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  1. Meme, what a wonderful thing your mom is doing for you. I can remember my mom cooking those special meals. Sure miss them. The meatloaf sounds so good with the bacon & potatoes. I know she is probably putting her special touches on it. I can follow my moms recipes to the T, and they still don't taste as good as hers did. I was also one of the lucky ones that lost all hunger and also my taste for things. Things that I normally loved and def. ate too much of just does not appeal to me anymore. Which is a good thing I guess. The only thing my body really enjoys is fish (any kind, any way), and a new smoothie I found from Smoothie Fit. It is called a chocolate covered strawberry. It is only 200 calories for a 20 ounce, and I add an extra scoop of Protein. That is my treat about once a week. It is really good and not bad on calories and I get protein in also. I don't think Smoothie King has it. And the horse shoe sounds to die for. That would be a weeks meal lol. Enjoy your meal and your day with mom. Let us know how it was.
  2. LOL...I know what you mean by the protein drinks. I have gone to the protein shots also. I pour about 1/2 of one of the shots in a small cup and sip on it, then I finish the rest of the shot a few hours later. I try to get the rest in by food. I had surgery on the 2nd of Aug. and down about 23 lbs. so doing pretty good. Had the normal 9 day stall around the 3rd week and few minor problems. I have enjoyed being able to lose the weight without being hungry, and so far have enjoyed my sleeve. I do not have the taste for food I had before surgery. We went to a couple of buffets lately and I would get a couple of spoonfuls of items I thought I would enjoy and be easy on my sleeve but nothing tasted wonderful like before, which is good I guess. My main staple food is fish. Seems my body wants fish for dinner everyday. And egg with cheese for breakfast. Working on getting exercise in as I did too much too soon and body had to remind me. Good Luck everyone and keep us posted.
  3. I hate that 3 week stall. I had my surgery on Aug. 2nd. Third week I went into a 9 day stall. Thought it would never end. But on the 10th day I started dropping again. I can also eat almost anything I want. Just don't want but a few spoonfuls, so am doing great. Still hard to get protein in just because I don't like the shakes and they fill me up so fast it takes so long to try to get them in. I try to eat a few beans, or something with protein to make up for it. Glad everyone is doing great.
  4. Checking back in. Had surgery Aug. 2nd. Had a little setback for about a week. Saw surgeon today and he said they put a suiture lower to left side of belly button and sometimes it gets a nerve in there aggitated. Took about a week but now doing great. As of today 19 lbs. About the 3rd week I had a 9 day stall. Uhhhh, thought it would never end. I have started getting slight cramps in my right leg at the bottom. I told doc I had started eating about 1/3 bananna for more potassium. Everyone looks like they are doing great. I am starting to tell in my clothes, so that is nice. Everyone keep us posted. This site has been great for knowing what to expect.
  5. Thanks, I'm gonna have to break down and order some Unjury. Haven't tried it yet.
  6. Wow that is great Jimmy James. How do you get your protein in? Do you do the shakes?
  7. Thanks Julie, sorry it happened to you but gives me a little heads up as to how long it will take to mend. Hope you feel better soon too.
  8. I was sleeved on the 2nd and so far 15.6 lbs. I had a setback where I have not been able to do much exercise due to a pulled/tore muscle or scar tissue below my belly button on the left side. It started 6 days ago and today was the first time I was able to do a little walking. Glad it is getting better though, I was starting to worry. Surgeon said if not any better to call today but I think I am on the mend. Just felt too good at first and overdid it. I have found about every 5 days I gain like .5 lbs. Don't know what that is about. Just on the chart I have it is always like every 5 days. Where do you find the Injury Powder, do you have to order it?
  9. Hang in there mama, good days are coming. Feel better soon.
  10. I have been doing one bullet that is 6 oz (3 oz. early, and 3 oz few hours later). It is 42 grams protein. I haven't read a lot about them on here so don't know if it is good or not. I just couldn't get in all the protein from the shakes, it took me all day long. Does anyone use them? I think the one I have is 160 calories, but I try to get some more protein from egg salad or something. And Julie you are so right. I overdid, walking, WII, Exercising legs in pool til I was right back in the bed. It has taken me 4 days to get the pulled/twisted scar tissue or muscle back settled down. One thing I did do was visit my local seafood restauant who fixed me up with some crab bisque soup. I froze that and some fresh broccoli soup in plastic ice cube trays. Once they were frozen I just popped them out and put in a plastic bag. I used the crab bisque soup to put with my grilled fish to make it very moist. I can only eat about my 2 oz. shot glass with the fish and bisque mixture. I still haven't developed the taste for chicken or hamburger meat yet. My body will only eat a tiny piece of fish and I love the cottage cheese with a little splenda on it. Any other tips?
  11. I was also sleeved on Aug. 2nd. I lost very slow at first but seems to be picking up. I'm now 13.1. No problems except overdid at first. Waiting on muscle or scar tissue to settle down then back to exercising. Much better day today.
  12. Thanks all, kept me from worrying too much til I got in touch with my surgeon's assistant. She said I probably twisted or turned quickly or wrong and possibly tore scar tissue or upset a muscle. She said to apply heating pad and it should settle back down in the next couple of days. Said to take Tylenol or pain med's. I had got a little brave because I was doing so good ( drove three hours, been in small pool working legs, doing WII) You just get to where you feel so good. Don't knoew if it is the diet, losing a little weight, or just pumped up and excited about losing the weight.
  13. Has anyone ever experienced any pain and burning type sensation about 3 inches below the large incision. I don't know if this is where the pouch is located. Feels a little swollen. I am two weeks post of.
  14. Large incision is on my left side, but the pain is below it about 2-3 inches or below the belly button on the left side.
  15. lynn225

    How is everyone doing?

    Really don't know Mama, sorry you are not feeling well. I can't eat over about 1 1/2 oz. of pureed foods. Still haven't lost much weight, hopefully if I get in all my Water today it will pick up. Good Luck and feel better.
  16. lynn225

    How is everyone doing?

    You are doing great WOW! I had my surgery on the 2nd and only lost 8 lbs. so far, which is getting a little depressing. I am trying to get my 64 oz. of water in and protein but is very hard. Hopefully it will pick up. I am probably getting in 5 gasses a day and maybe 50 grams of protein. Am also walking with the WII about 10 minutes. Has anyone else had this slow weight loss?
  17. lynn225

    Officially on the other side!!

    Yeah Ladybug! Congrats!
  18. lynn225

    Let's keep cheering our teammates on!

    Thanks Mama for keeping our team together and strong. This teamwork and prayers are what's making this team strong. Go All Stars! Good Luck everyone sip, sip, walk, walk.
  19. lynn225

    I'm on the losers bench!

    Yeah MeMe!......Best Wishes for a smooth first day. Sip, sip, walk, walk.......Keep us posted.
  20. lynn225

    Introducing myself

    Go Girl! I got the EAS chocolate Shakes and added ice to them to make a shake. Haven't been able to get but maybe 1 1/2 per day down. Was that 15 since surgery date? I had lost 12 before surgery and 6 since but none in last 3 days. Uhhhh, can't understand that one. Maybe need to make sure I get Water and more Proteins in.
  21. lynn225

    The need to chew

    My follow-up is your week also I think on the 17th. I have been grinding up ice and leaving it a little chunky to chew with my water or protein shakes. Hope this will help. Hang in there!
  22. lynn225

    Introducing myself

    Congrats Melanie! I had my sleeve also on the 2nd. We will be in this journey together. Had a great couple of last days, but think I felt a little too good yesterday, because today I feel kinda drug out from probably doing too much. Not really eating anything just trying to get the protein in. Haven't lost anything in the last three days though. First couple lost 5 or 6 so don't know about that. Keep posting on how y
  23. MeMe..... Thank you so much for starting this thread. It has been great talking and sharing with others the feelings we were having. It is hard for those that are not going through it to understand the feelings we are having. Keep us strong! Good Luck everyone!
  24. Surgery was Tuesday Aug. 2nd. Time was scheduled for 9:00. Had to be at hospital around 7:30 where bloodwork, IV was started, and consultation with sleep doctor lol. Said once they wheeled you in operating room they would give me something to relax in IV and then move me over to operating table. I really don't remember even moving over. I remember waking up and a nurse saying, hello, how are you feeling. I was feeling fine except for my mouth and around my mouth had a tingling sensation and a numbness. They asked if I needed anything for pain and I said no, I was fine. I have a slight reaction to metal and apparently the mask used had some type of metal around it. No problem went away in a couple of hours. After awhile they said they were ready to move me to my room and wanted to give me something before the move so I would not start hurting on the ride down. In room hubby was waiting and nurses checking my vitals and asking how I was feeling. Had a few ice chips and within a few hours was ready to try to get up. Sitting up was my worse problem. I had to have help. Once sitting up I could stand with no problem. I could not get up on my right side. But could get up on my left with a little support and putting leg down first. Nurse advised when you get back in swing your leg up if possible and just follow your arm down gradually. You will find what works for you. Walking did help tremendously with soreness. I never experienced any pain, or gas discomfort, just very sore on the larger incesion talked about. Getting home I found it more comfortable sitting up with a back rest and a pillow on it, or in a recliner. Definately easier getting up from a recliner, even if you have to have a walker or straight back chair for support getting up. Today is day 5 and I am on creamy broth. The first couple of days I only got down fluids, just wasn't hungry, although I did like the white cherry Powerade. Not strong but with a little flavor. I had lost around 11 lbs. and around 8 since day before surgery. I feel great. Am off blood pressure medicine, am able too walk, even snuck into my small 3-4 foot pool and sat in a recliner so not to get incisions wet and just kicked legs. My stomack acts a little tired if I have been up too long, and actually feels full when I have had enough. I bought a little pack of 3 oz. plastic shot glasses that have been great for me to measure my Soup, etc. with. Have never felt hungry. Even with hubby grilling steaks my mouth never watered for one, and I was happy with my cream of chicken soup. Thanks so much for the wonderful support, It is a tremendous feeling knowing how many on this board have done great and what they went through. Good Luck to all the August Sleevers. Would I do it again. In a minute.

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