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    I’m 4 months out and I will never regret it because I am no longer diabetic and it saved my life,, however I will say it isn’t easy at all. It isn’t a quick weight loss fix. Your life will change drastically from a food perspective. I still if I overeat, Eat a “bad” thing, eat to fast or forget and take a drink can have dumping syndrome. It’s miserable. I tend to throw up more than have diarrhea but both are bad. I will never try Chinese food again because I was so sick with dumping. You have to read boxes for fat, sugar and protein content on everything. If you go into it with education and the realization that you won’t ever sit down at a restaurant and eat a meal like everyone else you will be ok. It takes constant work and exercise. For me the absolute worst part was having constipation within the first few weeks after surgery. The surgery wasn’t so bad but the postop diet can be difficult. It is rewarding though. I have lost 78 pounds in 4 months and am healthier than I have been in 30 years. 34 more and I’m at goal. Good luck in your decision.
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    I’m 4 months out and I still burp but not as much as I did at first.
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    I'm struggling with that also. Certain foods or when I push to much food, I can throw up.
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    Do I really regret it?

    Just like everyone else I also cried one night and said I made a mistake. When I couldn't eat puree food, when the major bad constipation hit, when I burped constantly, when my family went out for birthday dinners and I didn't go because I couldn't eat I thought what did I do? Then I realized, I have a beautiful four year old grand daughter who I did this to spend more time with and I realize, she's what's important. I lost my dad at 58 from a heart attack due to diabetes... I was on my way there. Now I am at 40 lbs lost in six weeks and I'm not on any diabetic meds at all. I look good feel good and I know eating will come in time. I'm taking it slow and sticking with a lot of protein shakes to get the weight off. I'm loving the second change at life I got Just know this is going to after all the tough stuff is over change your life for the better... that is what makes it worth it.
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    I completely understand. I am today six weeks postop from Gastric Bypass and I burp ALL the time. No matter if I eat fast or slow.

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