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  1. Hi, Was just wondering if we could have a pregnant mama check-in? How far along? How are you feeling? Any concerns? Weight gain? Boy or girl? Favorite thing about being pregnant?
  2. annapatel

    How much did you gain?

    I gained about 35lbs. Dr wasn't worried and I didn't let it bother me. I gained weight for other reasons before, at least this time my reason was justified.
  3. annapatel

    When is everyone due?

    Just had mine! 4/26/15. Natural childbirth!
  4. Is anyone actively trying to conceive now? I had surgery in February 2013, suffered some serious complications, but recovered well and now my husband and I are actively trying to conceive baby #2. I was 255lbs when I got pregnant with baby #1 and 325 when he was born. I am now 173. I never thought I would be so excited to be pregnant again - but I am so dedicated to having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
  5. annapatel

    Breastfeeding 2 years post op

    Breastfeeding hunger is no joke. The key is small portions, protein. A breastfeeding mother needs about 500 more calories a day. That is a lot for us with small tummies. Try foods that are a bit higher in good fats, like avocado, coconut oil, and nuts.
  6. annapatel

    Breastfeeding With Sleeve

    I had VSG in February 2013. After severe complications, I finally made a full recovery and lost 150lbs. I was 325 when my son was born, and 170 when I conceived this baby. So far I've gained about 30lbs, but my doctor is very happy with my health overall. This pregnancy has been much more difficult than my first. I don't know if it's WLS surgery related or not - but I was extremely nauseas my first 17 weeks, and even now I have times when I struggle with nausea and vomiting. Eating hasn't been a huge issue, I just eat small amounts a lot more often. I try not to eat right before bed because I've had a horrible time with reflux, and I still take Prilosec daily. I try to drink 90oz of Water a day, and eat Protein to keep me full, but I don't stress if I don't get xx amount in. I always have a Protein shake for Breakfast because I can't tolerate heavy food in the morning. I'm on the fence as to whether or not this will be my last pregnancy. I really want more children, but I don't know if I can handle being sick again for 4+ months.
  7. annapatel

    Breastfeeding With Sleeve

    Thanks for this post. I am 33 weeks pregnant with my second child and I'm desperate to breastfeed. I wasn't able to nurse my son because of he had heart problems, making the suck/swallow/breath reflex nearly impossible for him. So far, my baby girl is healthy and my dr says there is no reason why I won't be able to nurse her. However, I am terrified that I will lack nutrients for my baby. This gives me hope that it'll be ok and as long as I continue my vitamins, water and protein, we will be ok.
  8. annapatel

    Hi risk pregnancy!

    My OB doesn't consider me high risk and I've had 2 bariatric surgeries (lap band in 2008 and gastric sleeve in 2013). I am watching my fluids and protein, but other than that, I'm not doing anything different than I did with my son - oh and I'm not gaining 100lbs either!!!
  9. annapatel

    Actively TTC?

    It took us 5 months to conceive baby 2. I'm due in April, currently just about 24 weeks along.
  10. I have a good size bump and I'm 24 weeks on Monday. Some of it also has to do with where your uterus is. My uterus is tilted forward so it popped pretty quick with baby 2.
  11. annapatel

    Water intake

    No advice because I still fail at water and I'm 22 weeks along. I have found since morning sickness subsided around 17 weeks, that iced tea goes down and stays down and I can drink a lot of it. I put honey in mine to sweeten it just a bit. I agree that coconut water was good, went down easily, and is full of electrolytes, so it helps whatever you've lost.
  12. annapatel

    glucose test

    I am not drinking the glucose drink, instead my doctor is allowing me to eat pancakes with real maple syrup and then I'll go in an hour later to have my sugar checked. I didn't have GD with my first, so my doctor doesn't think I'll have it with this one either.
  13. annapatel

    Actively TTC?

    Congrats to you!! I'm about to enter month 5 of TTC. Hoping it's my turn soon
  14. When I got pregnant with my son 2 years ago, I was banded. One of the first symptoms I had was my band was either too tight and I was throwing up everything (even water) or I could eat anything and everything. I'm too early to test right now, but I'm having the similar feeling of having a bottomless pit - eating everything and anything. Did anyone else have similar feelings? I am not eating everything in sight because I've taught myself to eat 5-6 small meals (which works best for me because I get nauseous on large meals). Any insight is appreciated!
  15. annapatel

    Actively TTC?

    I have a May baby, and I am a June baby...I need to mix it up a bit!
  16. annapatel

    Actively TTC?

    Thank you! Hoping for a positive soon so we can have a winter baby!
  17. annapatel

    Actively TTC?

    We have been trying for 2 months now. I had my IUD removed in February.
  18. annapatel


    I didn't get fat eating watermelon. I would probably wait until after you've healed, but then it's fair game, in my opinion.
  19. annapatel

    Before and After Pics

    Here is my before and current. A year ago I had just given birth to my son and I was at my highest weight. I lost 30 some lbs and that's the October picture. Today I weigh 228. Goal is 175.
  20. I was sleeved on 2/21 and had some complications so I really wasn't able to care for my child ( who was 9 months old at the time) for the first 3 weeks. My MIL was up here from Atlanta and had it not been for her, I would have been in serious trouble. I will say though as long as you are careful when you're lifting ( lift with your legs, not your back or stomach) you'll be fine. They told me nothing more than 5lbs for the first 6 weeks, I laughed. I said there is no way I won't be lifting my son for 6 weeks. We worked around it and did just fine. If you have an easy surgery, you should be ok within a few days.
  21. annapatel

    feb 2013 sleevers weigh in

    I was sleeved on 2/21. 283 on surgery day and today I am 231. So 52lbs in 12 weeks?
  22. I take 4 children's gummies, a multi, an iron supplement, vitamin A, vitamin D and B12 injections (once a week).
  23. I'm with you! Instead of the 80/20 rule, I do. 90/10 rule...eat healthy 90% of the time, indulge 10% of the time. It helps me keep me sanity and makes me feel like this whole thing isn't a major mistake.

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