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  1. You look great!!!! I can't wait to be 80 pounds lighter..
  2. @newat52 That is great I can't wait to be 40 pounds lighter...
  3. @Skinnyminded I lost 34 pounds so far.
  4. sanaya30

    Any Jersey Sleevers?

    Hey #2 playlikeworldchamps I had got sleeved by Dr. Chau to on 3/6/13. so down 33 pounds and I also feel great and I live in Spotswood NJ
  5. sanaya30

    Sleeved 11/5/12

    You look amazing. ..
  6. @Newat52 I am feeling more normal everyday now and I feel that I have so much energy now. I have went out to eat a few times and it feels good to eat less and fill full. The bill is definitely way less now... lol. You keep up the good work too!!!
  7. Thank you everyone! !! I am feeling great!
  8. sanaya30

    Before and after! pics

    Wow you look beautiful! !!!!
  9. sanaya30

    3 month post op pic

    Wow you look great!!! Can you please share what you did to shed 100s??
  10. sanaya30

    Where is my March Sleeves?

    I was sleeved 3/6 and I am down 32 pounds altogether.
  11. sanaya30

    Any Fitness Pal users?!

    Please add me every one I need support. shmk_wlkr@yahoo.com
  12. sanaya30

    Post op march sleevers

    Hi everyone so I went to the Dr. Today lost 13 pounds I am very excited but I still want real food. But next Wed I get to start my puree food so I am happy about that. But this stage is so hard not being able to have nothing but liquids sucks.. I am so happy that my gas pains are a lot better today and walking n Gas-X really helps.
  13. sanaya30

    Post op march sleevers

    Magpie30- I be feeling the same way I had my surgery March 6th and I hate the gas pains and not being able to eat nothing. I felt like crying today and yesterday. I wish I can get rid of this gas pain. It seems like everything I eat gives me gas now.
  14. sanaya30

    Post op march sleevers

    Hi all I was sleeved on March 6th and only had to stay in the hospital one day. Surgery went well but the gas pains are killing me!!! I also can't wait to make a bowel movement. I hope the gas pain will go away soon but other then that I have no other pain but wish I can eat something the broth soup.
  15. sanaya30

    March Sleevers Where are You

    I am at the hospital too.. I am very nervous! !! My blood pressure is a lil high. I pray that we all have good surgery and wake with no pain or nausea.
  16. sanaya30

    Tomorrow 7am!

    May God be with you.. my surgery is at 8:30 in NJ tomorrow also..
  17. Yea I am doing my liquid diet today and tomorrow and Wed is my Surgery at 8:30 in NJ!! I am so excited
  18. sanaya30

    March Sleevers Where are You

    I can not believe that I will be sleeved in 2 more days!!! March 6th will be the day my life change forever for the best!! I pray that all of our surgeries go well and safe and that we have a speedy recovery!!
  19. Thank you so much for this post. May God bless every last one of us that is getting surgery. I pray for fast and safe recovery. My surgery date is March 6th and I am nervous. ..
  20. sanaya30

    Before & Current

    Wow you look great!!!! when did you have your surgery?
  21. sanaya30

    My turn, My turn, to say....

    I wish both of yall well and a speedy recover!!