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  1. Hi everyone. I'm on pre-op and I bought enough protein to last into post-op. Stupidly. Isopure unflavored Isopure zero carb vanilla Nectar lemon ice tea Premier protein pack of 12 clear protein peach Reccomended by the clinic doing the surgery. Reccomended based on my issues - I'm lactose intolerant. I dislike milk in general. I don't enjoy milkshakes. The first clear protein peach was nice. The first nectar was ok, minis the off putting color that made me feel weird. Tasting a clear liquid liked iced tea, but brain saw a milky liquid in the glass. Day two, I try the vanilla from isopure. Smells makes me gag. Added matcha powder in it. Still disgusting. Tried putting some isopure unflavored in to lukewarm beef stock. Chalky. Starts to clump. Manage to drink it. Day three, I try another clear drink. This time it tastes too sweet. And the aftertaste is sickening. Later that day I try another lemon ice tea. I'm literally gag at the smell. I have to hold my nose to chug it. I don't know what to do. I stupidly spent a lot of money on this stuff trying to be prepared, we're moving house the weekend after my surgery, I also don't drive, which is why I ordered so much in advance. Today I'm lying in bed, 6 days until surgery, and even the thought of Greek yogurt and cottage cheese makes me sick. Protein powder sounds like a torture right now. Help a milk-hater out. TLDR: diary of my protein powder tasting. It's all disgusting. Please give advice.
  2. My sleeve is scheduled for this month. I'm self paid, doing it in Mexico, 5ft 1, 174lbs, bmi 32.9. I am prediabetes, high blood pressure and painful joints. I have a very small frame. I took a lot of prescribed steroids for medical conditions and antidepressants for many years and even with exercise and calorie control, could not lose on healthy diet. So I decided to get surgery. As an Asian, the cut off for health bmi is 22.9 so my goal is get a bmi of 21 or 22. So my goal is 111-117lbs. Im 32, never had child, and my doctors back home agree it's a good goal weight. I have therapist and nutritionist lined up for post surgery help, however I feel like after reading many posts by people at similar heights, I cannot expect to ever meet my goal weight, even after 1 year, and even if with regular exercise. Has anyone of my height managed to lose and maintain a healthy bmi?