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  1. LIA

    3 mnths post-op

    Thanks Dallas Curvy Girl!
  2. From the album: LIA

    3 mnths post op
  3. From the album: LIA

  4. LIA

    Please be honest...

    I was a every day coffee drinker and I am now 8 wks out and haven't had a cup since surgery. Just don't have the stomach for it no more, LOL, (no punt intended).
  5. He did give me a med which I never fill because I didn't need it in the beginning. I think I will give it a try. Mines is constant all day not just after I eat. I don't know what's going on.
  6. I will be 7wks post op tomorrow and I constantly has a slight nauseated feeling all the time. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so what helps?
  7. LIA

    highmark bcbs

    Been there done that, It's over so much quicker than you would think....
  8. LIA

    Comparison pix

    Wow! Awesome!
  9. Def Not Alone! I last lost 33 since surgery 2/14 and have been stalled for about 2wks. My mind is telling me this is you and this wont work. I know it have worked for so many others but I feel like I'.m the one that it won't work for even if it works for everyone else.
  10. 5wks out and I just had my first salad. It went down really well, at least the little bit I was able to eat, but still I'm so excited to be able to introduce salad back into my diet. It is one on my most favorite things to eat, it makes me feel like I am getting in good healthy stuff along with some protein.
  11. LIA

    1 month out

    I am also 1 mth out with a doctors appt. on Friday and am feeling exactly the same way. I don't really want to put anything in my mouth because I know that I am going to feel bad afterwards. Maybe its just a phase for this period, I hope. I'm really sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am working on getting in my liquids and have been coming really close, but I know that I am not coming no where near what I need for proteins. UHG!
  12. LIA

    is it gonna work?

    Hey Ladies, I am at 3 wks and am having the same fear, wasn't really happy with the scale this morning. I had a drop but only about 3 pds. I know I have not been getting in enough fluids so I am really pushing myself today to get them in. But I;m really starting to wonder if this really going to work? I am trying hard to stay positive.
  13. Congratulations, I'm sure you'll do just fine 8mnths is a long time, you may need to pick a new dress by then....
  14. Congrats, and you will feel better quickly. Just make sure you rest, I believe it helps you recover faster. They only let me have ice chips the day of surgery.
  15. LIA

    Pregnancy after VSG

    I agree, I am also 38 and would like to have 1 more, I only have one. But I decided that the baby as well as me would be healthier if I dropped the weight first. My start weight was 276 and I am 2wks post op and at 248. My doctor also recommends 2 years after surgery which is fine because it will give me time to reach my goal weight, learn how to eat properly and healthy and lessen my chances of diabetes during pregnancy because of my weight. The choose is totally a personal one and you will need to decide what is best for you, but I felt it was best to wait. Many women conceive after 40 without any issues.
  16. LIA

    vsg and celexa?

    I was given 2 tylenols caps at the hospital the day after my surgery for a headache. I believe its up to the individual and how well they go down. But I'm sure taking a small pill won't hurt your sleeve.
  17. Can't wait to look in the mirror and see the new me. 2 weeks post-op!

  18. LIA


    From the album: LIA

  19. Jason, I am 2wks post op today and was very hungry last week. This week not so much, I am actually making myself eat so that I won't end up back in the hospital, so the hunger does go away. As far as the pain just give it a couple of days and you'll it'll start to get better. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days as well and about the 4th or 5th day I felt about 75% better and today no pain at all. I didn't have the gas though, but I hear gasx will be your best friend if you need it. So yes Sir it does get better and we will be slimmer and sexy on top of the better. So just hang in there there is light on the other side of the tunnel. Feel better......
  20. My BMI was 35 when I started the process with no health issues, and my insurance required a 40 BMI or 35 with 2 related health issues. I was so determined that I put on 30 something pounds just so I would qualify. That's how important this was to me. I have been on every diet in the book and had lost tons of weight just to put it back on. I wanted something to help me maintain my hard work and knew that this was the right choose for me. I only told my family and everyone was supportive, they worried but they wanted to support me because they knew I had already made the choose. My mom was the only one that kept saying I didn't need it, and it was mainly because she was scared, but she is fine now that the surgery part is over. I hadn't told my co-workers and never will, because I know I would only get negative comments. I had my surgery 2/14 and have dropped most all the weight that I gained to qualify and I'm excited about dropping the rest and enjoying my new body for life. Good Luck and stay encouraged.