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    What's your Green Zone??

    I was banded on June 20th 10 cc band. I have had one postop fill of 2cc and am at 3.5cc total. (I had 1.5cc at time of surgery.) The first day after my fill I thought it was too much--I could barely drink water. But then the next day, I ate soft food no problem and now one week later I am back to normal--in fact I think I am eating too much and will def need another fill when I go back in 5 weeks.
  2. Prynn65


    Congrats! That is awesome.
  3. Prynn65

    Becoming an "after"

    Tremendous difference, but you look beautiful in both pics. Great job!!!
  4. I kept it to myself from everyone except my husband. I told those who had to "know" I'd be out for extended period I was having gallbladder surgery. The surgery and recovery period are very similar. I don't think it's anyone else's business and I really didn't care to hear all of the opinions (pro or con) that would inevitably follow. Additionally, I didn't want to give fuel to the smoking area to discuss how easy it was for me to lose weight when they notice the weight loss. When they ask, I just say--I am eating small portions, exercising and have cut sugar out of my diet.
  5. Thank you very much. I am much better today. Not completely comfortable as I was before the fill, but enough. Thanks for the advice, I sincerely appreciate it.
  6. Hi. I am 18 days post-op. Doing very well, down 16 pounds! But today I had my first fill. I'm now at 3.5cc. My question is, over the last week, I had returned to a "normal" feeling when eating/drinking, as long as I eat/chew slowly. No more hiccups or "bubbles" or pressure feeling. They told me after the fill to have only liquids "for today". But just drinking small sips of Water have to "settle in"....and I'm having lots of "bubbles". How long does this feeling last? I'm afraid to eat again just like right after surgery. Will I be able to eat soft food tomorrow without trouble? All advice is appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much! You were 100% correct! It was much better today. I stuck to mushy foods--and had no problems, except for the return of the hiccups--but I understand the hiccups, so I am not worried. Thanks for your encouraging words--they were comforting and I appreciate it very much.
  8. Yes you are!!! You are fighting like a champ RIGHT NOW! And guess what? you are WINNING!
  9. Prynn65


    Hooray for you!!!! GREAT JOB! I just had my surgery 20 days ago and am loving the feeling of my clothes being looser. I cannot WAIT to buy smaller sizes. YES--you have SO got this!
  10. Hey there! Yes, that first week is especially scary in many ways. And I can also sympathize with the hubby issue. But you are very near over the worst of it. I am 20 days post-op and on day 10 I had lasagna and remember saying to myself "I feel human again!" Since that time, I have moved on to more foods and having no problems. You know, if you chew soft foods very well, you will "puree" them in your mouth instead of the blender. I've now had very tender roast beef, chicken, vegetables and pasta--even some crackers. My doctor says I'm doing great and to keep it up. (I'm still not going to try bread or steak or anything like that for awhile.) But my point is, it feels like the liquids will last forever, but before you know it, you're eating real food again--but you just have to remember to chew slow and thoroughly before swallowing and to keep the bites small. I've lost 18 pounds and am feeling great. I had my first fill yesterday and afterwords I had to go back to liquids for that day--and it worried me because I was having trouble even swallowing water without some feeling of restriction and discomfort. But apparently the fill causes swelling and then it subsides because today, although not up to eating meat, I had mashed potatoes, corn and beets--and ate it no problem. And for the hubby, well. in my circumstance, what I discovered was that my husband was actually grieving--he felt that we would never eat dinner together again and never be able to go out and enjoy ourselves again. He was being self-centered when of course it's "me" physically and mentally going through something very tough--but now I do understand that he also is impacted by my decision and now that he sees I CAN actually eat food and have dinners with him, he's fine. I hope your hubby comes around too--he may be going through a similar grieving process. Anyway, hang in there. You are doing what you need to do to deal with the toughest days--but the light is just around the corner. It's a bright light--fueled by your new happiness.
  11. Prynn65

    Help! I made a mistake.

    No worries, you'll be fine. I am 20 days post-op. My doc told me to do liquids "3 or 4 days before surgery." I decided to do the 4 days. On the evening of day 3, just 2 days before surgery, I also felt like I was starving and ate 2 large slices of cheese pizza. Far worse than chicken breast....lol But no problems at all. My surgery took only 25 minutes and when I asked the doc if he had any problems getting around the liver he said "none whatsoever." I tell you, that pre-op liquid diet, even though I only had to do it for a few days, was the worst part of this for me, I think. 18 lbs down as of today and feeling great--I'm so glad I did it. Congrats and best wishes on joining the band life. You're going to be fine. You'll have surgery as planned and then welcome to a new happier and healthier you.
  12. No I'm not too hungry. But after the fill today, even when I drink water, small sips, I feel pressure in my chest and air bubbles that need to come up--with every sip I take. And I was doing just fine on the soft foods before the fill today. The dr told me just to go back to liquids for just today, So to me, that means I can go back to soft food tomorrow--except with this feeling from just tiny sips of water, I am wondering A) if this is normal and if most people go back to their prior eating stage on 2nd day after fill, or does it take a few days...
  13. Prynn65

    tomorrow is my day!

    Hooray! Good for you! I had mine on June 20th and am doing great. I was scared and very nervous too, right up until they knocked me out for the surgery I was wondering if I was doing the right thing-- and now I'm so happy I did it! The best words ever, "Wake up, your surgery is over!" lol I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Going for my first fill. Best wishes!!!!
  14. Prynn65

    Couple Questions

    Yes, it all depends on your insurance, etc. I'm a self pay and only the first fill is covered in the price I paid for the surgery. After that, it's going to be $200 for each fill. I'm going for my first fill on Monday. Congratulations on making your decision to change your life and in meeting the insurance requirements. Best wishes.
  15. Prynn65

    Day 6 after the lapband surgery

    Hang in there...you are doing great and it will be much better very soon. I'm 17 days postop and doing great. But the first week was not any fun. The second week was better, and now into the 3rd week and I'm having no problems.
  16. I have it, too. I'm only 17 days postop-- I notice it returns when I am "full" from eating. But overall, doing pretty good. I hope yours subsides soon.
  17. Fantastic! So happy for you!!!!
  18. Hi! Glad to hear you are doing so well. I also had surgery on 6/20/13 and am doing great. I have had very little pain, really not even enough to require medication, but I have the med if I need it and have taken a few times. I find that the only pain I have really is if I move in a direction that I should not, bending etc. I had one episode last night where I felt I might vomit after having some pudding. I think I ate it too fast and had air bubbles. Took the Mylicon gas drops and was fine. But that feeling of nausea was certainly a wake-up call. I will be folliwing your blog--thanks for the invitation! Continued success on your journey!
  19. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to learn to navigate this website. I know there is a wonderful community here, but I just feel like I don't know how to get around and communicate with others very well yet. I'm scheduled for surgery day after tomorrow and I am nervous. I am paying for this myself because my insurance does not cover bariatric procedures of any kind for anyone. Since I am self pay, I did not go through counseling or any 'real' preparation. I went to the office, had 'initial consult' with the doctor, had my pre-op bloodwork and scheduled the surgery all in one day. Before I left the office, they handed me some pamphlets about fills and post-op eating and told me to eat a liquid diet "3 or 4 days before surgery." The nurse gave me the "don't eat after midnight and shower with antimicrobial soap" pre-op talk and said they will call me the day before to tell me what time to be at he surgery center. The doctor is a well-experienced surgeon with a good reputation, so I am not nervous about his skill. I just feel so "unprepared"........for what to expect right after surgery....and beyond. Any advice? I feel like it's the day before the wedding and I am having cold feet--but not enough to run. I'd like to make friends with others on here, but not sure how to go about doing that. Any & all recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!
  20. My surgery is Thursday and I am nervous. I am here searching for last minute advice and assurance also. Good luck tomorrow--I will be thinking of you and hoping all goes smoothly.
  21. Hello Bandster Family! So I'm sitting here and thinking to myself--I can't believe this is actually going to happen. And it's not so much that I am "actually" having the the WLS so much as it is that I will finally have a tool to help me keep my weight at a healthy level for life. As I would imagine most of us have, I have struggled with the weight issue my whole life. The whole "fat kid" teasing, the starvation to get slim only to gain it all back and then some in the teen years...and a couple more times as an adult..being overweight most of my life...the self loathing for not having "control". My surgery date is set for June 20,2013. I have not told anyone yet, not even my husband. My husband is against WLS as he feels it is dangerous and unnecessary and that if people will just "eat right and exercise" it should not be a problem. I wanted to do this 2 years ago and because of his extreme negative opinion, I did not do it. What do I have to show for that? Another 20 lbs gained. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............ Why can't some people understand that if that worked for all of us that simply we'd just do it? Wish me well in telling my darling spouse that this IS HAPPENING! I appreciate his love and concern, but this is MY LIFE (literally) we are talking about and not to mention the fact that this is a relatively safe surgery with very rare post-op complications. We have known several people who have died following gastric bypass surgery, etc. due to post-op complications, so this is what is stuck in his mind. Anyone else have problems with family members or others arguing against the surgery? Thanks!
  22. Thanks grace24ann! Best of luck to you, also.
  23. Thanks for sharing, Allison! That's wonderful. So happy for you. Those of us just starting out really appreciate hearing how well you are doing. I'm pre-op scheduled for June 20. Any tips for the immediate post-op period? Thanks!
  24. Best wishes for success! I'm scheduled for June 20!
  25. Prynn65

    Starting the Journey :-)

    Good luck to you both on your journey! I'm going next week to see the surgeon.

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