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  1. I had surgery may 2 start 214. I'm at 189. Had bad nausae but that's gone meds fOr reflux. Had band in sept 09. Never really worked had to keep getting unfilled
  2. It's like eating meat Protein as much as you want and non starchy veggies. Only 23 carbs allowed per day no white anything potatoes no breads etc
  3. Sounds good great job. I start soft on Wednesday and I made a crockpot of chili with ground turkey
  4. I'm a may 2. I haven't weighed myself waiting for doc appt on Wednesday I was 214 six weeks prior to surgery. 200 on may 2. So we will see. I feel good. Getting in protein and water. Excercising and driving I will start soft foods after doc and nut appt Wednesday here is to all of us. Can't wait to see the results by end of June
  5. Hi everyone. How ate you all doing. I was able to drop 14 lbs pre op in 6 weeks. Following my surgeon have had a great post op. exception nausae first two days. I been able to walk two miles mornings and another one mile at night. Protein goes down well. Water going down not as well but getting in 55 ounces. So how is everyone doing.
  6. Hi everyone I'm doing the coconut isopure not too bad and it also has coconut water. Remember water is most important first week and if you have nausea you could also be dehydrated sip sip sip. I'm 11 days out feeling great. The more walking you get in the better I was approved to power walk so I've been hitting the tread mill and elliptical I believe this has lead to a bm every day no constipation ever. I'm sleeping good. I have not weighed myself I go to the doctor on Wednesday I will wait my main focus is following the rules being safe and staying complication free. Except for nausae which I got meds for its all good
  7. Every surgeon is different. Just follow the rules of your surgeon he is the operating on you and that's probably just how he does his type of surgery. Good look and let us know how your doing
  8. I'm one week today. With exception of bad nausea for two days smooth recovery, I haven't been on scale I will wait till I go see the surgeon next week day of surgery I was at 200. I don't feel any smaller but the head hunger is even less
  9. I haven't weighed myself I'm waiting for doctor appt that way for myself I don't short change myself right now on nutrition after my six week check in I will weigh once a week at weight watchers. Don't forget the body is healing tummy swollen hard getting in all protein and water
  10. Fabulous you go girl
  11. It all depends on your insurance coordinator at your doctors office believe me they can work wonders. From getting my last unfilled for Lapland issues to getting my date was six weeks. I was 214 when I got unfilled. I was 200 at surgery on may 2. They accepted weight watchers as the supervise diet. And it wasn't 90 days as long as I attended feb. march and April. My doctors office contacted them the Friday after my first April meeting on the Thursday night. By Tuesday I was approved and by Friday had letter in hand from bobs. My doctors office was so confident I had my three nut apps. And psych done before approval. Any help you need let me know also I have basic not standard. Please remember follow the pre op. it is what helped my surgery move faster along without complications and driving the day after I got out of hospital the staff said to me you must of followed the rules because of how I recovered. There two women on my floor who cheated during pre op and were doing terrible they were in so much pain. Surery was longer liver still had slime on it
  12. Bring your make up with you. If your staying a few days in hospital it makes you feel good and its something you have control over. I also had my hair done the day before remember if you look good you feel good I'm on day 4 post op I feel fabulous I followed my surgeon's rules so it made it easier for him which made a huge difference for me no gas pains after surgery. Much love blessings to you all
  13. Sometimes it can be your body signal that its full
  14. I started weight watchers 6 weeks prior to surgery it has helped tremendously also made approval easy ww counted however if anyone is interested sparkpeople. Dot com is free and its like ww online while we all fund our way to this lifestyle along the way if you graze substitute it with lower calorie carb items. We can do this
  15. Just a suggestion it felt good to have total control of something briefly
  16. We can all do it just take it one day at a time don't look back. Here's to us and the milestones ahead
  17. They approved me in 4 days. Fepblue basic. I used weight watchers 6 weeks from starting to surgery date I onky had nausea but its been great followed my pre op to the t. And I believe that's why ni complications post op day 5 I'm doing 2 miles in the morning and 1 mile at night. No gas pains at all. Regularly having bowel movements
  18. You surgeon can only givebyounthe tools to be a success. Yet I've read on here people still trying to cheat or do a easy way out If your not prepared to change for good why waste the time or money A surgeon gives rules to follow. People need to stop wondering about other surgeons and follow the your paying for If you smoker you have no business gettingbthevsleeve. The doctor tells you his for a reason. If you can't stick to a two week pre op diet how do you expect to becacsuccess withbthevsleeve I wish everyone great success. And a healthy journey. Remember nothing taste as good as thin feels
  19. For me although I was tempted by what other surgeons said I followed my surgeons to a t I wanted to feel confident when I was under. I started weight watchers to learn how to journal and what three ounces looks like, I picked up my working out in fact did a two mile power walk morning of my surgery. I took my protein to my last nut appt to make sure it was good stuff it wasn't easy with a 21 month old but its doable and I think that's why I'm having a great recovery. Exception gas but I knew going in that revision was higher for that. I have no gas either. So what helped you in case others are reading
  20. What did you find as an easier protein your first week? I have isopure in the coconut flavor and it has coconut water in it so that means electrolytes. Lets all share that way the next person might be helped its not sickly sweet goes down like water for me, I was surprised but when I was discharged I got the ok to power walk on the treadmill. Who is with me on this, lets do whatever it takes so that this lifestyle change becomes the norm. Hope everyone is doing well I am. 4 days post. I like the about time powder I can't taste the stevia. And I find ginger tea calms the tummy. What do you have to share

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