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Day 1



So for my surgery I have to go on a two week liquid diet. This consist of sugar free jello, broth, sugar free popsicles (which who doesn't want these in the middle of winter), protein shakes, and 1 protein bar a day. My first protein shake I made was vanilla. The consistency and smell made me gag, no gonna lie. So I doubled the water and I think it is watered down enough for me to handle. I am taking a sip of it and chasing it with water. I am on my second sugar free jello which (oddly enough) not that filling. I know it sounds like I am whining...because I am. BUT I feel like venting it out on my blog is better than taking it out of someone else around me. I have chopped my protein bar into three pieces so I can have one with breakfast lunch and dinner. I feel like this way I can "eat" something with each meal. It is only 10:30 but I am already looking forward to my broth.


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Vanilla will always taste chalky and terrible! Switch to chocolate asap, even if you're like me and like vanilla better than chocolate regularly.

Can you eat sugar free pudding? That stuff saved me the week before surgery- It's like 65 cents a box, plus the cost of 2 cups of milk.. Whisk powder into cold milk for two minutes and you can eat the whole dang bowl for like ~ 400 calories :B Go for the chocolate fudge flavor it's def the best.. If you cannot eat pudding, I am truly, truly sorry :(

GOOD LUCK!! <3 Remember, this stuff sucks and its gonna suck for a while but, you're gonna be a healthy skinny thang soon!

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I cannot have pudding. I can have sugar free jello though and that has been awesome. I did try a hot chocolate protein shake and that was awesome. I told my boyfriend he is welcome to the vanilla ones!! LOL. Thanks for the advice!!

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