  12. ualaw08


    Hi. Eating wasn't an issue. I'm at a point where my sleeve can tolerate anything. I brought trail mix and Peanut Butter crackers to snack on while there. For lunch they actually had a rotisserie chicken at a restaraunt. So eating was no big deal at all. Thanks everyone!
  13. In May 2013, my family I went to Disney World for a vacation. I was about to begin a new job in healthcare and wanted to celebrate my accomplishment. However, I was over 270 pounds and miserable. My joints hurt and I was always in pain. My 67 year old aunt had to push me around Disney World in a wheel chair. I afraid on every ride that I wouldn't fit. I couldn't wear regular shoes. The skin on my face was awful and I had. I desire to enjoy life. I chose to emerge myself in my career to hide the pain and frustration I was feeling. When I began new job, learned that weight loss surgery was offered to employees free of charge. I began the process immediately. Six months later, on Dec 19th, I had gastric sleeve. My life changed. I am down over 100 pounds. I wear an 8/10. I take Salsa lessons with my husband ( who has the same survey exactly one month later). I love life. Here I am at Disney a year a half later and boy have things changed! I am walking, running, laughing and playing with my kids like never before and I don't even think about whether I can fit into a ride. Most importantly, my 14 year old son keeps telling me he's proud of me. Below is a picture of me on a ride at Disney in May 2013 and one from today, same ride. This surgery changed my life. Thanks for your support over this past year. Here's to 2015!
  14. Everyone has been complaining about my breath since surgery. I brush, floss, use mouthwash but still can't get the stink to go away. Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?
  15. Hi guys and girls It's been a long time since I've posted. Just an update, I was sleeved in Dec 2013 at 264 pounds 5'2. Here it is today knocking at 100 pound loss mark. But more significantly I was able to do THIS the other night! Haven't done this in years!!!!
  16. I too can eat everything. Like you said a bite here. A bite there. Something I CAN live with for the rest of my life. I'm not on a diet. Just eat small meals throughout the day. Mostly healthy foods. Admittedly sometimes bad.
  17. So yesterday, my family and I went to beach. I put on my swimsuit then a nice sundress cover up. I had no intentions of taking the dress off. However, when I put my swim suit on I glanced in the mirror and thought I saw a reflection that just didn't seem to be me. She was attractive, young, and vibrant. That was an image that I had not seen for a while staring back at me. Fast forward to the beach. We were taking pictures of the kids as they enjoyed their afternoon. Something came over me. I took off my sundress, jumped up and asked my friend to take a picture of me. I was so nervous as to what I was going to see. You see, often times when I look in the mirror and see one thing, when i see a picture of myself, I see something quite different. But this time, when I saw the pictures. I was amazed. The person I saw staring back at me in the mirror, was the same person in the picture. The young, beautiful, vibrant me. Maybe she is not what society defines as young beautiful and vibrant but screw you society. I love me and that's all that counts. Here's to 83 pounds in 6 months and 40 more to go!
  18. ualaw08

    Recent pic

    Omg. You SHOULD feel amazing!
  19. ualaw08


    There are no breakfast foods that I can tolerate. I eat yogurt and blueberries every morning. Breakfast foods used to be my favorite....
  20. Hi everyone, Just wanted to post an update on my progress. SW: 267 CW: 177 Feeling wonderful!
  21. ualaw08

    7 month update

    Hi. I have none I go for an occasional walk and do hot yoga once a week. That's really about it. I must do better in that department.
  22. ualaw08

    7 month update

    Thank you so much everyone!
  23. ualaw08

    Date night with my hubby!

    You look beautiful.
  24. Surgery Date: Dec 19th, 2013. SW: 267 lbs CW: 177 lbs Starting Size:20/22 Current size: 10/12 90 lbs down. 30 lbs to goal!

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