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    november sleeve

    @November11 thanks for the warm welcome. I started my liver shrinking diet this weekend because I need to lose eight pounds before November 21st. I can have two protein shakes a day and a 3oz piece of meat with veggies for dinner. Or I can have 3 protein shakes per day. The diet has been a challenge between the hours of 10am-12pm because I feel pretty hungry around that time but I drink water until my next protein shake. I’ve also been getting headaches so I reached out to my nutritionist. I’m going to keep pushing I really want to lose this last bit of weight. I have pcos so I really have to be strict with my food intake and even then weight is still slow to come off. Best of luck to everyone🙂
  2. pinkdreams87

    november sleeve

    @Shoppindiva02 That’s so exciting! How is your pre-op diet coming along?
  3. pinkdreams87

    november sleeve

    Hey Everyone! My surgery date is November 21st and I would love accountability buddy’s.