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    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Hw: 238 Sw:215 Cw:141 Gw:115
  2. RebecaSparkles

    October 2013 Sleevers Roll call!

    HW:228 Sw:215 Cw:152 Gw:115 I am doing okay, have 38 or so to goal. Its been really slow going since month four. Still keeping the faith but its discouraging.
  3. Checking in: Cw:157.8 Hw:228 Sw:215 Gw:115-ish
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    IMG 6033

    From the album: During

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    IMG 6032

    From the album: During

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    IMG 6021

    From the album: During

  8. RebecaSparkles

    October 2013 Sleevers Roll call!

    10/3- Hw:228 Sw:215 Cw: 175 Gw:115 60 more to go!
  9. I think Dr.aceves has a youtube channel where he talks about sleeving his niece @ 12. I think you're being a great mom.
  10. RebecaSparkles

    Pita chips and hummus

    I've eaten them. They are yummy. But, as you know, hummus doesn't have much Protein per tbs. Sabra brand has 2tbs of hummus for 2g protein. Not the best choice. You can have this be part of your day if you plan ahead & do a Protein shake etc. That said, I do hummus, chicken kabob chunks & a few pita chips like 3 of the Stacey's garlic parm. And I'm done. I got the best of both worlds, ended up w/ 1.5 oz chicken and 2 oz of hummus. Yes!!! I dislike Protein shakes so I try to eat my protein rather than eat low protein & do shakes. Either way works, just gotta feel it out.
  11. RebecaSparkles

    October 2013 Sleevers Roll call!

    Sw: 215 Hw:228 Cw: 189.6 Dos: 10/03/13
  12. Lets be honest here. I was really there for the cajun fries. The burgers are good, but I'm a recovering fry gal. To eat only 6, and only after my Protein was a major victory for me. Yes, 800 cal is high but I'm ok w/ that.
  13. Had 5 guys-bacon cheeseburger and cajun fries. I am one who didn't have this surgery to give up my fav's. So, I had the patty, cheese, bacon, grilled onions and like 6 fries w/ vinegar. I threw out the bun minus 1small nibble. I did not finish the whole patty. At 2 bites left I gave up bc afraid to over eat. And yes, I did put it in mfp.
  14. So, I noted that as I'm losing I've started to transition from 2 large "rolls" on the belly to three smaller ones & that I'm starting to crease in a different spot. Its sometimes painful like when you twist & a new fold presents itself. Guess no one warned me about this.
  15. RebecaSparkles

    Cooking Show For Weight Loss Surgery

    And we thank you for them! They are entertaining & I love seeing u & ur Mom! Keep up the good work.
  16. RebecaSparkles

    Walden Farms Foods

    I've tried many they were all yuck in a cup. I hear the maple syrup was ok.
  17. RebecaSparkles

    Who In Here Is Drinking Sodas

    I had 1/2 club soda 1/2 Water w/ lime. About 6 oz worth. I drank it with a straw! Shocking I know. Please do as your dr says. That said, I had no problems other than lots of burping.
  18. RebecaSparkles

    One Month out Pics

    Hey guys, here's my pics from one month post op.
  19. I dont eat seafood but usually they'll have a seafood/fish dish on the app menu that is sleeve friendly. Lately, I've been into getting the fra diablo muscles but without muscles & chicken instead. Its a smaller portion of chicken & has tomatoes, onion, bell pepper & chorizo in a white wine broth. Nice & moist , very flavorful. I ask for no garlic toast as I cant eat it.
  20. RebecaSparkles

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    Checking in. Sooo close to onderland!!!! Stupid 200.2!!! Sw: 228 Cw:200.2 Thangsgiving goal : 197.
  21. Billed amount vs my responsibility due to a self insured plan. 1,000 ded & 30% co insurance. Overall costs include 40 x 8 dr/nut visit co pays & pharmacy co pays of $30 x3. allons-y
  22. RebecaSparkles

    Thank you Kaiser Permanente MAS!

    Virginia hospital center didn't have me pay anything up front. My dr's office bills u for ur copays so they come about a month after you see him. I'm doing okay. I really shouldnt complain bc I am 201 today. I can eat everything I've tried- Chinese, Chipotle, chicken, Beef, Indian etc. another girl same day as me, same dr. Has trouble w/ Water & Soups. allons-y
  23. RebecaSparkles

    Woe is Me :-)

    We have one of the exercise ball chairs but no one used it after the first week. It had a back & you could make it either softer for less difficulty or firmer for more. I dont work at that location & I am up & diwn constantly so that wouldnt work for me. allons-y
  24. RebecaSparkles

    Unjury unflavored powder

    I like the Syntrax unflavored but it does have a faint Jello smell in my tea. I make hot tea w/ milk & 1 scoop unflavored for 10 g Protein. allons-y

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