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  1. Batcap

    Your Feet & Shoe Size ?

    My shoe size changed in terms of width.
  2. Had Gastric Bypass on 2/8 & will be celebrating 4 weeks on Thursday. So far I've lost 37 pounds & off of 2 of my 3 diabetes medications, one of them being insulin so I'm extremely happy about that. I'm back to work but still feeling weak only have enough gas in the tank til about 3 in the afternoon but pushing ahead. I'm living off of soup, cottage cheese & yogurt. I don't think that I'd be sane if it wasn't for Sugar Free Popsicles. Hitting my first stall during the last couple days I was losing a pound to pound & a half a day, knew the stall was going to come but still al little bitter that the scale hasn't moved in two days. Also during the last couple days a new phenomenon has come up, just THINKING about a protein shake makes my mouth break into that warm pre vomit feeling, not good. Going to try and mix in some scrambled or hard boiled eggs. So weird not being physically hungry I try to explain it but nobody believes it, but I know you guys do. Hope everyone is well, prayers for your recoveries!
  3. Batcap

    February bypass buddies?

    So I'm 19 days post surgery & everything is going pretty well. I've lost 31 pounds and for the first time in a long time I'm below 300 pounds. I'm in puree phase and since I'm a fan of cottage cheese and yogurt I'm doing alright. It is bizarre not being hungry I haven't felt the physical sensation of being hungry since surgery. My only complaint is the urgency when it comes to the bathroom, I wish they would have warned us about that in our classes, I mean we were in there for 12 weeks you'd thing they could toss in that everything going in is liquid so it's going to come out as liquid and if you're not careful you're going to be ruining some drawers. Glad everyone is doing well and thoughts and prayers for your recoveries and pending surgeries, Keep it up guys!
  4. Batcap

    February bypass buddies?

    If everything goes right they say I’ll be heading home today (Friday). Thanks for the support!
  5. Batcap

    February bypass buddies?

    Had my surgery this morning doing great, walking around pain was about what I expected, just water though which is oooooh so yummy!
  6. Batcap

    February bypass buddies?

    Tomorrow is the day! Magnesium Citrate & Water down & waiting for the call for my surgery time. Not to nervous just anxious to get on with it! Away we go.....
  7. Batcap

    Beginning physical activity

    get in the pool!
  8. Batcap

    February Rny Surgeries??

    My bypass surgery is on Thursday the 8th, won't get my time until Wednesday morning, on liquid protein until then.
  9. Batcap

    My surgery at 11 today

    Praying for you, Everything's going to be great as you start your new chapter.
  10. My gastric bypass is on 2/8 and I lost 20 pounds during my options start to now, I work out and pretty much adhere to my new eating habits and am comfortable with the decision that my eating will forever be different come next week. For the last couple weeks I've been hitting a few of my favorite places to get my last taste for a long while. I had to overcome serious self destructive behaviors in the past and have been successful not going backwards. Good luck to you and keep your eyes on the prize..
  11. Batcap

    February bypass buddies?

    Congrats & good luck I'm a week ahead of you on the 8th....
  12. Batcap

    Guys who started in the 240s/50s

    I take 10 different meds a day, if having surgery & taking vitamins everyday gets me off of them, I'll take it.
  13. Batcap

    Guys who started in the 240s/50s

    I'm now 15 days away from my bypass surgery, 15 days! About 8 months of work and now the time is just flying by, I know that everyone says not to "Last Supper" but it's getting hard not to. I'm not scared or worried about post op eating changes I just know that it's going to be a while before I can have certain foods so I'm rationalizing it to myself that way. I'm not going crazy and haven't put on any of the weight I've already lost it's just hard to walk away from Tommy's double chili cheeseburger without a proper goodbye, after all it helped make me the man I am today! It's great to hear from all you post ops out there, it's really helped me feel even more confident than I did before. Here's to the next 15 days!
  14. Batcap

    Building Muscle

    I'm 45 & will be having gastric bypass on 2/5/18. I've started working out, 15 mins cardio & starting on weight machines until I feel comfortable mobbing to free weights, it's been a while since I've been in any kind of athletic shape besides round. I would like to get some muscle growth co compensate for the loose skin I'm going to have especially my arms and chest, I'd hate for my tats to look saggy. I know that I'm gong to be taking a lot of protein in the form of liquid supplements but I was wondering if Creatine is something to consider since I'm on the older side. If anyone has experience or hints I'd appreciate it.
  15. Batcap

    Building Muscle

    Thanks so much for the information, that’s exactly what I needed.
  16. Batcap

    Building Muscle

    I was wondering, when you stack your BCAA's & Creatine, do you have to ingest them over a period of a couple hours to get it down? After Bypass it would seem hard to get down more than 8oz of liquid at one time. I know that you're supposed to build up your creatine intake and BCAA's you can mix in water and take all day. Just wondering how you schedule everything in including Protein I would imagine. Thanks for the previous response too.
  17. Batcap

    Change to type of surgery in surgey

    I'm having Gastric Bypass surgery on February 8th & I had to sign a consent form for a possible sleeve. The reason that I did is he said that sometimes men in my BMI range have issues with the pouch tearing or being stretched to tight because of the way men carry their fat in their abdomen is a bit different then women. He wouldn't really know until the cameras are in there and rather than have to chase down my wife it was easier to make the decision to sleeve if needed now then later. Basically sleeve, lose weight then bypass later, I have diabetes so I want the benefit of the bypass getting rid of the diabetes. I've lost 20# so far and am working to try and get 5-10 more before surgery. Good Luck To You, I'm sure everything will go swimmingly for you!
  18. Batcap

    February bypass buddies?

    I'm scheduled for February 8th, we had to go through a 12 week program where we worked on our diet, Right now I'm checking in at 20# loss, it will be about 20 weeks from first appointment to surgery date. Wasn't nervous at all until this week I started having little spikes of being nervous. Good luck to you guys!
  19. Batcap

    SO Happy I have my surgery day

    Congrats, My date is February 8th, trying to get another 5-10 pounds off by then. Good luck to you!
  20. Batcap

    Do you keep a daily journal?

    I'm pre-op as well, T minus 23 days from gastric bypass surgery. I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder so believe me I know what it is to suffer through depression I also had to deal with it manifesting itself as self harm and not teenage superficial stuff, a grown man suffering from massive self hatred can do a lot of damage with a razor blade, I didn't start recovery until I was 40 years old, I just turned 45 and I look at my bypass as the next step of my recovery. I used journaling extensively especially going through my DBT therapy. I never really went back and reread what I had written but used it more as an outlet to constructively deal with my emotions, using a pen and ink instead of a razor and blood to get the pain out. I had to do food journals during my pre-op but didn't really care for it as much. I got into the habit of journaling in the morning when I had my coffee before I started work, I replaced reading the paper with writing in my journal. I carried a Moleskin and always had it with me to jot down anything else that may have struck my head as well. Good for you for seeking the help you needed and good luck the rest of the way until your surgery.
  21. Batcap

    Guys who started in the 240s/50s

    I am T Minus 23 days away from gastric bypass surgery. I started my prelim program at 241 and am now at 221 and am pushing to get another 5-10 off before surgery. My goals are pretty similar to yours, good luck and am glad that your surgery went well, I wasn't feeling nervous at all until this week but am sure it will pass. Go get em!
  22. Batcap

    Building Muscle

    Thanks for the info, I knew there would be guys out there who would be dong some stacking,.
  23. Wow, 16 months after having a MERSA infection cut out of my foot that nearly resulted in the amputation on 2 toes my surgery date was scheduled. I think about everything that I've gone through in that time, the wound vac, weeks of IV antibiotics, not being able to get out of bed, the three months of healing, being away from my wife & kids while I re-cooperated at my parents because we live in a second floor apartment, getting my A1C from a 15.5, yes a 15.5 to a 7 and the three months of pre surgery classes I can't believe I'm actually here. It really is a surreal feeling, I've been overweight my entire life, I don't ever remember NOT being the fattest guy in class or a room, sure there were the occasional guys that made me feel thinner but they were few and far between, what the hell am I going to look like? There have always been two things that have been part of my identity, one, you know the big guy and two, don't worry Bobby'll finish it. I hate the word "Journey" but it really has been and now it's time for another fork in the road and for the first time I really don't feel afraid of the change, it's time. Thanks to all of you out there....
  24. Batcap

    February 5th 2018 Surgery Date

    Thanks so much, looking very forward to the change.
  25. I'm still about a month away from my Gastric Bypass Surgery and am looking at options for vitamins, I'm already on a handful of medications a couple times a day and am not all that excited about throwing a handful of vitamins into the mix. Is anyone using vitamin patches? Are they effective? Seems like an easier option but want to get some input before I buy any.