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  1. Anyone try EAS or Optimum Nutrition protein powders? From what I have read, protein isolate is the best, and I am looking for something that tastes good and has the biggest protein bang! I like sweet flavors like chocolate
  2. Hello all, This is my very first post on here, although I have been a frequent visitor and have enjoyed reading everyone's posts on here the last few weeks. It seems like its been forever since I have been considering WLS, I even got a surgery date for RNY about 5 years ago but chickened out at the last minute ... Now after many unsuccessful diets and years later, I am convinced the sleeve is the right choice for me, and I just can't believe I am days away from beginning this journey! I have learned so much from reading all of your posts and advice, I almost feel overwhelmed by all the information, but grateful that I am not going in "blind"! I was wondering if anyone has had a sleeve done by Dr Nick recently? I have been to his seminar and met him already of course, and I am very confident he is a wonderful surgeon, I guess I was just wanting to confirm that I made the right choice if that makes sense? And also I am having my surgery done at Forest Park and I have never been there before, it is brand new, so if anyone has been there, what was your experience like? Thanks again for all your help and feedback!
  3. texbel

    August Sleeves!!

    I'm getting sleeved by Dr Nick next Tuesday! I will let you know how things go, I am very excited and hopefully we can compare notes as we go through this!