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    Anyone go into surgery alone?

    I was alone as well due to the hospitals Covid-19 policy. The staff was great, and I kept my phone until I was wheeled in to surgery. Like others have said, too coped up and sleepy to want anyone around me. My surgery was at 10am, and the first time I even thought about my phone was after 6pm. I sent a quick text to my family and went back to sleep. On day two my focus was sipping and walking, no time to miss family. Again, the nurses are amazing, I never felt lonely.
  2. Topaz_Black


    Ask your doctor about wearing a binder. I still had pain two weeks post, and my doctor recommended I wear a binder. Four days later the pain was gone.
  3. Topaz_Black

    Anyone for August 2020

    Happy belated birthday! I returned to work on Monday, so I haven’t had as much time on the boards as usual. Still adjusting to my schedule, but so far so good. I’m able to work from home, but still demanding and long hours, but finding my grove. i hit the infamous week three stall, but otherwise doing good with purées, after a rough first two days with transition. Look forward to advancing to soft foods.
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    I still had incision pain two weeks post. After mentioning this during my post op visit, my surgeon said it was just the muscles healing and suggested I wear a binder. I started wearing one the same day. Woke up four days later and no pain. Exactly what he said would happen.
  5. Topaz_Black

    Stalled Already!

    The infamous stall just hit me as well. Had a good laugh with my dietician today giving all the credit to my awareness of the week 3 stall to Bariatricpal! I will continue to do what I’m supposed to do and hope it doesn’t last too long. Good luck everyone going through this phase.
  6. Topaz_Black

    Purées Not Going Well

    Thanks again everyone for the great advice based on your experiences. Today was MUCH better! I went with fat free cottage cheese for breakfast, and ricotta bake for lunch and dinner. No problems whatsoever! Literally like night and day. I love my surgeon, and I’m glad I went with him, but I heard Dr. Dovec from GBMC Bariatrics speak at a conference today, and afterwards I visited their site and found tons of helpful resources, with lots more detail than my center provided. Here’s the link if interested. https://www.gbmc.org/compbinder
  7. I was so excited to get to the puréed stage of the diet, but it has not been as wonderful as I imagined. Today is day two on purées, and my taste buds are all over the place. So far I’ve tried scrambled eggs, which I loved prior to surgery, now they’re gross. Next up was one of my favorite soups prior to being sleeved, Panera’s Chicken Tortilla Soup. Yuck! My standouts in terms of taste have been guacamole, hummus, and baked sweet potato with sour cream, but everything including the foods I liked has made me feel terrible; belching, burping, tightness in chest area, stomach pain, and more noise and gurgling then usual. Tomorrow I will try oatmeal and the famous ricotta bake. I don’t want to give up and rely solely on shakes for another couple weeks, but it’s not looking good. If I take the easy way out, how will I ever progress to soft foods, and then a regular diet? Could it be anxiety about progressing? Anyone else fear purées?
  8. Topaz_Black

    No energy

    Wow! My insurance covers it 100%, I don’t even have my usual prescription co-zoster. I did not realize it was so expensive.
  9. Topaz_Black

    No energy

    Unfortunately the Nascobel is prescription only.
  10. Topaz_Black

    Purées Not Going Well

    Thank you for the great tips, and for confirming that I’m not crazy about my taste being a bit off.
  11. Topaz_Black

    Purées Not Going Well

    Thanks for the helpful comments. Definitely rethinking tomorrow’s oatmeal. I went back and reviewed the sample purée meal plans provided by the nutritionist, and the first thing I saw was scrambled eggs, and oatmeal. However your comments make a lot more sense. I will update you tomorrow.
  12. Topaz_Black

    OMG! Never eat too fast!

    This might be my problem. I just posted about purées not going well, but perhaps some of my discord is self induced by eating too fast.
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    Glad you’re past your stall.
  14. Topaz_Black


    My surgery was August 31, and I’ve been averaging 300-400 calories per day. Advanced to purée today, and still just over 400 calories. I wasn’t able to consume a lot my first day with purée, but will gradually build and stay under 500 calories for purée and soft. Definitely talk with your dietician. Also, based on what you indicated eating in a day, you’re getting between 80-110 grams of protein in drinks alone, not counting what you get in your meals and snack.
  15. Topaz_Black

    Thankful Thread for 9/14 to 9/20

    I’m thankful for waking up each morning since my surgery, and knowing I have a new lease on life, with possibilities I haven’t dreamed of in over 20 years. For a practically textbook surgery and recovery so far with no major complications, except minor pain around one incision. And, for supportive family, friends, colleagues, and forum pals who’ve helped me along the way. You just never know how much something you write in this forum touches/helps others.
  16. Topaz_Black

    No energy

    My surgeons office recommends a nasal spray, Nascobel. You spray in one nostril once a week. After week one my energy was pretty good, and one less thing to worry about taking daily,
  17. Topaz_Black

    How long off work

    Fatigue! I took naps daily for 2-weeks. Also, pain management.
  18. Topaz_Black

    How long off work

    I’m two weeks post, and took off 3 weeks. Everyone’s different, but I definitely could not have returned to work after one week, and I work from home, due to he pandemic. Others in the forum have indicated a return after a week, so it’s definitely possible, don’t be discouraged, the good news is your boss is willing to work with you, but if it’s option look into short term disability, or see if your boss will allow you to be in the negative with your leave. Good luck!
  19. Topaz_Black

    Anyone for August 2020

    Today makes it exactly 2 weeks since I was sleeved on August 31st. My post-op visit with my surgeon is tomorrow. I’m not able to progress to puréed until my visit. Weight loss has been decent, -12lbs since surgery morning weigh-in. I gained 4lbs from I-V fluids while in the hospital, so I’m pleased so far; slow and steady is okay by me. I’ve been getting between 50-60 grams of protein all from Unjury pre-made shakes (love these because they are only 8.5 oz for 20 grams of protein) and Clear Premier Protein water. Truth be told, the water is too sweet after surgery so I have to dilute to get it down, but trying to work on the three remaining cases I have. Looking forward to having scrambled eggs for lunch, and puréed egg and chicken salad for dinner tomorrow. I was grossed out at the thought of purée pre-op, but counting the hours until I can eat some gourmet purées tomorrow. My plan allows up to two protein shakes for snacks during the purée stage, so I’m estimating getting 60-80 grams during this stage. Also, remember you can add protein powder to your purées if you need the boost. Good luck everyone!
  20. Topaz_Black

    Indented incision

    I too have this intention, and it’s the only area where I still feel discomfort. Feels like the internal incision is pulling. My two week post op visit is in two days, hopefully it will be gone by then. The pain has gotten better, but I’m down to my last three tramadol. I have tried to manage with Tylenol and it does not eliminate the pain like the tramadol, at least not for me.
  21. Another vote for the Bariatric Advantage Chewy Bites; strawberry is my fav.
  22. Topaz_Black

    I DID IT !

    Congratulations! Amazing accomplishment.
  23. Topaz_Black

    7 days post opp

    Hang in there, but check with your doctor. Based on how you’ve been feeling, they may approve you to,move to the next stage sooner.