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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. dilhankay

    Food Funeral

    My surgery was postponed because of Pandemic so when they called me last Tuesday and said surgery in a week, I almost died. Lol. I realized I wasn’t going to be able to have the last meal I had decided on because I immediately had to go on a clear liquid diet. Probably best for me!
  2. dilhankay

    I hit 100 pounds lost today!

    That’s wonderful! Congrats!!
  3. dilhankay

    How much weight loss is enough?

    My goal is not how much weight I will lose but how I will feel. My mother was statuesque and gorgeous at 170. I had to set a goal weight though so I set it at 170!
  4. dilhankay

    Stomach churning

    I had mine two days ago and I have the same thing. The sound actually comes up from my tummy out of my mouth! Even if I just take a sip of water. I figure it’s swelling and I am taking time to heal. I’m also very, very swollen in my abdomen and gained 5 pounds. They do fill us full of fluid though.
  5. dilhankay

    Getting sleeved in one hour!

    I had mine on 5-20! Would love to be buddies! I had very little post op gas pain because I walked the halls for the 24 Hours I was inpatient. Nurses were my cheerleaders. Best of luck!
  6. dilhankay

    Surgery on Monday...

    Sleeved on 5-20 and clear liquids a week before. I’ve had the same thing even without a lactose based product. Not a lot of fiber to firm up stool just yet, I think!

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