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    I’m 6 weeks out…. I went back to a shake for breakfast plus 2 meals of usually about 200 calories each plus a couple of appx 100 calorie snacks. Average 700-800 calories per day.
  2. I was a model child the first two weeks after surgery. I had no appetite and anything I put in my mouth was strictly out of medical necessity but I was dogged and made sure to meet my protein and water requirements every day. Lost 12 lbs. The second two weeks, I’m not sure if I was “hungry” but I found I could enjoy food again and things became more tempting. With the Doctor’s approval, and I asked many specifics of her, such as flax, vinegar, and protein bars with nuts, she reassured me “I couldn’t hurt my stomach”, I moved forward and, while eating 75% on target, I also incorporated small amounts of things from my old life – a bite of bread roll, a 1” square of brownie, half a flour tortilla, a piece of corn dog. All while keeping my calories between 700-900 a day. Nothing seemed to bother my stomach and my capacity, while certainly limited, was more than I expected. At my four week appt, the nutritionist was a bit horrified and pretty much wrote me up as non-compliant. Said that most people were eating about 500 calories a day at that point. After sulking (and stalling) for another week, I started adding a protein shake back for breakfast, upped my water by 16 ounces and focusing more on the basics: using a scale, focusing on protein and vegetables, walking. I learned taking the tiny bites was not to help my stomach, but my head: it sucks when your meal is over in 3 or 4 bites. I claimed I could not walk because I have grade 4 arthritis in my knee and I’m really busy, but if I get up early, I can get a mile in before I go to work. And I added ankle weights to up the effectiveness. As of now, the scale is moving again after the stall from hell but I’ve also, grudgingly, learned the rules are there for a reason. I’m not here to be austere, at age 59, my only reason for loss is health, and I don’t feel the drive to be thin/attractive, so I still have my little treat: a 70 calorie square of baking chocolate. My calories these days still fall closer to 750 but I’ve lived a life of self-indulgence and self-discipline is hard to come by now.
  3. My winter boots have a decorative strap on the calf that snaps into place. This strap used to always come undone and dangle, necessitating multiple re-snaps every time I wore them. Well, I wore them Monday and the strap did not come undone once. A silly, small moment of joy.
  4. Genepro lost a lawsuit over misleading labeling regarding the protein content. It never had 30 grams of protein in 7 grams of product. The "new" Genepro is the same product without the falsification.
  5. Tupelo

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    6 weeks today. Surgery weight on Oct 20th was 213.2 so 20 lbs. I started at a relatively low height/weight and am 59. Plus I had a stall that lasted an entire 3 weeks! Except for the darn stall and the frustration/trepidation associated with it, I'm happy with my progress so far. I know some people lose far more, but I'm taking the middle road on diet (average 800 cal/day) and can't really exercise much due to arthritis.
  6. You were right, of course. 3 weeks was a long discouraging stall, but I am now down 7 more lbs. in the last week. On the move again!
  7. I got the sleeve on Oct 20th and have lost 12 lbs since. I’m pretty down about it. Had my 4 week checkup expecting to hear not to worry, stalls are common. Instead, they were concerned I was eating too much: I was averaging 700-800 calories a day and they said most people at my stage are taking in appx 500. I’m trying very hard to cut back to lower calories and have quit weighing myself but beginning to think it’s not really going to work for me.
  8. Tupelo

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    14 days post surgery - got my sleeve at 8:30 am on Oct 20th. I've followed the program perfectly - easy, since I have little interest in food - and been able to get in 60 grams of proteins every day and 64 ounces of water every day, although it was not easy the first week. First week was rough - felt bad physically, pain from surgery and from drinking/eating, fearing loss of food enjoyment as a thing in my life. Days 7-10 I started to gradually feel better. By this last Monday, Day 12, I guess, I felt totally normal, back to myself. Although I don't crave it, I find drinking a tasty broth or eating a sugar free jello or pudding pleasant. So much better. I averaged 300-350 calories the first week and 500-600 calories the second week. Down 12 lbs since surgery date, total of 22 lbs since pre op diet, and 40 pounds since I started the bariatric program in July. Sometimes it feels a little unreal, and I'm startled I undertook something that is going to change my life so profoundly, but I'm looking forward to a future with improved mobility and health (I hope) or at least proud I have done all I can to move towards that goal.
  9. I was sleeved Weds as well. I’ve been up by as much as 9 lbs from the surgery weight. I was up by a little over 3 this morning. I do feel my abdomen is considerably swollen/ bloated still.
  10. Tupelo

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    I had mine on the 20th. I can get the fluids in but not without pain. They go down my throat fine but then i get a sharp knifelike pain right below my ribs no matter what size siP I take. Is that what you’re experiencing? I’m just concerned because my weight is up 7 lbs since surgery.
  11. Tupelo

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    4 days post surgery and I am literally up by 7 lbs. I’ve had 2 protein shakes and plain water only each day. Should I be concerned/ call my doctor?
  12. Tupelo

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    2 days post op and feeling so blah! Nothing sounds good or interesting to do, see or eat. No trouble with drinking my shakes and water so that’s a blessing I guess. Not sure why I’m feeling so down.
  13. Tupelo

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    My surgery is with Dr. Hafford on October 20. I'm right behind you!

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