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  1. BretBMF

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Awesome news, Tony! Keep us posted on your progress.
  2. BretBMF

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    I think it's just the different doctors and what they see work for them and their (previous) patients. It's probably also a case by case scenario with each individual patient. That being said... The pre-op diet can be frustrating, but it's definitely doable. I've been living off of protein shakes, water, crystal light, and low sodium broth for 12 days now. If I can do it, pretty much anybody can do it (or whatever their version of "it" is). I will say this - I've given up on the broth. It accomplished nothing and has no benefit other than a different flavor. I just drink as much water as possible all throughout the day. That's the key for me. It seems far off right now, but it will be here before you know it! Bret
  3. BretBMF

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Yes, I did. I am scheduled for this Friday (September 3) at 8:30am. As much as that feels like a finish line, it's just the beginning of the marathon. (Yes, that sounds cliché, but it's definitely true for all of us going through this). Bret
  4. BretBMF

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    This is my 11th day of the preop diet. I've been living off of water, crystal light, and protein drinks. I've seen my family eat everything from pizza to pancakes to birthday cake and ice cream in these past 11 days. It's all mental. Remember the ultimate goal - you can do it!
  5. BretBMF


    You got this, Tony. I go in on Friday for mine and I, like you, have never spent a night in the hospital. Keep us posted on how everything goes and good luck!
  6. BretBMF

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Just got notified that surgery is back on for September 3rd!
  7. BretBMF

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Class was good - pretty much everything the weight loss center has gone over already, so nothing really new. They do talk about getting ready the night before surgery and the morning of, which was new to me (never had surgery before). And also the meds they’ll prescribe for right after surgery (i.e. anti nausea, pain killers, etc.). It was only about 45 mins to an hour long.
  8. BretBMF

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    Yes, preop class done. I should know more about the reschedule tomorrow, as that’s my last appointment with Dr. Stevenson.
  9. BretBMF


    AMAZING! Congratulations!
  10. BretBMF

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    So I just got a call from the surgeon’s office and they have to reschedule. Unfortunately there was an error and whoever scheduled (not just me, every surgery on my same day) didn’t realize that the doctor was out of town that day. They don’t know when my new surgery date will be - which is probably the most frustrating part. I’ll know more on Monday, but I’m going to stay with the pre-op diet as they said there is a possibility it could be earlier than originally expected. Ugh.
  11. BretBMF

    September Surgery Buddies!!

    I'm September 3 at Mercy Gilbert as well! Just starting the 2 week pre-op diet.

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