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  1. Helen H

    September Ops

    Hi how are you feeling? I had my surgery on the seventh as well. I’m doing pretty good I did read on here that a lot of people were doing proteins shakes and I implement one a day and it messed me up I’m still trying to recover from that.I had my surgery in San Antonio Texas at the Sage bariatric Institute.
  2. Helen H

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Hello my doctor told me to avoid caffeine And carbonated drinks that I was to drink two proteins shakes one for breakfast one for lunch and to eat 3 ounces of protein or the inside size of my palm and the outside fingers to be my vegetables and non-starchy vegetables add to drink 64 ounces of water and this was one week before my surgery I’m on liquids now and he just moved me to soft foods like A soft egg, Liquidy refried beans,Milk but it Has to be mootopia,almond milk. But not to drink too much milk as it is considered a carb and still has sugar.And my surgery was on September 7.
  3. Helen H

    September Surgeries!

    My condolences on your mother. I had my surgery on September 7 and I didn’t do a lot of research as well I just knew about it thru my sister having hers almost 10 years ago and it changed her life it stopped the diabetes that runs thru to our family. I was on metformin and And I had to start taking truliciy. And that’s when I got really scared and thought about my father passing away from renal failure. I didn’t have the problem with constipation because my paperwork said that I could drink decaf coffee and non-dairy Products. So of course I use that non-dairy creamer the powder and it made me dump so I was lucky I guess not to get the constipation but I wish I hadn’t done that to myself LOL. I hope everything goes well for you.
  4. Helen H

    September Ops

    Hi I had my surgery on the 7th everything seems to be going OK I’m just having problems getting all the fluids in and I already stopped the medication
  5. Helen H

    September Ops

    Hello my name is Helen I had my surgery on September 7 I had the gastric sleeve. Everything seems to be going well aside from I’m having trouble drinking the whole 64 ounces that they want me to drink is anyone else having problems?

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