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    Joint replacement surgery

    Thanks for all the replies. My p/tist was amazed at my range of motion. When he checked, it was at 120 degrees. Not bad. Told my to ditch the walker, except in crowds or bad weather. He worked me over more than I thought he would for the first visit, but not too bad, until he pressed my knee down. Wow, that hurt! I have been anal about the p/t, and he said it shows. If the right knee turns out this well, I will be very happy.
  2. brad360west

    Joint replacement surgery

    Hi, everyone. My bad about updating!! Sorry. It has been going well. I had in home p/t 3 times last week, and very happy with my progress. Can already bend knee over 100 degrees in a sitting position. Very happy with that. I do my exercizes several times a day. I am feeling fatigued, just as I was after the VSG surgery. I have lost the 16 lbs. of swelling, and only swell a slight bit in the evening. My last in home p/t is tomorrow, see Doctor on Tuesday to have dressing removed, and Wednesday is first out patient p/t class. I have backed of second knee till 9 January. Glad I did. I will be very mobile for Christmas, and will be able to enjoy the festivities. I will post a replay of p/t on Wednesday.
  3. brad360west

    Joint replacement surgery

    Surgery in two days. They moved up second knee to mid December. I will be posting after surgery, and during rehab. Thanks for the replys.
  4. brad360west

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    I'm in. HW 296. CW 233. Sleeved 31st July. Thanksgiving weight: 220. Goal weight: 165
  5. brad360west

    Pre-op diet

    Pre op diet is tough. Harder if you don't have support. I am in day 8, and I just do it 1 day at a time. You can't go back and correct what you did yesterday, and tomorrow is not here yet. 1 day at a time. You can do this! Good luck, and keep posting. We are all here for the same reason. PS: Your co-workers are not your friends, or they would be concerned and helping you through this journey.

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