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  1. Me today...53lbs. down...As you can see from my screen picture, I have lost some inches also...You look great!!! My surgery was 1/14/14...
  2. The first three days are the worst!!! Drink more water/add Crystal Light..Try the Crystal Light with Caffeine...that might help the headache and help with energy levels...Hang in there..
  3. LRG2014


    From the album: Today 53lbs. down

    53lbs. down and I am finally starting to feel good about ME!!
  4. I also had a friend that insisted on being weighed with her purse...She added weight to her purse...Good luck!
  5. Sounds like you have the right attitude for your journey!!! Good luck and let us know how things go!!
  6. LRG2014

    Surgery Day

    Good luck!! Healthier, stronger, and slimmer you in the making!! Ask for meds for nausea and pain as needed...Walk, walk, walk when you can..Gas-X to relieve gas pain...Hope to hear how you are doing really soon!!!
  7. LRG2014

    Panicked, No Weight Loss

    I am thinking water retention..Just relax..I had to lose 20lbs before the doctor would even perform my surgery..The pre-diet is mainly to shrink your liver and if you followed it then you should be good..I would try all liquids until surgery..Good luck!
  8. Water weight!!! Do not freak out!! Your weight will fluctuate daily...You are losing inches and your body compensates by holding on to some water..Please don't weigh yourself every day..I know that is hard because we all want that weight to fly off but our bodies are adjusting (healing) from major surgery...Keep doing what you are doing and ignore the scales for a while..You can do this!!!
  9. LRG2014

    Stalls are a myth!

    Preach it sister!!! So very true!! The weight does NOT fall off of you...I might see a pound here and there but I have never seen a sudden/dramatic drop!!! This is work! Watching what I eat and making sure I get up and move...Even when the scale looks like I have gained a pound I don't sweat it because I know my body is adjusting...And I do not weigh myself every day!!! I would freak out if I did that..We are all different and our bodies will react differently. Sounds like you have it figured out!!!
  10. Wow!! That is scary!! Even before my surgery I was on Biotin..Now since the surgery I am on 10,000 mg of Biotin at night..It is a huge pill but I use a pill cutter and splice it into 8 small pieces...Also, if I am hungry, I try to eat meat first before anything else and I still do a protein shake every morning....I pray the hair loss stops soon for you!!!
  11. Hang in there honey! You can do this!!! My surgery experience was awful!!! I felt awful, grouchy, didn't want to talk, didn't even want to fool with my phone or have visitors..I wanted to eat but got sick just smelling food...You are only four days out...It will get better!! I promise...It is just going to take time, time and a little more time..I still want to eat but my sleeve says no...As my doctor told me, the sleeve is doing what I couldn't do and that is control the amount of food I eat....Best of luck!!!
  12. LRG2014

    Words of Wisdom.

    Pull out pictures of yourself before surgery!!! Put them on your fridge!!! Try on clothes that no longer fit!!! Start of journal of why you had the surgery to begin with and where you would be if you hadn't of had it!! Everyone has their weak moments...But don't let it be a habit!!..Best of luck!
  13. LRG2014

    I need a buddy!

    Hi! So basically we all have the same fears before surgery. It seems like it has taken over my excitement! So what can you eat now that you're almost 8 weeks post op? How much weight have you lost so far and how are you feeling? Did you experience any complications and where did you have your surgery? Thanks, I appreciate your input!!! Yes...we all have some fears...I eat very little but I do try to get in the amount of Protein that the doctor recommends..I still do a Protein shake for Breakfast, then about 2.5 hrs. later I eat a low fat small round of cheese, then for lunch I eat either Soup or the chicken out of a chicken wrap, then around 2:30 I eat greek yogurt then for supper it is a small amount of meat (usually pork or chicken) and I try to eat some steamed vegetable but usually there is no room...Plus Water, water, water...so you see it is very little..I have lost 53lbs of which 28lbs has been since surgery..It is a slow process but that is good because I want my skin to bounce back..NO MORE SURGERY!! LOL..I am feeling lots better but that has only been in the last 3 weeks...My energy has really picked up and I am more active than I have been in years..I had my surgery in Alabama...Hope this helps..
  14. LRG2014

    wrapping my head around it

    I was clueless until it was done! and then I had my doubts..I refused to answer any questions that started with "do you regret"...I can say now, after almost two months, I am glad I had it done...The biggest obstacle is your thought process and recognizing/changing the way you approach eating...The desire is still there but the ability is not..Unless you force it!,.,,Best of luck!
  15. I agree that it probably just passed through you..If it would have been too much then it would have came back up...Take it easy and slow until your staples are good and healed...The major factor in this surgery is a change of actions and thought process...Good luck!
  16. LRG2014

    Ate the wrong thing

    Don't feel bad..I never did the pureed stage..and ate mashed potatoes also..the gravy, I had to stay away from..my suggestion is to eat Gas-X..that helped me a lot..also, I know now that I can't tolerate spicy foods even though I love them...Don't freak out!!! hope this helps and hope you feel better soon..
  17. LRG2014

    Muscle and/or Bone Pain

    Wow! you lost that weight fast!!!...more protein would be my suggestion..I know if I don't get enough in then I start to ache, especially in my hips...Congrats on the weight loss!
  18. LRG2014

    I need a buddy!

    Ok...What questions, worries, fears, and issues do you want to discuss??..I am open..I was sleeved on 1/14/14...I was terrified and almost backed out the day of surgery so I might be able to help ease some of your worries..
  19. Sounds like you are doing great!!! Keep it up!!! It gets better and better!!
  20. LRG2014


    You haven't done anything wrong!!! Your body is adjusting...Make sure you are drinking plenty of water...It took a while before I could sleep on my side and just now have been able to sleep on my stomach...Try putting a pillow between your legs and another close to your stomach..that helped me..Don't weigh every day!!! I didn't puree any food..I just went to a thicker soup and yogurt..A bite or two at a time was all I could manage..Hang in there!!!
  21. LRG2014

    what are your fears?

    Would I be able to eat? What if there was a leak? How painful is the surgery? I felt better by asking my bariatric support team to connect me with someone who had already had the surgery...That way I could ask her all my fears and hear her story..That really helped me..
  22. LRG2014

    8 month progress pic

    Wow!!! you are awesome!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  23. Remember that your sleeve is a tool to help you..Sounds like you are doing everything right..Also, losing slow helps your body and skin adjust to what is taking place...You are doing great!!! 30lbs down is awesome...Keep it up!!
  24. The seasoning will get you every time...Take it easy on the sleeve...gradually introduce new foods, seasoning and textures to it as recommended by your doctor...I still can't handle pepper...I love spicy food but that is a big no no for me now...The only time I have thrown up has been twice because of spicy food...Glad you made it!!!