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  1. Yes I would have but I would not have gotten the lap band if I qualified for the sleeve!! My insurance would only cover Gastric Bypass or the lap band. I thought the Gastric was a little to serious for my body BMI and I did not qualify for the sleeve which is what I wanted so I had to settle for the band. So I would have to say yes because I am still loosing weight even though it is not as fast as i want it to but I have to be patient but I am loosing weight and I am happy about that!!
  2. debbiepolk

    What To Do When Food Gets Stuck?

    Posted by msdetermine59 in msdetermine59's Blog, January 25, 2013 - · 0 views Good morning. I am post opt December 18, 12. Like some other comments on here I to was always hungry. Even though I still followed all of the rules I was still always hungry. So last night I decided to push the envelope a little. Wrong. When I eat I use small plates and small forks so I do not put much on it and wait 1 minute before eating another bite small bites. So last night my aunt sent some dry lima beans with dumplings and it had beef in it. So instead of me just getting a 1/2 cup of the beans I grab a big bowl because that is my weakness meal:(. So sometimes I even forget I have a band. I ate that bowl of beans not slow and I did not chew chew chew along with small bits of beef. So I was in excruciating pain from 8 pm last night until 6 am this morning. No matter what I did I could not find relief. I try not to throw up but I ended up doing that hoping I would get some relief but I did not. I moved around asking God to take that pain away and I would never do that again. Nothing work. I kept my husband up all night for doing that. I ended up throwing up again and it scared me because it was coming out of my nose also. I called my doctor and told him what I did but it was nothing he could do and he told me I just had to wait until it passed. I was in so much pain I did not think I was going to make it. I am still in a little pain but nothing like last night and this morning. I will never ever do that again. I try to eat some tomato soup this morning and I felt like I wanted to throw it up so I did not eat it. Has anyone ever been in this situation and if so what did you do. Did you go back to liquids or soft foods. The doctors do not like it when they hear this and I could tell my doctor did not like what I did. I will never put myself in this situation again. Times like this if anyone ask me would I do this all over again and I would say no!! No I would not do this again. But after thinking about it this is why I am in this situation now because I over ate and with the band it keeps me from doing that until last night. Never again but I am still glad I went through with it. Now that I am feel a little better I would do it again.
  3. Child i like that. I am post op dec 18 and it is still not on my list of things to do. Lol
  4. Child i like that. I am post op dec 18 and it is still not on my list of things to do. Lol
  5. debbiepolk

    when should I get a fill

    Hey Brann. I am post op december 18. I am due to get a fill jan 30. I too had a small fill during surgery also. Your dr will tell you when it is time to get a fill. I think the wait time is 6 weeks if it needs to be adjusted. I too am not looking forward to it either.lol... i feel more hungry also and feel like i could eat more. I eat 3 small mels and 2 Snacks a day and still feel hungry. So call your dr because he is the best one that can answer that for you and about your meals. Good luck.
  6. debbiepolk

    Bariatric Choice

    ! Yes that is why i ordered it because i got the book in the mail. The snacks are pretty good cause of the crunching. I did not like the foods but...... the pancakes was kind of OK.lol... but hey give it a try if you are curious and see for yourself you might be surprised. I too do not like protein bars. Let me know what you......... think if you order some
  7. debbiepolk

    Bariatric Choice

    Hello and i have tried it and child no it is not good! Well, i did not like it. You might like it. Lol. Everything is not for everybody..... i still have some in my cabinets to throw out. I am post op Dec 18, 2012. But you might like it. If you want to just....... try it then maybe order 1 or 2 things and try for yourself..... i asked my dr about it and he told me not to eat it.
  8. debbiepolk

    Banded yesterday

    Yes girl with me it lasted about a week. It was really painful in my shoulder and under my rib cage. I walked the next day trying to move it along:) but hang in there it will get better. But it was painful. Some said it was gas and some said it come from being under...... either way i never had that pain before. Good luck on your journey. I am post op Dec 18, 2012
  9. debbiepolk

    Banded yesterday

    Yes girl. I was banded dec 18 and the pain was unbearable in my shoulder and under my rib cage. The dr said it is gas and some1 else says it comes from being under anthesia but either way it is painful and with me it lasted about a week. I walked the 2nd day trying to help me it along with a little relief........ but nt much. Good luck
  10. debbiepolk


    Girl good luck on that.lol. It is all I can do just to get 64oz down. I could drink at least 64oz a day before the band because I love water. But since the band I am having a hard time trying to get all of my water down. But I am trying to work my way to get at least 64oz. Because when I drink big gulps or drink to fast it is very painful at least for me it is. But go easy and just try to work your way to at least 64oz. Good luck.
  11. debbiepolk

    day 8 pre-opt

    Good luck girl. I was banded on December 18 and the best decision I ever made. When is your surgery??? Keep me posted.
  12. debbiepolk

    shoulder pain

    Child that was the worst. I think for me it was about a week. It was torture girl! But it will pass just hang in there and give it time. That to shall pass. Good luck with your journey. It will get better. Sometimes it almost brought me to tears. I used a heating pad sometimes and I started walking a little the second day cause I really wanted it gone. lol
  13. debbiepolk

    What A Bunch Of Crap!

    Hi i would go to my regular doctor. Because if you get a referal it will be easier but if your bmi needs to be a certain number for obese or you have to have high blood, sleep apnea, or high cholesterol. Mine was 36 bmi but i have high blood and a referal from my dr. So check with your regular dr. But do not give up if you need and want it. Good luck.
  14. debbiepolk

    Very nervous for my first fill

    I am glad to hear that. I had my lap band done dec 18 2012. He put in a little during surgery so i too am nervous when i go get my first awake fill. So i am glad to hear yours went good! But i am still nervous. Lol
  15. debbiepolk

    dinner tonight

    If you are close to a food lion or walmart they have it already seasoned in lemon and Italian. Just put in freezer bause they are pre packaged.
  16. debbiepolk

    dinner tonight

    Morning have you tried walmart. I buy them all the time it comes in lemon and seasoned in italian. Just the right portion size.
  17. debbiepolk

    I have to brag

    Hey girl. Brag on lady. You are beautiful. When i do that i will brag to.lol. motivation for me. You deserved the brag rights. Good luck and congrats
  18. debbiepolk

    New Here

    Hey Nakeishia. I was banded December 18 and girl i know how you feel. But it will get better....... i am sore still especially around the port area. I was sick of liquids to but girl it all part of the process........ hang in there it will get better.... the first week of liquids i lost 3lbs....... and the week of my lap band with liquids i lost 6lbs so i lost 9lbs in 2 weeks. Give it time girl. I felt like i had been run over but now it is getting better........ please do as your dr tells you and good luck.
  19. debbiepolk

    Banding on December 19

    Hello lady. I got mine on the 18. Doing pretty good so far. Go for fill January 30. How are doing so far?

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