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  1. Awesome....you look great!!
  2. Alaskanole

    tricare process

    Hi! I'm military also and have Tricare. (Moody AFB in GA) I've heard lots of stories about the process over the years as I secretly hoped my docs would bring this up as an option but never did. Finally moved here and had an appt to discuss weight and related issues for the millionth time. My BMI was just over 40, so my doc asked if I would ever consider surgery...finally! He gave me a referral, but I was unsure what that meant....Was I approved immediately? ....Did I need to go through the 6 months of documenting first? Tried to schedule an appointment with the surgeon's office for a consultation, but was told I needed to attend an informational seminar first (you may already have gone through this). The amazing woman who handles the insurance/financial portion of the process told me I needed 3 consecutive months of a supervised weight loss program noted in my records before Tricare would approve it. They approved me for the initial consult, but I still needed to provide proof of trying to lose weight. So I went home and signed back up for Weight Watchers Online, something I'd done several times along with a multitude of other programs and attempts, but I had never officially seen my doctor to discuss my progress monthly (supervised), just randomly and no real specifics. I did WW for three months, saw my doctor at the beginning of each month so he could write it in my records, discuss any issues, and called back to my surgeon's office right after my 3-month appt. Now, I am having surgery on July 31st!! This process started in January, but had a few delays along the way. Sooooooo excited!! I'm not sure exactly where you're at in the process, so I won't explain more. But if you have questions and are at the very beginning stages of getting Tricare approved, let me know and ask away! Good luck!
  3. Alaskanole


    Hi 3mommy! My date is July 31st also!! I've been on PreOp diet for 2 weeks so far. 1 1/2 to go, but my doctor uses the Sugar Busters diet instead of liquid only, so fortunately I get to eat "real" foods. Although I'd assume doing a liquid diet prepares you better for post op. I'm so excited, too!!! We should stay connected to share our experiences. Everyone in this July group is amazing!! Good luck!
  4. Mommyofk, prayers that your first day back to work went well!!
  5. My surgery is on the 31st and I'm going back on Aug. 5th. Hopeful it works out okay. I'm a 3rd grade teacher with a coteacher in the room, but it's our first year working together in the same room. I've had 4 cesareans and a hysterectomy, from all of which my recovery was easy....vacuuming and doing laundry the day I got home. I'm a few years older now, but hope I can handle going back quickly! Everyone's recovery has been quite varied. Students return on Aug. 8th.....Please say a prayer for me when the time comes!!!
  6. Sorry.....*not familiar with....! I didn't realize there would be such variation in PreOp diets. Some do not require one at all.
  7. I'm sorry....took off for vacation and stayed mostly tech free. Should have mentioned that! My PreOp is the Sugar Busters diet. My surgeon prefers it because straight liquid is so hard for that long (3 1/2 weeks for me), and he feels it might set some people up for failure. Personally, this was a huge decision, and if I'm going to do it, I hope to do it right throughout the journey no matter how hard!! Of course, this will only be possible with lots of support and encouragement! If you're not famine with Sugar Busters, it's basically high Protein, low fat and sugar. I can have all lean meats, whole grains only, most veggies and fruits. I feel like I am lucky compared to those on the liquids only.
  8. Thanks!! Going to Hershey, PA...home of Hershey's chocolate....celebrating my brother's 50th, my niece's and my own daughter's 21st, and my birthday on this trip. No cake and ice cream this year!!
  9. I need to get my day started....leaving for vacation tomorrow, which should be interesting for my preop diet. I'm not on liquids though, so I guess it will be easier than it would for most. Thankful. I haven't eaten today because I think I had too much protein yesterday and woke up still feeling full. NEVER thought I would say that as a person who is really particular about meat. Not a vegetarian, but just very picky about quality. I used to overeat or eat all the wrong foods, so I guess I've never realized the true feeling protein can give when eating healthy!
  10. Hahaha! I have baby food waiting for me in my cabinets for post op!
  11. Alaskanole

    60kgs (132lbs) 3rd April 2010

    You look amazing!!
  12. Wow....so inspiring as I begin my journey!! Way to go!!
  13. Alaskanole


    Mine is July 31st! Hope all is going well for you post op!
  14. Alaskanole

    Um, really???

    George, Have you checked out the new "Self-pay and Banded in Mexico" forum? I'm new to this and haven't had surgery yet, so I am not that knowledgeable, but since you were banded in Mexico it may be helpful. Just saw it and thought of your post from earlier.
  15. I think it was set up by crayolaphoenix...I haven't messaged her yet, but would like to join. Not sure which I'll use more, but my FB time is kind of random and very inconsistent, so this will probably be most beneficial at least for now.
  16. YES! Very informative from others who really understand how you're feeling and are living the experience.
  17. I am just taking in all the info since I won't be banded until the 31st. It seems like docs have very different plans and advice and everyone's body and band also have their own plans! Getting nervous to see how mine will react! Wishing all of you in post op as little discomfort as possible and grateful for all of your info and shared experiences!!
  18. My Fitness Pal app that let's you track everything you eat, water intake, exercise, share your food diary with friends, along with encouragement and support. I'm alaskanole (username); mynolefamily@hotmail.com for anyone who joins and wants to add me!
  19. Hey, I don't think my doctor gave me a calorie limit....or I don't remember....for my PreOp diet, which is Sugar Busters, not a liquid diet. What does/did everyone else take in per day approximately?? I'm tracking on MFP and getting about 900-1,000 cal/day. Making sure I get my protein in, but not sure if I'm getting enough of what I need. Lost 7.6 lbs in 3 days.
  20. Alaskanole

    July 31st surgery date

    Me, too!!! So happy to have others to share this experience with over the next months or longer...!
  21. Awesome! Mine is on July 31st. I am on Day 4 of PreOp diet and doing great. Lost 7.6 lbs so far. My doctor has me on the Sugar Busters diet, so I'm allowed to eat actual food, just high protein/low carb/sugar. Good luck on Tuesday! Stay positive!
  22. I'm near Valdosta and getting banded on July 31st. Would love to share stories, info, and ideas as I start on this journey!! Have you had your surgery yet?

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